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A/C fan noise excessive-A/C air flow reduced

- Dodge-1500 Pickup

Forum Post
06/13/09 05:08

A/C fan noise excessive-A/C air flow reduced

A/C air flow is less than normal at all fan speeds. A/C fan noise is excessive at all fan speeds. Air temp is cooling ok it seems, but lessened air flow is not adequate for proper cooling and excessive noise is a real nuisance. 2001 Dodge Ram Laredo 1500 with 5.9L
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THanks Jchain, , , as this was said a million times, I took off the bottom blower and there was the re-circ door laying there. I was getting weak air flow from the vents, defrost (floor was ok) and the re-circ door was blocking the flow.

Now it blows like new. I no longer have re-circ mode but thats ok with me. Cars when I was growing up never had such a feature and I rarely used that mode anyway.

**/**/** **:**
Anaheim Ca
Thank author of this post/comment"RE: Recirc Door"

Many thanks to Jchain. I owe you a case of Beer for your info. I was in Havasu where the temp was 115 degrees when this Engineering Marvel Recirc door from Dodge broke. I had to drive with my windows down because the AC could not cool the inside of the truck. Thanks Dodge for this Marvelous Door you have installed.

I took the 3 screws out for the blower motor and dropped motor down. Reached up in the hole and sure enough was the broken recirc door laying on top of the hole. Works fine now.

Something needs to be done with Chrysler/Dodge to recall these recirc doors and have Chrysler/Dodge pay for these repairs. With this many people having the same prob, either Dodge needs to recall them or a Class Action Law Suit needs to be filed. I have a Attorney friend who specializes in Lemon Law. I will give him a call to see what needs to be done to get Chrysler/Dodge to reimburse/repair all truck owners with same prob.

I will post after talking to my attorney

**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"Genius: 3 screws, 15 minutes, Dodge Ram Air fixed"

This post identified my problem and allowed me to fix it in minutes. Guess I go watch Sports Center for the rest of the afternoon. Thanks!
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Thank author of this post/comment"low air flow from passenger side vents"

I have a 2006 Dodge diesel.. there seems to be a problem with the passenger side vents in the dash. There is plenty of air coming from the drivers side vents and warm to cool air from the other side. Any help would be great! Thanks1
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"Easy enough for a girl to do it!"

This was an unbelievably easy fix. Thank you JChain!
**/**/** **:**
Sumshine State
Thank author of this post/comment"Actuator pin removal"

Thank you Jchain! I have wedged and taped the broken door for recirc air since it is hot and it is a great temp fix. . I am planning on replacing the door but can't figure our how to remove the white actuator pin after removing the motor.

Does anyone know what is holding the white actuator pin in place and how to remove it so I can put the new door into place?

**/**/** **:**
Anaheim Ca
Thank author of this post/comment"RE: Dodge Repairing / Paying for Recirc Door"

Just got my 2006 Dodge 2500 back today (7-26-2011) from McPeek Dodge in Anaheim Ca. Everything is working fine and I paid $100.00 to get the whole system replaced.

Here is what I did. I took my truck to McPeek Dodge and was told it would be about $700.00 to repair the truck. I contacted Dodge and after about 2 weeks of negotiations with a Rep from Dodge, I was told that Dodge would repair/replace the whole system if I paid a $100.00 co-pay.

I told the Rep that on the internet there were several people who had the same prob. and some people had had this Recirc door replaced 4 and 5 times on their Dodge Trucks. I told the Rep that this was a very poor design and that Dodge should recall all these trucks with this prob. I also told the Rep that this was a very poor reflection on the Chrysler/Dodge company. Dodge knows this is a prob, and have done nothing to resolve the issue except charge Truck owners to repair this "Piss Poor" design.

Call this number 1800 763 4236 EXT 66395. You will speak to Charles and inform him you have read this msg and would like to have Dodge pay to have your Dodge Truck repaired. Hopefully Dodge will do the right thing and recall ALL these trucks and do the necessary upgrades to resolve this prob.

Good Luck Ron 2500

**/**/** **:**
Hooper, UT
Thank author of this post/comment"Wrong phone number"

First off, I just had this happen to my 06 3500 last Friday. Carrigan Dodge up in Morgan, UT quoted me $300 to fix it. Bull***t to that I though. I googled the problem and found this chat room. I pulled the 3 screws holding the blower in, and the flapper came right out. Thanks for starting this deal, to whoever. Now to this fella just above me, I called the number you listed just above me here and it took me to some company in Colorado springs. Ironically I the guy who answered the phone was named Charles. So I don't know if my phone just screwed it up or if the number you listed in wrong, but it didn't work when I dialed it. Anyway, thanks a bunch to all you guys who posted about this. Damn chicken sh*ts at dodge for not fixing this. You think spending thousands of dollars on one of their trucks they'ed be more helpful. Maybe if they were, our latest in a long line of disasters in Washington wouldn't have had to bail them out.
**/**/** **:**
Anaheim Ca
Thank author of this post/comment"Another Phone Number"

Try this number to contact Chrysler/Dodge 1800 763 8422
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Thank author of this post/comment"thank you !! thank you !! problem solved :)"

Thankyou so much !! shortly after i bought my dodge in 2006 my airconditioner started hardly blowing !! I keep putting it off for many years... I googled my problem and saw the post about the three screws under the glove box and pull motor down and there it was a door blocking the air for so many years !!! I did it myself in ten minutes time !! I am no mechanic and when i say im no mechanic, i mean it !! thanks you guys for taking the time to post !! So I felt the I should do the same and post this!!
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"thankyou thankyou thankyou"

oh yeah about the airconditioner poorly blowing once you take the three screws out and drop the blower motor down i reached up there and gently pulled it so it would break :) now my air is blowing strong !! thanks again
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"Excellent Fix"

There are not too many time when you find a fix that is this easy. Thanks for the post. My summer will be a little cooler now!
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"WOW!!!"

Thanks to JChain for the quick fix!!! Mine is just paid off and don't wanna spend the money!!! <10minutes and I don't have auto repair experience!!!
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"Thanks JChain!"

The last thing you want to do is have the dealer fix this for a $700, because it will happen again!

JChain's fix is quick (5 minutes if you grab the right screw driver first, 10 if you have to search though your toolbox), easy, and free! 3 screws out from under glove box, dropped the blower motor, a broken piece of plastic fell out, reached up & felt the broken door sitting there, gently worked it down and pulled it out. Back up goes the blower motor with the 3 screws. I have air flowing through the truck again and I keep my $700. Thanks again JChain!

2006 Dodge Ram 2500 - 45, 000 MILES

**/**/** **:**
Fort Lee, VA
Thank author of this post/comment"Why no recall??"

Ok, I too have this issue, plastic damper door in the A/C housing assembly breaking off at the hinges. For me a small piece of the plastic hinge fell into the blower motor causing a rumbleing noise. I assumed the blower motor bearing had gone out for some reason, (never had a blower motor go out on me my whole life, I'm 50) went to replace the blower motor and basically the air damper fell out in my hand. Upon closer inspection I found the blower motor to be fine, blower motor = $100. Purchased A/C housing assembly which houses the re-circulated air damper = $50. Realized what was required to replace and found out the dealer who sold the truck wanted $785 to replace. Needless to say there is something to be said for fresh air hence the work around of removing the damper and remounting the blower motor and going without re-circulated air and 2 this is the last Dodge I will ever own. Common since tells me this should have been a recall.
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"mahalo SAVE ME $$$$"

10 MINUTES I was done just like it said after taking out fan .............(3 screws 8mm) broken door about 7inch long by 4 inch wide, used to switch from recirculating and outdoor air, was laying across hole where fan blows , just had to manuver it so that it would come out..Saved $570 bucks that what ac shop was going to charge me. Mahalo from Hawaii
**/**/** **:**
right here
Thank author of this post/comment"Big thanks to JChain!"

I was having the exact same problem with my '06 1500 quad cab: cold AC but very minimal output even at the highest fan speed (which was very loud compared to the air output). Thanks to JChain's detailed description of the fix, I (female who knows nothing about fixing cars) was able to get this resolved in less than 20 minutes (multiple trips back and forth to the tool chest to get different screwdriver sizes). Thank you so much!!
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"thanks"

pulled fan motor and removed it 5 mins repair

**/**/** **:**
lion's head
Thank author of this post/comment"Thanks again to JChain for solution"

I had the same problem with my 2006 Dodge RAM and have run into other RAM owners with the same complaint. During the recent heat wave, I took JChains advice, dropped the fan motor by removing the three screws in the housing, felt up the A/C duct and pulled out the 3" by 6" door that had broken off, fallen down, and completely covered the fan motor air shaft - no small feat getting between the seat and underside of the dash given my size and weight. I had some difficulty in finding a screwdriver to fit the screw heads and would recommend replacing them with a similar size Phillips or Robertson when reinstalling the fan motor. Thanks JChain and subsequent posters on this issue.
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"low ac blower "

how do fix it j chain i have read all that have fixed in 10 min but no one told how
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"I guess I have the same problem, but have a question"

I am pretty darn sure my transfer door is broke too, but it seems like the fan motor is blowing as hard as it originally did when not in recirc mode. Do you get more air flow out the vents in recirc mode, or does recirc mode increase the fan speed to produce more flow?
**/**/** **:**
lion's head
Thank author of this post/comment"RAM a / c problem"

Glenn: If the fan door has broken off and fallen down the air shaft and blocked the fan outlet, as was the case in my RAM, it doesn't matter how hard the fan works, the air has nowhere to go.
**/**/** **:**
Tulsa Okla.
Thank author of this post/comment"05 dodge ram A / C problem"

Thanks J Chain for the Info. My A/C wasn't blowing but just a lil bit and I also removed the blower motor and there was the broken door just laying there blocking the air flow! Thanks again, it's working great after a 10! Woo Hoo!
**/**/** **:**
Rocklin, California
Thank author of this post/comment"Just wait a minute..."

same issue, no air, loud hum, dropped blower broken piece in the cage, removed broken door NOW I have an "OPEN WINDOW" dealer quoted $700 at first, I questioned it and it dropped to $400, $100 part and 2 hHrs labor

So I called Dodge

Michele, very helpful, took my VIN, Name, Address, Phone and e-mail 1-866-726-4636 gave me case number

Steve, case manager, who explained my warranty was expired NO recalls. I explained the situation as I saw it and what the dealer told me and he put me on hold, to call the dealer...

Dealership to AVOID!!!!!


autowest chryslerjeepdodge in Roseville, CA. 1-888-450-7409

Now I have an appt so the dealer can first "diagnose" the problem.

more to come...

**/**/** **:**
San Diego
Thank author of this post/comment"LOW AIR FLOW and Warmer air - Passenger Side"


Steve (post #121) asked a key question that no one has answered, and is the exact problem I am having.

My "recirc/blend/fresh" door is in tact, and working fine as can be seen with the glove box out, viewing thru the open grate.

My problem, LOW FLOW or LOW AIR VOLUME as compared to the Drivers side is what is happening on the Passenger side. The temperature is WAY warmer than that coming out of the driver's side.

There must be some other mixing door or something that is causing this problem. We once had good air flow and cold air from all dash vents. This $h1t happened inside the first 3 years of out Dodge Ram QC 2500 diesels life.

Any help would be appreciated. I have read for hours, in many forums, including the fixes from Heater Treater, which never accurately describe mine and Steve's problem.


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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 143 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: A/C fan noise excessive-A/C air flow reduced archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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