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Design Flaw on 2002 RAM 4.7 engine

- Dodge-1500 Pickup

Forum Post
03/14/09 20:41
Mel L

Design Flaw on 2002 RAM 4.7 engine

This has caused a complete rebuild of my engine and it only has 90, 000kms/55, 000 miles on it. I've found out the hard way that Crysler has known about this issue and apparently hopes most warranties will expire before it is discovered.

My mechanic, not a "service technician" is a certified engine builder and when he received the factory cams and rockers to fix my motor he also received a notice "Service Repair Tips" that states "Poor oiling through lash adjuster(s) can allow galling or scoring on cam lobes or rocker arms. If galling or scoring is noticed and the cam or rocker is being replaced, also replace the corresponding lash adjuster." Now comparing the new lash adjusters against those that came out of my truck we found there was new holes drilled to increase lubrication of the cam shaft and lifters. Not only were these holes new but they were also in different locations.

I came to discover this major problem when my Check Engine light kept coming on for misfire in #5 cyclinder and the EVAP.

I'd like to know if any other 2002 RAM owner with a 4.7 engine has experienced similar issues whether covered under warranty or not.

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This post has a total of 168 replies. The most recent 25 are shown below, you can view the complete archive here: Design Flaw on 2002 RAM 4.7 engine archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

This forum post has messages dated from 03/14/09 through 03/09/14, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

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Colton sweat

ok me and some other mechanics have found out that the oil pump sticks on and jumps the oil pressure up real high on a lot of the 4.7 engine its been the caus of most valve cover and head gasket leaks i recomend a buch of you guys check it out

**/**/** **:**
Colton sweat

Also check your valve cover gromets and make sure they are good and if you are replacing them be sure to check if they are thr same hardness and size, DONT USE 'Fel-Pro' GASKETS they are the both the wrong size and hardness!
**/**/** **:**
Scott Wickward

This is an update from an earlier post: New Jasper engine was installed and before I managed to get 100 miles on it I started hearing a noise. Took it to my mechanic and he thinks there is something wrong with one of my cylinders. I haven't been able to use this truck since Thanksgiving and now it looks as if it will be even longer. To say I am pissed is an understatement!
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have a 01 dak quad 4.7. kept getting misfires on #3 , #4 cylinders changed coils plugs injectors, still mis fires .took off top pan to check out lifter noise , no lifters on # 3 apparently missing in action.other side same thing.replaced with new lifters missfire went away. lost oil pressure and oil while driving up north -35c it seems pcv valve freezes up engine builds sludge and vacumn sucks all the oil into intake manifold and is burned in engine drove 20 klm with zero oil pressure to service station had to put in 5 ltrs oil.kept going 100 klm later pressure dropped to zero again.put in another 5 ltrs took of oil took off filler cap till got to distination.had to buy upgraded pcv valve kit from dealer for 225 cdn dollars. now only run high detergent diesel oil 20 w50 in summer have 225000 miles not klm mine was bought in states she runs good burns no oil. problem with dealers .they tell you nothing umless you dig it out of them with a crowbar then they deny it
**/**/** **:**

I'm just an other guy who fall in love with the wrong chick(truck).

2002 ram 1500 4.7

This is my list:

2 engines running on the third one

2 dashboards

2 radiators

2 fan clutches

1 water pump

First engine blow @ 75000mls under warranty

second @ 125000mls NO warranty

third still running(barely) runs hot going up hill or on a hot day.

This truck is a PIECE A S***T


**/**/** **:**
Drag 1

2004 ram 1500 w/95k miles. So i bout this truck used back in 07 with about 60K on. Because i bought it from utah and lived in mass for a few years i expected to have to change out the entire bottom due to rust($1200). a few weeks ago on a trip to san fran CE light came on and u guesses it, cylinder miss fire #4. Now im no mechanic but i can do basic maintenance. so i changed out the spark plugs which are rediculously hard to get to in the back by the way and the CE light went away for a day. the next morning, huge cloud of white smoke out the pipes. not good. so instinctively i check the oil fill cap. milk shake! now we are beyond my area of expertise. take it to the engine shop and the guy happily tells me its a blown head gasket, bad radiator, timing guide, etc, etc, etc. bottom line, $2, 500.00 that i dont want to spend. i hope someone just does me a favor and steals it while its still worth more than i owe on the thing. PROBLEM SOLVED.
**/**/** **:**
opa dee

Hi have a 2002 dodge ram 4.7 and has had same things come up codes check eng. but i do the work my self and she has 235.000 on it and running fair cond. but then it is what it is never buy another one i'll run this one to the ground and then scrap it cheers and do hope they make a better truck .
**/**/** **:**

Well I guess I would have seen this board a week ago. I would have stopped driving the truck and sold it. I am being told it is going to be about $4500 to $5000 to put a new long block in my 2002 1500. Like many others I have been hearing the small ticking in the engine for many months and just figured it wear on the 163, 000 miles but this last month the truck started running through the oil very fast. I had never had to add oil before. No smoke or anything, no leaks under the truck but the oil is going out of the truck. Last weekend it started really knocking so I stopped, put oil in it and it took two quarts. it had only been just under 3, 000 miles since last oil change. Now it is knocking bad and im being told it is engine replacement time. Has anyone had any help from dodge on these issues? is there any info on any action to get help from dodge?? Please let me know [email protected]
**/**/** **:**
Scott Wickward

Update to two earlier posts. The noise is coming through the exhaust and when he called Jasper they said they are having trouble with the valve seats falling out. WTF Less than a 100 miles on engine #2. Now even when I get it fixed I won't be able to trust it. Thanks for a whole lot of nothing Dodge (or should I say Fiat)
**/**/** **:**

I have a 02 ram 1500 v6 3.7 with manual tranny. i had this truck for 2yrs it had 80, 000 miles on it its now at 124, 000 and that is only because i still drive it. I had 2 rocker arms fall off 1 on each side. I pop them back in and 1 stayed in and the other 1 fell off continuosly, so i took it off and unpluged athe coil pac 2 it and i run on 5 cyls. Iv been told timing chain, new engine, stuck piston, etc. the main thing is DODGE IS A PIECE OF SH*T they look great and have great low end torch but overall ARE A PIECE OF SH*T, gET A FORD FU*K DODGE MAN!!!!!
**/**/** **:**

We have a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 only 50, 000 miles was put togeter at the factory with a small s shaped gouge near one of the cylnder walls causeing it to blow the gasket...when taken apart you can see a red maker where they put extra stop leak in it at the factory ..Truck only had one
**/**/** **:**

I sure wish I had found this site about 4 years ago when my truck had 70K on it. I would have traded it in when the economy was better and I was making money. Now, when sales are at an all time low and the truck was paid off 8 months ago, my frickin motor goes.

And like the others, all my problems started happening just after 100K miles when my extended warranty runs out. It overheats, I blow a radiator hose, and warped a head. Fluid leaking at head gasket. Pull the head, have it mulled, replace the gasket, everything's fine. Then two months later my heater coil acts all weird blowing heat on one side of vehicle only. 2 months later, my water pumps goes.

Had oil pressure drops off and on for a year or two and the engine idle got really weird a year ago and local mechanic thought it was a fuel pump issue. Replace that and no change. Kept driving it while having to treat the automatic like a standard for months before one day, it just start idling right again.

Sunday however, was the strangest day of all. Drove it to and from a town 50 miles away and the truck ran great up and back. Stop into my house to let dog out and get back in my truck and try and start it. Took me 10 minutes but flooded the motor and it starts. It is skipping, sputtering and running really rough. Limp it to my mechanic Monday and up pops 7 misfire codes. We replace plugs and plug wires and then fuel injector on number 2 only to find out, no compression in number 2. Engine is barely running now some $250 later and now I know why...engine is gone. Loved that truck and faithfully changed oil every 3k miles and always saw sludge build-up when I did. I am thoroughly disappointed to learn that Dodge knew about this and knew my engine would fail someday. What a bunch of low-life scum!! Never own a Dodge again.

Having mechanic friend who will start helping me tonight by taking off the heads and seeing what can be done to fix it.

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Thank author of this post/comment"2002 Dodge Ram Engine Coolant Loss No Heat"

I have a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 with only 131000 Km on it. I bought it when it had only 75000 Km on it. I had a wheel alignement done to the truck and the mechanic told me that he could not align the tires any more because the trucks engine was to heavy and it was pulling the frame in ward. The truck is on its 3rd set of tires since I have owned it. Barely any gravel driving, mostly just city. I have changed the pads and rotors all the way around as well.

But thats not the worst. I am now faced with a ridiculous heating problem. I first brought it in last Febuary with a leaking heater core, I was hit with a 1250$ bill. It ran fine for six months through the summer and I am not one of those guys that use the air conditioner so I noticed no problems. October comes around, I start using the heater, no heat. I bring my Dodge back in to the shop, ask them to change the thermostat and fix the check engine light that had recently started coming on, they end up changing the water pump to fix the heat problem and left the thermostat, said I was leaking antifreeze. Twelve hundred dollars later and three four days later no heat again, unless I am doing over 60Kph, then it's luke warm at which time the truck overheats and I am forced to stop. Bring it back to the shop. They tell me it's the radiator, it leaks now. I'm starting to think what?!? Another 950$. So ... thats right two days later no heat, this time it's the radiator cap it leaks said the shop. Now I am like what why was a used radiator cap put on my new radiator? SO I am starting to think maybe this shop is fubared. The heat worked fine for two more days. Now it is sitting in the same shop ( Kal Tire ) and the mechanic is telling me that It may very well be my head gasket, timing chaing cover gasket, or the intake manifold gasket, because when it is on the pressure test it loses about 1 pound of pressure after a half hour of heating up. They can not narrow it down. They are also telling me it probably is not the block but could be. So the new bill for the truck is if it's the head gasket ( at which point they would also be changing the intake manifold gasket, the timing chain cover gasket, the spark plugs and the bolts for the head) 4200$ or if its's a rebuilt engine 5000$ for the engine 3000$ for the labour.

If there is a law suit or a recall of some sort on these trucks I'd like to know. Or if someone has any advice for me that would be great as well

**/**/** **:**
Henderson, Nevada
Thank author of this post/comment"Dodge 1500 4.7 Engine issues"

I have had problems just as all of these folks have listed. There are continual issues with the speedomoter going crazy; while driving at 40mph the speedometer was going to 125 mph, dash lights coming on for no reasons, when dignostic was performed all three times there were reports of misfires. Each misfire was a different one after the first one was reported. There are just so many issues with this engine acting up like crazy I hope we can get a lawsuit against the car company that produced such crap. I am totally on board if anyone would like to contact me. i really do not have time to post all that is wrong with this truck but can tell you that each problem keeps bringing on another.
**/**/** **:**
Tulare, California
Thank author of this post/comment"2002 Dodge 1500 quad cab Sport"

I got my truck new. At 40, 000 miles I started getting a check engine light. Everytime I took it in they would say it was a bad fuel cap or some type of sensor. My warrenty expired at 60, 000 miles. My engine blew at 60, 158 and they did not honor my warrenty. I purchased a new engine and in 70, 000 miles, it happened again.
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"02 ram 4.7 flaws"

hi all sorry to hear you ve all had so much trouble my 02 ram 4.7 has 174k miles no trouble whatsoever just regular oil changes. However the dash is cracking just a dodge dash they almost all do that
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"2002 dodge ram 4.7L"

I have a 2002 dodge ram 1500. It had 186K miles on it before the head gasket blew. Had a rebuilt motor put in wasnt even 1 month before the white smoke was coming out my tail pipe. Thought my mechanic was doing me dirty because i am a woman. So am i wrong? Was it his fault? Was going to let my daughter have it but if its going to be like that should I just sell it? yes it a 4.7L. Its still in the shop.
**/**/** **:**
philadelphia ,pa
Thank author of this post/comment"class action law suite"

96, 000 miles , new radiator , new water pump, now misfires on # 4 , same problem with every one. it's a design flaw . crystler ram 2002 ram 4.7 1500 sucks . I want my money back .
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"HOPE THIS HELPS "

I bought a used 2002 Dodge ram 1500 slt quad cab 4.7l, it had 115000 miles or so on it and lasted me about 4 months before the motor went out and had to be replaced. So I never buy junkyard parts for my motor or stuff like that so I researched the web found out about the design flaw in Jasper motors and was sad, but then I found these guys www.powertrain (no spaces) these people buy new Jasper motors and breaks them down to fix all design flaws.

Now I have a new motor and my truck runs great only issue now is my evap leak witch I will fix myself soon..

**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"2002 dodge ram 1500 4.7 "

got the truck 2 years old 33000 on odometer around 60k started losing coolant no apparent leak started missing monkeys could not find problem until the hole in the head blew out and dumped the coolant into the crankcase at 87k (apparently the coolant was going out the exhaust through the crack in the head) 2nd engine (marshall) had a ping or detonation knock under load from day 1. monkeys couldn't find problem got a million lame excuses never ran right about 40k later burned hole in head (apparently had insuffient coolant to this area of head from day1) 3rd engine i can't remember who did it but it has approx 120k and it's still running good guess i got lucky on the 3rd one i couldn't afford not to fix it. there are people that can build these engines correctly.
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"4.7L Design Flaw"

The design flaw is in the cylinder heads.

The spacing between the cooling jackets and the compression wall is way too thin! If the wall was engineered thicker, as most other heads are, then heat expansion and pressure would not wear the gasket down so quickly because the gasket itself could be made wider.

It's basic physics, but some dumb Axx engineer with Solidworks though he/she was all set with a thin sidewall on these heads.

Since the cylinder head gasket is the only protection along this thinned out area from allowing your coolant to leak into the combustion chamber & block, it fails.

When the gasket fails, (and it clearly does as you can see from this forum how many it's already happened to) because Dodge also decided to use low quality gasket sets in production.

It starts with a misfire when the engine runs, feels like one or two cylinders are dead. Then you look in the rear view and see white smoke billowing owing out the tail pipe!


Pulling the oil dipstick reveals cloudy coolant in the oil sump of the block.

This can cause the engine to hydro-lock, meaning if enough coolant reaches the top of the pistons (remember physics 101, a liquid does not compress) BANG! You just lost your piston, crank arm, warped your heads, killed your engine. This is why it's so important to shut the engine off the second you see that cloud of white smoke bellowing out of your tail pipe. If you let it run, your allowing more coolant to reach the top of the pistons and she will hydro-lock on you.

If that happens, your engine is scrap metal.

I hope Dodge took the DUMB Fxxx engineer who designed these cyl heads and shot him!

Solution: Get rid of this black cloud circling your head ASAP, it's going to happen again if you fix it.

Perhaps the best solution is to join forces and file a class action law suit against Dodge!

They owe every one of us a decent engine if you have this albatros in your truck.

Very serious about this if anyone knows a good lawyer?

I got stuck with one of theses lemmons and breaking down the engine was horribly disappointing. Dodge owes me an engine, or finacial compensation!

I'll stick with Fords.

Mechanic: 25yrs experience and not seen anything this moronicly designed since chevy thought it was brilliant to mount fuel tanks outside the frame.

**/**/** **:**
Pasadena, Texas
Thank author of this post/comment"2004 Quad Cab"

I still have the original headlight bulbs... never had to do anything to this truck. That changed in April, a year ago. I'm still driving the truck, locally only... but with only 61, 000 miles, my oil pressure dropped, came back up, dropped again, etc... so I stopped, had it towed to the dealership. Even though I've had the oil changed regularly, the engine was full of sludge and was bad. I was baffled, till now. I've found out in the last few weeks about all the flaws with this engine, one of which is a problem with oil sludge. Thinking of ordering a "modified' engine from [deleted]... scared to death to spend the money though.

My regular mechanic whom I've used for years, wont let any of his guys even touch a Dodge 4.7 engine. More information I wish I'd known before buying this truck.

But I DO love my Dodge. We have a new Silverado (I'm usually a GM fan) but I don't like it as much as I like my Dodge. Go figure.

**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"Ronnie Crawford"

Hey Ronnie don't be afraid to make that purchase from powertrain they are great. I bought my new motor from them and haven't had any problems. fThe motor I got from them I had inspected by my mechanic before I had it installed, he said it was perfect all the design flaws that was in the original motor didn't exist in the new motor from powertrain. They fixed all the flaws and shipped it to me faster than their estimated shipping time. Best money I ever spent.. My truck runs like a beast and I haven't had any problems since the install. Hope this helps any questions about the new motor just ask.
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"2002 ram 4.7"

after reading all of these posts, i believe i am the luckiest one here. i have a 2002 quad cab ram with the 4.7 4 wheel drive, i bought it at 160, 000 miles. now its got almost 220, 000 miles. the only thing ive had to replace is a fuel pump and a front wheel bearing. this has been the best truck ive ever had and i love it. i take it muddin, cross country on bass fishing tournaments. guess i just got lucky with it.
03/09/14 13:16
United States
Thank author of this post/comment"JC ram"

I have 2002 dodge ram 1500 4x4. I first got it. It had 40, 000 mile now It has 176000 mile. My battery is start go bad. I have a put a new thermostat In 140000. Chang oil at every 5000 miles. It Ben drove hard. pulled car boat and more. up in the mountains a lot. Most highways miles. Best truck I had
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 168 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Design Flaw on 2002 RAM 4.7 engine archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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