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2004 Dodge Ram stalls at idle. Has DTC P0406 (ex.sensor)

- Dodge-1500 Pickup

Forum Post
08/28/08 03:25

2004 Dodge Ram stalls at idle. Has DTC P0406 (ex.sensor)

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L Hemi with automatic transmission stalls at an idle. There is an acitve Dtc P0406 for exhaust sensor A. Was in shop and transmission was programmed as per service bullitin but now problem is occuring again. Are these two related? If not, why is my truck stalling at an idle? Truck has also died after turning a corner but this event has seldom happened.
Archived Replies

This post has a total of 54 replies. The most recent 25 are shown below, you can view the complete archive here: 2004 Dodge Ram stalls at idle. Has DTC P0406 (ex.sensor) archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

This forum post has messages dated from 08/28/08 through 01/21/13, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

**/**/** **:**

my mechanic told me i was crazy, probably true, but fixed my stalling problem. at 107, 000 when pulling a trailor going up and down very small hills, (live in fl) engine was running rough and stalling at an idle. changed the plugs and while everything apart, noticed the thottle body was a little dirty. cleaned it with some carb cleaner and didn't stall for another 30, 000 changed the plugs to NGK platinums, cleaned the throttle body again and so far another 2500 miles without a stall. worked for me and a fairly cheap fix. when we pulled the plugs, they looked like they just came out of the box. they were champions just FYI.
**/**/** **:**

I bought a '06 Dodge Ram 2500 with 78k in July. A week after I purchased it, it stalled at an intersection and has done it at least once a week for the last three months. Last week it stalled five times in ten starts right up after stalling, so far....I'm just waiting for the next time. It is at the dealer right now and they say the diagnostic check does not register a problem and the computer is not indicating that any of the events I have described to them are even happening.

I need this vehicle to plow snow this winter and am less than confident as snow approaches.

**/**/** **:**

I have a Dodge 1500 5.2 4x4 1996, it experiencd a no start situation at first when outside temp dropped below 40 and conditions were damp about 10-11 pm when I got off work, 2-3 times a week I found myself looking for away home, then out of the blue about two months later it started to appear during the evening in warm weather, low rpm's and stalling so I determined gas is just not getting to the system.

I replaced the fuel pump / fuel relay / crank case sensor / evaporative purge solenoid / nothing worked. I found no current was getting to the fuel pump. I inspected the fuel pump again and found that the ground wire to the fuel pump looked burned & discolored, this made me look to the wiring harness & when I cut open the harness under the hood I

wiggled the bundle by the driver fender well and found that the truck would start again.

Codes of PO320 and PO441 were displayed in the beginning and the engine trouble light was on. I got thru DMV by resetting the engine check light. So right now I am wondering if this is the problem a short or open to the fuel pump. The story is not finnished I will be wondering if the truck will leave me stranded again since I have not found the source of the possible short or open status so far. Good Luck!

**/**/** **:**

It is 4 times now (currently 74, 000 miles) right after filling

truck with fuel, and letting the nozzle click off, within 1

mile the truck stalls at a light, at an intersection,

where ever. Dealer said never heard of it!!! I can duplicate

the problem every time but they don't want to see it. They just

say "Don't let the Nozzle click off"-WOW-Changed vapor canister

and solenoid on last visit-No help-it stalled again after re-

fueling and almost got killed at an intersection this week.

**/**/** **:**
Rudy Montes

I'm reading a lot about stalling issues and what has been changed, But I'm not reading what Octane everyone is using. The Manual says use 97 which here in California is 3.59 a gallon. Are you people using lesser octane? I have to admit I have used the 81 octane and have felt the engine idle rough pulling out of a parking spot. sure felt weird. I've used octane booster. Don't know if that is helping.
**/**/** **:**
Ronald Wilson

2004 Dodge 1500 Hemi drops about 400 RPM when I stop at a stop light or signal, returns to normal idle but sometimes will quit altogether. It starts back up easily but problem happens at next light. Engine light does not come on. Dodge dealer wants $150 just to look at it. This could be dangerous under certain driving conditions. Any answers?
**/**/** **:**

I have same stalling issues, dealer and Chrysler are in denial.Called # @ reply 24 they said they would get back to me in 24 hours. Stay tuned, I'm all over this crap.
**/**/** **:**

I have a 2006 Hemi. Same issues with stalling, rough idle etc for last few months, and showing a missfire code on Cyl 4. After reading every post I could find, I started with replacing the Spark plugs & Air Filter. Worked for 1/2 day. Then replaced EGR, PCV, & cleaned the Throttle Body. Worked for 2 days. Replaced the Coil. Worked for about 3 days.

Finally decided to take it to a mechanic and he said the lifters on Cyl 4 & 8 were bad. Replaced all of the lifters for about $2K. No more stalling for about 3 weeks now...BUT the idle is only running at about 200RPM about 85% of the time, so I am not convinced we have solved the problem. The manual says run 87 octane in it and we do. So to Recap we replaced

Spark Plugs

Air Filter

EGR Valve

PCV Valve


Cleaned the throttle Body

and NONE worked.

Replaced all of the lifters

Solved the stalling in VERY rough idle problem, but still have an idle problem.

Not good at all. Going back now to replace the idle valve...We'll see, but I am skeptical at best.

**/**/** **:**

I had all of the same stalling problems for about a year. At 78, 000 miles I took in for a routine check / oil change. When my mechanic ran the diagnostics it came back that the TRANSMISSION was failing. He spoke to a transmission specialist who knew exactly the problem. He rebuilt the transmission and said the problem is actually with the computer. He confirmed this with a DOGDGE DEALERSHIP who told him the computers on the 2004 at least were shipped with incorrect programming and the transmission does not shift correctly. Over time it wears out the torque converter which is the cause of the stall. The computer had to be sent to the manufacturer of the computer because the dealership couldn't even reset it. Then, the manufacturer sent a new computer because they said it wasn't worth sending out the old one. Dodge is completely aware of this problem but unwilling to issue a recall. There is a service bulletin out on the computer so I would take it to a dealership and tell them to replace the computer and check the transmission as well. If you go through a dealership there is a chance Dodge will take care of it. In my case, I was offered a 2 year service contract for my troubles so they clearly acknowledge there is a problem with the computer. Take it in as soon as possible to be sure, otherwise you will completely wreck your transmission and be stuck wherever you are when it goes. This just happened in the last two weeks. Make Dodge fix your transmission and put in a NEW COMPUTER. They owe you that.
**/**/** **:**
unhappy dodge owner

I own a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad cab with only 84, 000 miles. I have owned since new and it has always been well maintained. The other day, without warning, it died at a stop light and it would restart after pumping the gas several times but died as soon as you let off the gas. My mechanic replaced the fuel pump, the truck now starts but runs very rough, he feels it is a broken valve spring. Contacted dodge and received very poor customer service, even had one shop tell me "too bad it didn't go out 6 months ago while under warranty like most peoples do" they also told me that they had developed new springs to prevent further issues with this but stated they did not feel that a problem existed just because they redid the springs. I have contacted Dodge corporate with no response. I will not be buying any dodge products in the future if they will not stand behind their product. I also currently own a Ford Escape with almost 200, 000 miles on it and running strong, and a mazda pick up with over 200, 000 miles, neither of which have required more than basic maintance.
**/**/** **:**
Ron in Buffalo

Have an 03' Dodge 5.7 Hemi, Quad, 72, 000. Well the shop has it now. Everything that is mentioned above sounds very familiar, rough starts, stalling on the hi-way, but would start right back up, like there was no problem, mile down the way same thing, at a stop in traffic, stall. All this started right before x-mas. Had it towed out of work parking lot. Had original battery replaced, O2 sensor, new throttle block, all on diff. dates. Was ready to pick it up after work and the check engine light went back on. Still waiting to hear from the shop. Will post whenever the problem is fixed.
**/**/** **:**
Ron in Buffalo

When the shop replaced the O2 sensor, the old throttle block was still in place and corrupted that new sensor. Upon replaceing the throttle block (which the shop had to call up the chrysler pro's about)still had the corrupted O2 sensor in. Which made the check engine light trigger back on. So the shop just replaced the sensor with another new one. And its been off and running fine the past couple of days. Hope this helps.
**/**/** **:**

04 1500 dodge 4wd 4dr 88000 mi hesitates when taking off from stop also has stalled several times when deaccellerating from 40mph or less. Had throttle body cleaned and fuel injection cleaning and new plugs/wires. Still having all problems!
**/**/** **:**

My dodge has been having a rough idle at stops for a while now, but it is only after the engine is WARMED up and in DRIVE. If I shift into neutral while it is giving me the rough idle, it stops it; at that point I shift it back into drive and still no vibrating. As soon as I move it, not even 15 feet, and the load is back on the motor, it starts vibrating again.

I have replaced the egr and cleaned the throttle body. I have also reset the pcm. Any suggestions?

The other thing I feel should be mentioned is that I can leave the truck in drive and put the e-brake on and I go around to the tail pipe where the rattle seems to be coming from. If I put my foot on the tail pipe and apply a little pressure the rattle stops. Exhaust loose? Could the be the problem all together?

**/**/** **:**

I have had the same stalling problems with my 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7 this is ridiculous I think that we all need to start a petition or everybody needs to call dodge and they need to fix our trucks or give us our money back...
**/**/** **:**

Same problem with 2005 jeep grand cherokee limited. EGR valve sensor A. A RECALL should definitely be implemented.

**/**/** **:**

im glad im not the only one with these trucks ive got a 2004 hemi truck ran great just bought it truck started idling funny and shut down keep in mind it only has 120000 miles on it dealer told me the throttle body messed up bought it never put it on the problem was a valve spring broke fd the head up and right now sorry to say will cost me 1800 dollars it makes no sence why dodge hasnt recalled these problems we bailed them out why not help us out i have a 1999 1500 with a 360 thats got 200000 miles on it thats my daily driver and when damiler owned chrystler it always got taken care of i wish i could complain about this to someone if any one has a idea help me out
**/**/** **:**
Lawrence Garrison

I have a 2005 Ram 1500 Quad 4x4 5.7 with 114, 000 miles on it. I was getting a rough idle, rev high before shifts and it stalled several times. I brought a scanner and got to codes from the computer, P0700 and P0562. P0700 is the transmission computer and P0562 is a low voltage code. The TCM, BCM, and ECM are all one unit on the 2005 model. I had to get a re manufactured ECM. This is a common problem with these trucks. There should definitely be a recall and all the computers should be replaced.
**/**/** **:**
cody stemler

Yea, where do I sign this petition!!I have a '06 Dodge 1500 5.7 Liter Hemi, and it started just stalling about two months after I bought it(brand new)Dealer(under warranty)couldnt find anything.Then the transmission module control panel failed(two weeks after the warranty expired)Now the check engine light has come on, throws a Bad EGR code, is stalling at low speed no warning two three times a day(nearly was broad sided the other day with my family).Changed the EGR, still has the prob WTH Dodge!!
**/**/** **:**

Have a 2004 1500 Dodge pickup truck. 4.7 Engine. Truck stalled on me when on a red light and when turning and while going up a hill. This problem started about 3 months ago. Put it on neutral and it stopped as well. Cleaned Throttle body, dealer ship dont know what the problem is. Dodge needs to recall these trucks.
**/**/** **:**
Great NW.
Thank author of this post/comment"Dodge Hemi stalling problem."

I have a 2006 Dodge 1500 with a hemi engine, Yep! you guessed it same problem, went to cross an intersection and it stalled out, then I started it right up. Turned another corner and it did it again, followed by the engine light coming on. I disconnected the battery to reset the computer, light went out but after a few miles came back on again. Stopped in at the local parts store and borrowed their reader and concluded it was the ERG sensor (code P0406)

So after reading that this is a common problem which Dodge will not recognize, I think I'll call my local Government official and maybe they can get the ball rolling before some one gets killed due to stall outs in an intersection.

I've been a Dodge buyer since 1995 but if this is the way they treat their loyal customers I'll be looking at Ford, can't bring myself to buy a Jap rig. Hopefully some one at Dodge will read this and realize their going to lose customers and sales.

Oh! by they way Dodge, I'm so glad that I, and many more American tax payers bailed you out so as to keep you going.

**/**/** **:**
grants pass
Thank author of this post/comment"Dodge Ram 2500"

About a year ago my truck started doing the same thing i baught my brand new and had no issues for 170000 miles but then one day heading down the road she just shut down i did the same thing you guys did checked everything no code found what my truck issue was at the time my 2004 has a low level protection sytem for the transmision my transmision oil was about half i never noticed the leak in my rear seal of my transmission i replaced the seal and refilled my transmission and the problem went away..that was a year ago
**/**/** **:**
grants pass
Thank author of this post/comment"update"

my truck has sat for 6 months with a friend watching over her and my Poppy went to drive it to oregon for me and she started stalling after a while down the road i asked him to check the fluid level of my transmision he said it was fine and then she started running fine again he is placeing new tires on it and said that now when he lets off the gas she starts shaking a little bit but doesnt shut off
**/**/** **:**
North Dakota
Thank author of this post/comment"2005 Dodge Ram 1500"

I have a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 4.7 V8. The problems I am experiencing with my vehicle are as follows: Upon starting the idle climbs and drops intermittently. The vehicle dies intermittently for no apparent reason - initially, it happened only when turning left. The most frightening of times being, when I was turning left at an interesection against on coming traffic. I had four children in my vehicle and as I pressed on the accelerator, it died. By the grace of God I had enough momentum to coast through the intersection. This could have resulted in a minimum of six lost lives between us and the on coming vehicle (that is if they were driving alone and had no passengers in their vehicle, which I am not certain of). Their is also another issue I have been experiencing...when I drive down the road the pickup seems unable to decide what gear it wants to be in, and between 40 - 50 mph it starts surging, drops down a gear, sending the rpm's up to 5 grand instantly and requires that I let off the accelerator to get it to shift into the appropriate gear. This is an endless cycle and requires me to do this every couple minutes or so.

I have had this vehicle diagnosed, beginning in 2009, at three seperate dealerships, (all of which have been Chrysler). Not one of these dealerships have been able to find the the problem and address the issue. So far I have spent close to a thousand dollars to replace the EGR valve, all the oxygen sensors, the throttle position sensor, and the idle air control sensor - all of which these dealerships seemed "certain" were the issue. So far, I have literally thrown away that thousand dollars replacing parts that "needed to be replaced" of which, ultimately, there was nothing wrong with.

I have called Chrysler directly and gone through their claims process four times, which has brought no resolution to said known issues. Chrysler seems content to do little to nothing to resolve this matter...the solution seemingly to be that I continue to take my vehicle to their dealerships so that they can misdiagnose the issue(s) and charge me through the nose for it - customer "service" at its finest.

I feel this vehicle to quite literally be dangerous and have voiced this concern to all dealerships that have giving diagnostic testing. Numerous Chryler associates and management personnel seem powerless to do anything also. I have mentioned the potential of a serious law suit for knowingly endangering lives, which seems to affect none of them and is not taken seriously.

I am at a loss as of what to do now. I feel I have explored all the appropriate avenues, to no avail. Maybe a collective joining of voices/complaints is what needs to happen for Chrysler to realize both the severity and seriousness of these known issues. It has become apparent, after reading this forum, that I am not the only person having these issues. Chrysler is simply, by choice, ignoring them.

It is my hope that by us all sending this message to Chrysler that we will find resolution to our mutual problem. Until then, I will continue checking in. Please continue to, or begin to if you have not already, to contact Chrysler about these issues. A contact number I have for you all is 1 800-992-1997.

Thank you.

James T.

**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"Two trucks same issue"

I drive both of my trucks too the bar. NO babying, NO easy days, when I tow it is in excess of 7, 500-16, 000 lbs. They are built to work, and they do perform daily. Have thankfully never failed and risked someone else's life or my own.

2010 Ram 1500 Quad 4x4 SXT 4.7L

(Fall time) 85, 000km my Engine light came on and stalled at idle. Have access to a code reader, So I plugged it right in and checked the codes. "EGR Failure" (can't remember exact DTC) Anyhow, called Dodge, 149.99$ CAN for the EGR valve, 3-4 hours install time for them. Sucked it up and took it in a week later. Had NO issues of stalling but numerous engine light going on and off. probably put (summer time) 1200km until I got to the dealer. 458$ later I have the truck back and is working fine. Mechanic that actually installed the part told me that the valve itself was faulty but had no idea what caused it. (typically EGRs fail cause of "babying" the throttle and carbon build up. I however do the exact opposite, absolutely no carbon build up. I kept the truck till 123, 000km and experienced PCM connecter issues. my guess was the water in a connecter, but could not locate it nor could dodge 12 hours later. (unrelated to EGR issue. to my knowledge).

2004 Ram 2500 Quad 4x4 SLT 5.7L

(Winter time) 230, 000km check gauges light came on. It was extremely cold, -42 C over night -34 C when Started. (was plugged in over night) Driving over rough road, 60km/h. light comes on and off. thought it was the bumps, slowed down, went to smooth road. same issues. stopped checked Fluids and battery connections. all normal. (gauges were normal readings) engine temperature gauge was a little low, but was warm before I went anywhere. never stalled, no rough idle, no other issues other than the light flashing on and off. small exhaust leak that has been there for a while. No idea why the lights came on. I seriously hope cause of the cold here.

I write this so that everyone here and the on-lookers (hopefully of dodge) know that the erg stalling problem is not just a generation issue. but over many years.

In response to the rough idle when slowing down and shifting to neutral solves it... That is a wiring issue with the transmission, telling the torque convertor to lock into overdrive/high gear. 98 dodge 2500 24V 5.9L diesel 4x4 386, 000 same issue. solved TEMPORARILY by grounding out the torque converter at highway speeds, then removing the ground when slowing down. Have yet to find a successful fix. but have been driving that way for over 20, 000km

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 54 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 2004 Dodge Ram stalls at idle. Has DTC P0406 (ex.sensor) archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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