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1997 RAM 1500 dies while travelling, starts again 5-15 min later

- Dodge-1500 Pickup

Forum Post
09/01/08 20:34

1997 RAM 1500 dies while travelling, starts again 5-15 min later

Truck dies while travelling at hi and low speeds, kind of stutters 1st (like it's not getting gas) then dies and after 5-15 minutes starts right back up and runs great as if nothing wrong. Had this problem about 3 yrs ago, changed TPS 1st then MAP Sensor and problem went away but is now back. Any suggestions? MAP Sensor again? If so, why? Found today that if hose disconnected from EVAP canister the granules come pouring out.
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10/24/10 10:39

96 Dodge 1500 4X4 with 318 engine with 125k miles. 37 degrees yesterday morning and it would not start. engine would turn over but would not run. Did not have time to mess with it at the time. Checked it this morning and it turned over andstarted with no problem.. first time anything like this has happened in about 5 years..Replaced fuel pump in 2006.. Any body have any GOOD ideas.
10/24/10 12:18

96 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 V8. runs fine. then when i get to a stop and the rpms goes down it dies. no codes, or no sign of its getting ready to die. just dies. starts back up just fine like nothing happened. cat-con it less than a year. O2 Sen are good. plugs are new. wires are still good.

Why does it keep dying for no reason, then start back up like nothing was wrong????????????

11/11/10 18:14

1997 ram van 2500 hesitates, sputters, backfires, etc after a few minutes of driving. will restart after a few minutes. ONLY DOES IT IN COOLER/COLD WEATHER? RUNS FINE ALL SUMMER INTO EARLY FALL.??? ANY HELP OUT THERE?
11/12/10 17:48
Tim Lopez

I have a 97 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2 liter and the problem with it is that it wont hold idle, it showed a check engine light warning and it disappeared then thats when i started having trouble. Any ideas?
11/27/10 20:16

i have a 97 dodge 1500 with a 360 and when i get up to speed and it shifts into overdrive the truck hitches and revs up theres no way to keep it in overdrive. sometimes the truck wont even shift into overdrive. i changed the TPS and it worked great 4 like 3 months but now its acting up again apreciate any info.
11/30/10 20:47
Greg Parker

Im a certified Ram truck Tech. Have worked for Chrysler for 13yrs. Any questions concerning issues please feel free to email me.
12/02/10 17:28

I have all the same issue as listed.I have a 1997 dodge ram and I just bought.I can only imagine what all this guy has already done.He told me it was an O2 sensor and I see he has worked on the CAT.Does anyone know why it is stalling when the gas is not being pressed?
12/11/10 15:54

truck mist fire went is cold below 60 degre run 100% all summer last winter had the same probleme any body could help
12/12/10 19:11

I had the STALLING OUT problem two days ago on my 2001 DODGE RAM 5.2 QUAD 2WD..... what caused it was that i unplugged the negative cable from battery and when i plugged back up, the check engine light came on... i took it to autozone to check it out and the scanner said" error P0505, which can be caused by:

*IAC circuit condition or idle speed higher/lower than expected

*ECM has detected that the IAC counts are higher or lower than expected, the engine speed is not in its expected range.


*vaccum leak on engine

*dirty throttle body

*IAC motor defective

*poor electrical connection to the IAC valve...

well today sunday the 12, 2010

me and my dad decided to give this thing a try...

so we bought a can of carb cleaner and we took off the air hat then sprayed out the TB(throttle body) really good on the inside part and top part.... then wiped with a fabric..

also while doing this i disconnected the negative(once again) and left it unplugged while i finished cleaning the TB, ok so then i unscrewed the IAC valve and also cleaned the valvce and the socket(make sure that the O-ring does not fall off...

after that i put everything back together, than started the truck... so the engine light came off, BUT.... now it rough idles..

NOTE****.... after that i also purchased a LUCAS FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER and threw it in the GAS as a MIX... it supposedly helps clean all the carb, gunk and all that bad/nasty stuff inside the engine.. and also helps run smooth and idle smooth...

well to tell you the truth, it kinda helped it does idle rough at around half of the big one(1) on the RPM's.NOT TOO ROUGH BUT JUST ENOUGH THAT IT MIGHT SHAKE A LITTLE. ... but anyways give this a try if your truck is stalling out, and if you have a solution to the ROUGH IDLE MESSAGE ME AT thx, and stay safe...

I might have missed some other stuff that i did on the truck if you need help, message me, i will try and do my best as i am not aMECHANIC, JUST ANOTHER save MONEY AND DIY TYPE OF GUY

(JUST ANOTHER TIP, I WAS GOING TO TAKE IT TO THE DEALER TO GET THE tb CLEANED AND THEY CHARGED ME CLOSE TO $200, I WAS LIKE hell no!!! i spent about $25 not even but just to be on the safe side.. doing this myself and it helped )

12/31/10 11:08

i recently took my 98 dodge 1500 to have eng replaced with a wrecker eng.mech installed it and now will start but only idle and exhaust manifold gets red hot.i live in a small town near alaska border and nno one can fix my would be very much appreciated
01/26/11 23:21

1995 dodge ram 1500 with 150k on it runs like crap .... what it do start it and idles fine in park revs up good in park but if you try and drive it down the road has no no power at all like its out of gas ....wont pick up and run unless you let your foot off the petal , , , , i have seen many post about same thing but none telling what it was.... i dont wanna be one them fools to just start changing parts and think its it .......i dont know much about the history only that its made in MEXICO


02/04/11 07:33

plz help i have a 97 dodge ram 1500 runs like crap have to keep foot on gas and brake to keep running fills like its not getting gas or to much to where its flooding it out i have no idiea what to do rather try to fix it my self then take to shop its also the 360 engine plz email me if u know wht could be causing this thanks
02/15/11 14:43

I have a 97 Dodge ram 1500 with a 5.2 engine.I ran it out of gasoline then had to leave it on the side of the road went back the next day with gasoline and still would not start i had a friend look at it and put a new fuel pump relay in it then it started up fine ran for a couple hours and broke down again.once again left it on the side of the road went back charged the battery and she started right back up when she is dying out she like studders gas pump all the way to the floor making like a clank underneath and my oil gauge drops all the way down if anyone knows any cheap mechanics in terrell, tx or has any ideas of what my promblem is please let me know im in desparted need of my vechile it is my only means of transportation thank you
03/01/11 01:22

"plz help i have a 97 dodge ram 1500 runs like crap have to keep foot on gas and brake to keep running fills like its not getting gas or to much to where its flooding it out i have no idiea what to do rather try to fix it my self then take to shop"

First pull and clean the IAC (Inlet Air Control) valve. If that does not work replace it with a new one. It is located on the on the back of the throttle body.

My truck had your exact symptoms, after pulling and cleaning my IAC the truck now runs like brand new. An item I will add to my preventive maintenance list.

03/17/11 20:42
robert s

I have a 1995 dodge ram 1500 with a 5.9 v-8 4x4. I have replaced the camshaft position sensor, plugs and wires, O2 sensor, ignition sensor. I also just had my tranny replaced. I now have a problem with the truck idling fine and starting fine but if I go for a ten minute drive when I put it back in park it acts like its about to die out. I'm now being told that it could be a bad fuel pump and that my truck is know for that. Anybody have any other ideas before I dump anymore money in the beast? Also could a bad muffler or bad catalayic convertor cause this problem?
04/10/11 09:31

I have a 1997 Dodge Ram Sport 2 wheel drive... I have put about 6 fuel pumps in and it's good for about 6 months and then the stupid thing goes out again... Does anyone know what could be causing that? I have replaced my Purge Valve, I.A.C (Idle Air Control), Throttle switch. Can Some one help Please? Thanks
04/17/11 17:49

My 95 ram 1500 5.9 will run and idle perfect for a while then just shuts down randomly then after a bit will start and do the same need some advice
04/28/11 01:01
d thompson

this is definately the low coolant sensor on your intake manifold. the wires corrode and make poor contact. when they separate it tells your ecu that there is no coolant. then when touches again it allows you to start. had the same problem on mine and took alot of diagnosing but that was it.
05/06/11 11:21

my car starts but does not rev.engine malfunction light stays on while idling.picks up fault on throttle body.
05/07/11 22:46

I have a 96 1500 4x4 ram, just installed new tranny, drove it to work did great came out at end of my shift and now I don't have power to the fuel pump or the coil. Any suggestions?
05/10/11 20:33

1995 5.2 1500 4x4 engine stalls and will not restart for approx.10 min.When it restarts engine only runs for 1-2 min.and then stalls and will not restart for 1-2 min. Got flash code for pick-up coil. Also replaced crk. sensor. No power supplied to fuel or ignition sys. Tried known good ECU. Checked related grounds and relays.Was told to inspect wiring at and under engine compartment fuse box.Now I have a 12 flash code.Wish I had a schematic.Anybody have any ideas to where my gremlin is?Has anyone seen the electrical portion of the ignition switch cause this problem? Thanks
09/09/11 07:17
Thank author of this post/comment"idle air"

everyones problem sounds like the idle air valve behind the throtle body. i had the same problem changed it and no more problems
11/11/11 22:24
legend tower
Thank author of this post/comment" i went through it all"

after letting mechanics rip me off with hit and miss tactics. i ordered a cheap computer brain online and put it in 5 problem after and it only cost 35 dollars.check all connections first.make sure the brain connections are tight.i could have saved 300 bucks and kept my job i lost.
11/29/11 18:27
Thank author of this post/comment"1997 dodge ram 1500 won't go"

starts and will idle...when accelerated it hits around 1500 rpm and acts similar to running out of fuel. New fuel pump and system checks out.... Have replaced AIC , TPS , MAP & Coil with no change

02/02/12 11:58
Thank author of this post/comment"need help"

i have a 96 dodge 1500 4x4 will idel and go down the road then will die about 5 to 10 minites will start and go about 40 yards and die again have changed distributor and crank sencer
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 70 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 1997 RAM 1500 dies while travelling, starts again 5-15 min later archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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    Dodge 1500 Pickup '1997 RAM 1500 dies while travelling, starts again 5-15 min later'