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2004 Dodge Ram stalls at idle. Has DTC P0406 (ex.sensor)

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Forum Post
08/28/08 03:25

2004 Dodge Ram stalls at idle. Has DTC P0406 (ex.sensor)

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L Hemi with automatic transmission stalls at an idle. There is an acitve Dtc P0406 for exhaust sensor A. Was in shop and transmission was programmed as per service bullitin but now problem is occuring again. Are these two related? If not, why is my truck stalling at an idle? Truck has also died after turning a corner but this event has seldom happened.
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hey. I just purchesed 2004 used not a week ago has stalled once (today)That is why im here thought i was the only one. I also was comeing to a slow/stop when it stalled. how often does this happen? what can be done to fix the peoblem. Thanks.
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Replace the EGR. Same problem and this fixed it. Good luck. Sensors and valve are one unit.
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Clyde K

I had to go to the Dealer to get the part. Costs about $80....took me a few hours to change out....was on top/back of the engine ...Driver side.
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interesting that others have this problem. this sounds exactly what has been happening to me over the last year and a half. it usually happens after i've gotten low on gas (under 15 miles DTE) and i fill up the tank. I've stalled idling at a light, stalled turning left at slow speed and even one time on a highway in the city going home from work slowing down due to traffic congestion. and about a month ago my check engine light came on. do you have the part number? Is it easy to replace? I'm not auto inclined but sister-in-laws husband is. do you need a shop manual to perform? email me as i just happened across this forum. thanks.
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Robert G

My 04 ram stalls just like everyone else, I try to use 91 but sometimes I use 87 and my truck should recall egr .
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Same problem with EGR in my 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi, gonna try the Egr Valve replacement.
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got code PO157 when using my code reader, 02 circuit low, of the 4 o2 sensors, how do you tell which one it is? 5.7 hemi 2 cat.converters 2 upstream and 2 down stream 02 sensors ?
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Have a 2006 Ram 5.7 hemi automatic. stalls on deacceloration and or shifting into drive, no dtcs just had ecu updated fuel pressure good. crank sensor was replaced.???? need help dlr doesn't have a clue
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my 2005 hemi does the stalling thing too, thx for the info. I'll try the egr valve.
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I bought a 2005 Ram 1500 Hemi Magnum 32, 000 miles on it and 3 weeks ago it started hesitating bad going about 55-60 down the highway and it is now stalling all the time. Had it looked at by a buddy at the local Autozone, he checked it out with their diagnostic thingy and it read nothing (NO CODES) but yet the engine light is on and flashing. I've read alot on the Net and changed the EGR Valve, put a new Air Filter, still doing the same. I called the local Dog or should I say "Dodge House" and talked to a service Tech and the guy was very good with me and told me even They do not know what is wrong with these trucks, he literally told me to try and sell it and buy a new one that they don't "Have as many PROBLEMS". Just yesterday 3/2/10, I was turning and the truck just shut down and so here I am with my 8 year old daughter sitting in oncoming traffic I'm glad I make sure there is plenty of distance from other traffic before I make my turns or else. I am on a mission to try and get somebody to look at this Saftey Issue with these trucks I suggest you all do the same. But in the meantime if anyone finds a solution to this problem please post it for the rest of us out here......and be Safe.
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i have 2005 ram 4.7....when i found out the rough idle, i changed the air control sensor.rough idle was for only a week and come back..... suddenly a check engine went on, so i check hwat was going on. i found a code P0406 which is the EGR valve. bought a new EGR at the dealer and installed it. the car was fine for 3 days only and the fu**n rough idle is back until now rpm goes from 500 to 1300 up and down....i don't know what to do with this truck now.....shoul they recall it?
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I have a 2004 ram quadcab 4x4 5.7/hemi 148 000Km and it started with a rough idle a couple of times after a long trip but corrected itself.then a month ago the engine light came on.then it would almost stall slowing down at a light or letting off the gas at lower speed.then got worse where it would stall once in awhile.took throttle body off and cleaned with cleaner.seemed to run better without stalling but not a 100% and light still on so took in to dealer they checked it out and replaced the EGR valve and it is working fine now. cost me $365.00 total with an oil change.
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2004 Dodge 1500 4.7 V8 idles very rough and stalls all of the time when I let off gas. Idle will jump up to 2500 rpm and back down to 200 or die. I have replaced the idle air control valve but it did nothing. My engine light is not on. I have put it on a computer and it doesn't show anything wrong. I am about to change out the Catalytic Convertor. Please, if anyone has a better suggestion, send me a message or post. Thanks.
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2003 Dodge 1500 4.7 V8 idles very rough and stalls all of the time when I let off gas and when i turn left or place it into reverse. My check engine light is not on. I got a tune up. my mech. says my truck only takes plugs no wires or distributor cap. the tune-up did not fix the problem. I took it back to the mech. he said it may be the fuel filter. but parts store said my truck does not take a fuel filter they stated that it is non-reservisible. i took it back to the mech he used his diagnostic tool it read ( NO CODES ). What is the deal? What must i do? Could it be the EGR Valve? I got the truck for my b-day. did i hop into a black hole with this truck? Let me know what to tell the nxt mech. If you know how much would the repair of the EGR Valve run me?
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i have a 04 dodge ram 1500 check engine light came on wouldt ya know day befoe i took in for inspection code p0406 came up, my mec. checked it out and said its working properly, he could not get to pass emissions because the check engin light was on. truck is running fine.i went to pick up my truck light went out pull it in his garage, hooked up computer and it passed emission, cant understand why this seems to be a problem . as we now can all see were not alone youd think dodge would try to fix this problem

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2004 ram 4.7 v8, started a week ago, scanned no codes, cleaned thttle body, starts up- warms up a litte and while in park stops running, starts up again does this 8-12 time sometimes hard starting up , has shut off while coasting to stop and then starts running again by itself. any ideas ?????
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My 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 hemi engine suddenly started running rough and stalled. No check engine light, no smoke, no bad noises, just quit. I had trouble getting it started without pushing the accelerator pedal to the floor. My mech has checked all sensors. changed plugs. checked the injectors, made sure plug wires and coils are good, and the engine still will not run right, it doesn't matter where the accelator is at. It will not stay running. I've had various small electrical problems with this truck like loose wires, AB sensor wires losing contact, bad brake light switch. Anyone have any ideas to help clear up the engine problem. My mech is at is pulling his hair out and there isn't much left.
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dylan hinson

have a 97 dodge 1500 pick up with 5.9 moter. moter feels like it wants to cut off at red lights when i come to a stop.have changed idle vavle at shop.did no good.
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Butch Bos

2005 1500 hemi....Manifold bolts broken...have talked to 2 mechanics that say this is common on this engine as there arte 3 different metals involved...the bolts being the weak link...Has this been a recall that I have missed...if not, it should be
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Garnett Jenkins


I have a 2006 dodge ram 1500 and have been having the same problems. It did it to me 3 times in about 2 months. Took it into dealer and they hooked it up to diagnostics and said it was something and suggested i put a new battery in it. They charged me over $200 not including the battery. Then about 5 months later it happened again. THIS KIND OF THING IS HAPPENENING TO ALL OF US DODGE TRUCK GUYS AND GIRLS. WE NEED TO GET DODGE TO STAND BEHIND THEIR TRUCKS AND STOP DODGING THE PROBLEMS. THERE NEEDS TO BE A FIX ESPECIALLY WHEN THE MECHANICS AT THE DEALERS CAN'T FIX IT. MAYBE DODGE SHOULD DO WHAT TOYOTA DID AND BUY THE JUNK BACK FROM US!!!

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Having problems with my 2005 Dodge Ram Daytona...52k miles on it...out of the blue, it will start to idle rough, check engine light begins to flash and the truck won't accelerate. I did this to me a few months back while accelerating on a highway entrance ramp, and it just did it again on a busy street. Shut the truck off, restart it, and it runs fine. WTF! Service told me it is coding "P-300" - a misfire on all eight cylinders, but not anything specific. Computer or electical related? Used to be a Mopar fan, love the truck, but this is p#@$%ing me off!
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my 2004 dodge ram 1500 shuts off while in idle, when coming to a stop, and also sometimes when you press the brake and release it. sometimes when i try to start it, it will start other times, not so much, sometimes it will also start itself back up if i leave it on. i have replaced the brake switch and the egr valve and sensor. neither have helped this problem? could it be the computer? everyone that has this problem should call dodge and complain. i called them and told them that they need to have a recall on whatever is causing this because it is VERY dangerous. they said that they filed my complaint, but have no record of anything of this sort being complained about. CALL THEM! the "manager" of the customer service i called simply told me that because my truck is 6 years old parts wear out and need to be replaced, well. if everyone is having this problem they need to do a recall for it, but they need more complaints. any one else having the same problem i am and came to a solution, any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I have a 2002 dodge dakota 4.7L and i see i'm not the only one having this problem...truck cranks fine gets to op temp, check engine light comes on and truck shuts off with not much warning, idle, driving it doesn't matter...mechanic told me to replace the crankshaft positing module, didn't fix it, replaced the computer PCM, didn't fix it, also did the plugs and air filter....tomorrow I try the O2 senors (someone else with a truck like mine same make and model and year said he had the same problem and noone could find it, until someone told him to check the O2 senors.)I'll let you know if it works.
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2005 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L

I have pursued this stalling problem all the way to Detroit. I talked to 3 people from Detroit on a few was a heated discussion...mostly on my part. They say that they have no records of these types of complaints. I asked if they ever get on the internet and check websites like these. Most people on these sites claim to have been to dealerships. I then ask...are all these people lying? What sort of reporting procedure do dealerships have with Chrysler? Either it's not a very good system or these bastards are lying to us and know that this is a serious problem. EVERYONE that has this problem needs to call DETROIT and file a complaint. Something MUST be done about this problem. Chrysler's number is 1-800-247-9753. Do it today!!!

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