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1997 RAM 1500 dies while travelling, starts again 5-15 min later

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Forum Post
09/01/08 20:34

1997 RAM 1500 dies while travelling, starts again 5-15 min later

Truck dies while travelling at hi and low speeds, kind of stutters 1st (like it's not getting gas) then dies and after 5-15 minutes starts right back up and runs great as if nothing wrong. Had this problem about 3 yrs ago, changed TPS 1st then MAP Sensor and problem went away but is now back. Any suggestions? MAP Sensor again? If so, why? Found today that if hose disconnected from EVAP canister the granules come pouring out.
09/02/08 12:21

09/17/08 22:47

Mine is doing the same thing except it won't idle after starting, it dies right away. I was getting a P0320 error code before this happened. I think the problem is the CPS. Have yet to check this with the multi-meter.
12/04/08 07:53

I have the exact same problem, I have to let mine sit for about a half an hour to an hour though, long enough for the engine to cool down. I thought I had it fixed for about 6 months with the TPS but it happened again (always in the same part of the highway, and when I cant be late) replaced the TPS again and it was ok for about a month, and now its happening more frequently, and the shut down times are getting longer. I also get alot of backfire/popping in the engine when it occurs, and very limited throttle response. I have a replacement fuel pump which I am installing, and will also be putting in another new TPS, and also will be replacing the IAC (Idle Air Controller) for good measure.

on a side note I have also notice in my adventure with this that the distributor terminals on my truck were charred as hell. so all willing, I hope this all works. For what its worth though I highly doubt theres any thing wrong with my fuel pump but then again, I'll know in a couple of hours when I drop my tank.

12/05/08 16:17

try replacing crank sensor
12/10/08 04:50

I replaced the fuel pump and the TPS... again the problem has cleared up. I ran the dash codes (check engine light) and got a code 34 (open or shorted condition detected in the speed control vacuum or vent solenoid circuits)

If any one know, on a 1995 ram 1500 is this the same as a vehicle speed sensor, and if so will a bad VSS cause the TPS to keep shorting out?? Some thing is causing these to blow, also now I've been noticing that there seems to be something slamming in either the rear end or the transfer case... the code 34?? any way, any Ideas will be helpful

12/11/08 01:47
R Grant

Try looking at something in the exhust sytem that is blocking the out let. Muffler failure etc.

Check system

12/11/08 03:18

I think you need to check for trouble codes..
12/11/08 17:03

MIne does the same. its a 1997 dodge ram 1500 5.2 liter v8 and it starts up and immediately stalls. it came up with a p037(if i remember right) code which is the rear O2 sensor so i replaced both the front and rear just to be safe. This did nothing so i reprogramed the idle comp in the ECU which cleared it up for about 2 months. now its doing it again so i used seafoam motor treatment which gets it working fine for a week or two but only temporary fix. The other problem that leads to this is the fuel pump not priming right.
01/18/09 19:05

i have a 1998 dodge ram 1500 pickup i replaced the engine and know the engine sezes up. the truck has started runs for 5 minutes then quits and will not start back up again.
02/18/09 19:23

I have a 94 dodge ram 1500 and just last night i was driving home and stopped at a stop sign turned the corner and then the truck died. thought it was out of gas? started it in neutral revved it up and dropped it into drive it tried to die but gave it the gas got it home pulled in and then died. i put gas in it (3 gallons)start it up just fine idles kind of rough but put it in gear jumps into gear and dies as soon as it is in gear?
03/03/09 10:57

my abs and brake lights flash all the time. the abs and brake system is fine. how do i get the lights to stay off?
03/16/09 18:53
grant m

96 ram v6 had no power last year would just idle, removed catlyc converter problem solved, also changed vps for some reason it was that code coming up, now this time cranks but doesnt want to stay running, feather throttle it wants to die and does try a few more times and then its okay can shut down and start like theres nothing wrong, was on diagnostics no codes obd doesnt see any, cycle ignition get a 12 code so going to try camshaft sensor
03/20/09 14:00
grant m

well i have replaced tps, iac, cam p sensnsor, rotor distrib cap and wires, resistance in coil good, still only starts after about 3 tries then will stall, but after awhile it will run, wants to stall when stepping on throttle @ first, but after that it is fine, only thing left is map and coolant sensors, can hear fuel pump
04/14/09 12:51

my dodge ram van runs fine if im "driving", but dies when i am idleing what would cause ths?
05/04/09 19:41

1999 ram 1500 4x4 while driving all power stops if speed is up will restart on own if going slow put in neutral shut off key and will restart.
06/14/09 11:58
Larry D.

During last 3 months, symptoms have been the same. Starts fine

(some rough idle) & runs ok for about 5-10 min. in residential streets, then in highway when accelerating I hear pops & misses while driving on upgrade, once reached cruising speed runs OK.

This has happened regularly during cold weather. I understand

from other sites that crossfiring can happen if plug wires are not routed just right. I taped foam insulation where wires have close proximity to each other. Lately seems to run OK, I do not drive it daily.

My timing light shows intermittent misses though in plug wires, so I'm not ruling out HV coil or the comp module.


06/17/09 02:35

I have a 2001 dodge ram 1500 quad.

89000 miles on it.

last week I got the check engine light, Yesterday while driving in cruise control it kicked out of cruise.Come to find out the engine was stalling out, At hiway speed it would recover but at 10 miles an hour it would kill, I would put it in Nueral and it would start right up.It did thid several times that day.

Every time it would stall out at highway miles I found out the check engine light would blink on.

Need help.

I read several emails of it being something to do with evap.

Thanks for any help Dennis

07/09/09 08:40
diego a agostini

I am having the same problem with my 2000 pick up 1500 let it rest for five or so minutes it starts ok . I will take it to engine computer specialist to verify it because in the shop they told me it is something electrical. Did not turn on any check engine light. What coil you are refering KC?

Also there is a zooming noise back underneath. I replaced the wheel bearings and keep doing it. Hope it is not the transmission.

Any sugestion?

07/13/09 07:31
elmer gosse

my 1995 dodge 1500 seems two hesitate a bit on acceleration when cold and when warmed up it will die when trying to backup or start off. it restarts no problem but is idled very low and wants to shut off when backing up.anyone else have this problem.

thanks elmer

08/11/09 15:51

Same as above, stalls when cold must keep foot on gas. Replaced throtlr position sensor and idle air control valve. Finally disconected idle air control valve and truck runs at least but not the way it should. Its been disconected for about 6 months, no vacume leaks plus steady readings. Maybe MAP.
08/14/09 13:47

i have similer problem 2003 dodge 3500 van with 5.9 gas, runs fine but at its descresion dies usaly while idling then spins over but will not start for about 5 to 10 minuits. no codes set, have replaced fuel pump, dist pickup coil, and ignition coil checked conections parts catilog shoes crank position sensor but i cant find one on my vehicle. any insight or sugestions will be welcome, thanks joseph
09/15/09 16:42

I have a 94 Dodge Ram 1500.

Truck starts fine first time of the day, then Check Engine Light comes on after 15 minutes of driving, after that truck will not start if turned off and also does not idle well. If left sit for at least half hour, it starts. After it stalls while idling, it usually starts back up. however, When turned off with the key, it does not start back up. Changed O2 sensor, took check engine light off, but truck still has same symptoms. Cap and Rotor are new. Muffler is new. Catalayic converter could be changed.

09/21/09 14:27
Adam in talley

I have a 1995 Dodge ram 1500 4x4 with a 3 inch body lift. I replaced the o2 sensor because ot was reading 2.75 volts instead of the .1-.8 that its supposed to. I drove it to my vocational college thismornin(ran like a champ)n went toi lunch with a friend in my truck. 5 min after leavin the parkin lot, she stalls out in the middle of traffic. tried to start it but it wouldnt start. it spit, sputtered, n back fired for bout 5 min. so i let it sit in the middle turn lane for bout 5 min. thats where she died. after waitin the 5 min, i started her back up, n booked it back to school. sometimes to keep it runnin I have to pump the gas n keep the butterfly valves open to let air in. WHAT IS CAUSING THIS? I have a new o2 sensor n brand new thrush turbo mufflers with true duals. If you have any sugestions, please email me at I bought the truck from a buddy of mine. he was goin to junk it. he blew the motor n its been sittin in his yard till I picked it up. front turn signals dont work, interior electronics dont work most of the time, nor do the reverse lights. I checked the bulbs and there not blown. help me out if you can. i am in the automotive class and 19. I dont know much.

Thank you,


11/17/09 15:42

I have a 94 Dodge Ram 1500 w/the same problem. It starts perfectly, runs great until about 10 mins driving, then the RPM goes up and down, stalls, starts, stalls, bucks going up hill like it has no gas power, starts, then you have to floor it to make it go. It stalls whenever you slow down or stop, then starts harder each time, then has no power, then it bucks and hesitates even when you floor it. I had a tune-up, had the catalytic converter fixed, the purge sensor replaced, new spark plugs and rotor, new spark plug wires, checked the fuel filter and I think that's it. Right now I have disconnected the IAC and its running idle up and down, but hasn't stalled yet.
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