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my sebring 1997 wont start

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We have a 2000 Chrysler Sebring convertible with 125, 000 miles that would not start (not even click or turn over), but all the lights and accessories where operational. Car was purchased used and the original Chrysler key was lost so we had to purchase a replacement from a locksmith. This replacement key was dropped and came open apparently revealing the inside "guts". My wife put it back together but didn't tell me about it when it happened. Weeks later when the car would not start, I researched this and other sites and came to the conclusion that the easiest thing to check was the key. I took it apart to check the battery and noticed alot of corrosion. Battery checked good at 3v so I cleaned the corrosion off with a toothbrush and reinstalled the battery. Car fired right up and has been working fine ever since.
**/**/** **:**

i have a 97 seabring. and it just shut off while riding down a dirt road... the car would turn like it wanted to start, but i would not... all the lights, radio and electrical works but the car just will not start. any suggestions...
**/**/** **:**

Wow, it sounds like every Sebring out there has a problem. Meaning that they were engineered by idiots. I mean who's bright idea was it to put the damn battery in the wheel well? Or a fuel filter right above the gas tank? Or put all these neat little electrical gadgets in the car that short out? I wouldn't piss on a Chrysler engineer if he/she was on fire! Maybe that is why they are having money trouble, they make pieces of that don't work like foreign cars and nobody buys them! but at least they look good, except when you have to drive it like the Flintstones.

Anyway, I have a 97 sebring conv jxi. the top is falling apart, the rear view mirror, temp/mpg indicator and drivers visors have shorted out, the tach and odometer don't pop up until the car has been running for a while. But it runs fine and gets me from a-b, well usually.....

It seems that I have a common problem. I am driving down the road and the pos acts like it is running out of gas. then it might start later, like after I have it towed, and then it runs a little rough for a while. I take it to a mechanic and they cant find a problem (they laugh and drive their Toyotas home). For the most part the car runs fine. I'm going to try to change the filter above the gas tank and cross my fingers, If that doesn't work I'll try the pump. then, I'll pay somebody to steal/light it on fire :)

I'm glad those SOBs at Chrysler didn't get my tax dollars, they already stole from me once. I just feel sorry for the workers, well kina.

send any ideas on how to fix my pos to and whatever you do don't buy a Chrysler product, and if you have one that works, sell it like I hope you sold your stocks!

**/**/** **:**
chan vang

i have a 1997 chrysler concorde lx. the problem is the caR had a very hard time starting when it below zero all the time. it take 4 or 5 times to start or even yet wait until the temperature around 10 degree then it willl start with a very little push on the gas pedal. you shoundn't have to push the gas pedal for any reason, cause it the EFI. could this be a bad fuel pump or filter.i have no rpoblem in the summer though.
**/**/** **:**
Joan McIntyre

I have a lot of trouble similar to many of the others who posted their concerns here. I have a 97 Sebring I do have trouble getting my car started, and after I do it fells like it's cutting out on me when I'm driving, although it has never stalled or anything. It almost feels like its not getting any gas somewhere. Any suggestions?
**/**/** **:**
Jerry Johnston

Got a 2001 sebring. Went dead pulling out of parking lot. Engine will turn over and for a second, it feels like it wants to start but doesn't. Mechanic pulled the fuel pump. Pump was ok. Don't know if it is starving for gas or computer is not sending spark. Anyone have possible solution??


**/**/** **:**

My car needed a tune up and injectors cleaned. When it got put back together it did not start. The distributor, spark plugs, crank sensor, etc were replaced when we realized there was no spark going to the plugs. It then started up for a couple of minutes and then died again and wont start up again. Once again, there is no spark to the spark plugs. Any ideas as to what may be the problem? Is there some kind of shut off switch or something that must be reprogrammed. We are at a loss. please help.
**/**/** **:**

no starts or stalls--had a sebring come in the shop- had a tune up and has been to 3 shops- it landed in my yard, i checked it all out, fuel pump on, no spark or fuel injector pulse, the crank sensor was changed, i didn't see no switch but i reset the car and it ran, maybe the new sensor throughes it off- idk....
**/**/** **:**

my 99 chrysler sebring convertible jxi , one cold morning i got up to start my car like normal, and its will turn but never starts up, i had my friend to give me a jump, and that didn't work, so he got in the car and step down on the gas pedal, and got lucky and the car started up, So i guess we thought by doing that well could get by for while, it didnt cut of driving down the street or nothing, but the very next day went out on another cold morning, to start the car up stepping on the gas pedal, and all it did was just turn, but sounded strong like it wanted to start, but never turn all the way over, been stuck every since then, can anyone plls help with some advice?
**/**/** **:**

99 sebring convertible jxi, was doing just fine until cold weather came, I went to start the car up, it sounded like it wanted to start, but never got it turn over, so i went to replace the battery, still wouldn't start up, I got gas in the car not out of fuel or nothing, just at a lose for ideas, my car is just sitting the yard, looking pretty sort of speak, I've been without it working for a couple of weeks, if anyone had this problem and fix their car back to running, Plls feel free to call me at 405-819-6274 or email me thanks

**/**/** **:**
rinaldo vega

sebring won't start new dist. cap , cables , plugs , ck sesor , fuel filter chk timing all marks looks ok I have sparks in all plugs and gas in all inyectors also good pressure in all cylinders but engine wont starts its turns but no start. I will be waiting for answers tank you 03*02*2009 6'30 PM eastern time canton ohio.
**/**/** **:**

I have a 1998 Chrysler Sebring Lxi, 2.5, V6. It turns over but will not start. I have new wires and plugs, a new rotary button, new crank sensor, new battery, and a new starter. I do not know what the problem is. It never started doing this until I got some work done to m valve cover gasket. It has been doing it every since. I am tired of getting these boot leg mechanics. Does anyone else has an idea what could be wrong or had any similiar problems. I am a college student and that car is my only form of transportation to school.
**/**/** **:**

I need a driving light 'blank', for lack of a better term, for my 98 Sebring. Anyone here have one they can part with? I have a picture to send if needed.
**/**/** **:**
Travis Wahle

I have a 97 Sebring LX..Had same problem as most..wouldn't turn over so we replaced the fuel pump..did not fix we pulled the starter and had it checked. Starter was fine..after we put the starter back in we have no power at all like the battery is not hooked up...we Put in a new battery and still nothing. It worked before we pulled the starter and now we have nothing..Please Help!!

**/**/** **:**

I bought the car used. It ran very well for the first 8 months. The car would randomly cut off while driving or sitting in traffic. I did not get any warning from the car before it cut off. I took the car to several mechanics, paid alot of $$$$ and was told that the computers couldn't find what's wrong. My car has been sitting for 3 weeks now. This is my only source of transportation. Dealer wants to explore the problem at $100 hour with no promise of finding the problem. "No Bus" shows up on the message board when the car stalls out. Help!
**/**/** **:**

I have just begun experiencing what many people have written about here. Tried to start my 2000 Chrysler sebring jxi convertible(70, 000 miles) after work today. It started 3 times, then stalled. After that it would not turn over at all. I'm confident that it isn't a battery problem because I had it checked when I replaced the alternator ($465.00) and it tested good. I've been told this is a problem related to the security system. A passer-bye told me his wife has been having the same problem with her chrysler minivan for a long time. It comes and goes / intermittent. He went on to say that many people have thrown a lot of money at this problem without success. Any ideas, suggestions or advise is most welcome! PLEASE respond to me at
**/**/** **:**

I replaced the distributor, plugs and wires. If you have a bad plugs and wires, they can kill the distributor. It is a $1200 OEM part, but you can get it on eBay for around $200. I got mine from A&M off eBay. The distributor was easier than I thought, because you don't have to time it. The timing is electrical, but you do have to make sure that the new one is lined up just like the old one so it is not exactly opposite of how it is supposed to be, ie firing on the exhaust stroke. I lined my crank at TDC for cylinder 1 and made sure that the new distributor's rotor was on plug one like my haynes manual said. Today was the first day since December that it ran. I had a '97 2.5L V6. I plan on selling it before it dies again, pray for the buyer, because that's how I got it started.

Good luck and I hope that you already fixed your car in a legal way, didn't get caught lighting it on fire.


we paid for a crappy crappy car, they got our tax dollars, then they file bankruptcy and we also pay for it and we get what's in the box........

we took the box? Let's see what's in the box!

Nothing! Absolutely nothing! STUPID! we're so STU-PIIIIIIIIIIID!

Chrysler's? Chrysler's? We don't need no stinking Chrysler's.

Alternative way to fix your car, watch Philo's Secrets of the Universe and learn how to make plutonium from common household items. then drive, I mean tow it to Auburn Hills, MI.

**/**/** **:**

For everyone with the intermittent stalling that have already replaced the crank shaft position sensor (to fix stalling when engine warm)

Anyone out there bother trying to replace the oxygen sensor?

It is supposedly a critical part(s) with a 100, 000 suggested replacement. Earlier if its fouled out by a bad running car.

Or the MAP sensor? EGR valve?

I have spent way too many hours reading a lot of complaints and suggestions and these 3 things seem to be important per the advice of the master mechanics. I am going to order a repair manual before I attempt replacement.

**/**/** **:**
kevin thayer

I have a 1999 sebring conv. with 150k miles on it. Will not start cranks ok no spark. ignition rotor turns over. Are ther common failures related. Posssible crank sensor? Is the sensor in the dist. or mounted to the bell housing? Any help is appreciated!


**/**/** **:**

My 1998 Sebring won't start.

I know it is getting gas, it just won't fire. It turns over and all the lights come on. I took the fuel line of that goes to ejectors and turned the key on, gas came out. It just won't start. I am totally lost on this.

I will take any help anyone has to give.



**/**/** **:**
donna principe

I have a 2000 Chrysler Sebring convertible. Turn over, battery new, but won't start. Mechanic said it's the crank sensor - no spark or fuel getting through. It's expensive to fix.
**/**/** **:**



**/**/** **:**

i have a 2007 chrysler subring and it will start but it will not shift into gear we cant figure it out but it seems like something so very simple anyone with any ideas so i understand your problem small problem can cause u big money
**/**/** **:**

my 98 sebring lxi 80k miles was staing having all the same problesm starting back up, but stalling at lights and traffic. i decided to do the wires, sparks, pvc valve, oxygen censor, new air filter. fuel filter, fuel pump, even new distribuor with a new cap and rotor. boom same stalling out proble. after reading everybodies messages from above i went and bought a crankshaft position censor( Not expensive 64.99 autozone) and mechanic put it in for 60.00.. walla problem fixed..changed the crankshaft position first and save money. i didnt waste money because at 100k all these things should be changed anyway, but alot of time and frustrated by this happeneding
**/**/** **:**

I have a 1999 Sebring coupe, (2.5 liter V6) it will turn over good but won't start. Where do I start? I'm a do-it-myself person.

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