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my sebring 1997 wont start

- Chrysler-Sebring

Forum Post
12/04/05 02:20
george newman

my sebring 1997 wont start

i was driving my 97 lxi sebring and it felt and sounded like it was running out of gas. i pullrd into a parking lot -took a look under hood- then tried to start it. it turns over but doesnt start. the has been to 2 mechanics and they could not figure out the problem. i had another mechanic check out the car to find out there is no spark to the plugs, or to the fuel injectors. there is no check engine light on when key is turned to the on position. is there some shut off switch to reset or something i should check?

i know the computer may have something to do with it but i want to make sure there isnt something im overlooking before i spend a large chunk of cash to replace the cars computer

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sorry it is a 1998 Chrysler Sebring
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Misty, hi! You need to get some engine starter or gas and spray it into your carb. When you spray it in, try to start it. If it starts and then dies, it is a fuel problem, fuel pump probably. Check your fuses first though if you haven't. Your pump kicks on when you turn your key on. You should here a bbbbzzzzz sound for a second or two. Hope this helps.
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1997 Crisisler Sebring will not start in 8 degrees cold weather. Tried jumping it, nothing. Will not turn over or react to battery. Are the battery cells frozen? Is there a test I can perform without taking the battery out of the Wheel well in 8 degrees winter weather and snow? Is the computer frozen? Lights come on so I am worried it is not battery. However, even trying to jump with cables, car will not turn over, not even a click. Please help. Please respond. I'm stranded.
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Sergio Flores

I have a 1999 Sebring 2.5 V6, this car has been a good car for me but latly its making me pull my hair out. The car runs grate no check engine lights come on but out of no where it will just shut off. some time it will start right up and other time it will take a day or two and then it will start up as if nothing ever happend. a mechanic replaced the distributer, plugs and wires for he said that this is a commen problem with these cars and asured me that this would take care off the problem. ran grate for about five days and then all of the soden it turd off and know I'm back to the same problem. A friend of my scaned it and found two codes P0645 and P0320, the funny thing is that the check engine light has never come on. Has any one have the solution for this problem?
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My 1999 Chrysler Sebring 2.5 V6, dies on me wile driving, after it sits for a bit and cools off it will start right up again as if nothing ever whent wrong. other then that the car runs grate no misfire no lost of power runs grate until it shut off again and it will do it on the fly. don't need to come to a stop or slow down, it will turn off on the freeway doing 55, 65, 75 or at any speed. like most people I have replace multiple parts such as Plugs, wires, Distributers (twice) and have had no luck the problem remains. I need "HELP"!!!! Check engine light has never come on but it dose have to codes pressent P0645 and

P0320 what could it be.

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If your Sebring is stalling while driving it is likley the map sensor. The symptom is the car runs and than stalls than will start and stall at idle or when slowing down. Change the map sensor its about 100.00 bucks at the most for the part and can be changed in minutes.
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My 1999 Sebring jxi convertible has had a starting issue for a couple of years now. Randomly it won't start, but usually after driving for awhile. The only way I can start it is if I whack the steering wheel while turning the key. Does anybody have any ideas? I carry a rubber mallet to save my hand.
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robert johnson

i have a2001 seabring 3.0 car runs when you sray it relace fuel pump and computer fuel pump works injectors not paulsing
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robert johnson

ihave a2001 seabring it will not start replace fuel pump and computer car runs when you spray it.injectors not pulsing can anyone help.
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For the 2nd time in a week my 96 sebring conv. 2.5 liter completely stops running while driving down the road. Both times going between 40-50 mph both times raining which I think was just a coincidence. After pulling off the road and trying to start the car again it starts after trying for about 15 minutes and then runs like a champ.

Could it be the fuel pump? Or maybe just a sensor?

I can not duplicate the problem once the car is running fine, has happened at random both times.

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my chrysler sebring 1997 wont start. has strong crank but will not start i recently had a front end accident and since then will not start, please help if you can
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I have 99 chrysler sebring that doesn't start all I get is a click from the relay. But a couple of days ago I found that the battery cable to the starter burned and I moved the cable and it started right up. Started everyday for 3 day then left it for 2 days then it wouldn't start anymore just the click. Getting power to starter and click from relay but one of the module by the engine makes like a ringing noise like what you hear in ur ear. Have no clue what's going on need help before I go crazy.
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I have the above message hit me if u can help 7134209804
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2000 Chrysler Sebring Convertable with the 2.5 liter engine. Fuel pump runs, engine cranks over, no codes, no spark. Checked the asd relay and it is not being turned on to send power to the distributor, alternator, injectors... I can manually ground the relay and energize the system. It is my step brother's car and he is short on cash so I don't want to just guess here. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks. 920-740-9264
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brought this car 4/20 had to get car towed 4/29. mechanic says timing belt. but then he also said the computer is not reading. im sick to my stomach. took my entire tax check and treated myself to this car. went back to person who sold it to me, he stated "not refunding or fixing unless you buy the part" when he told me the part was fixed when he sold it to me. ugh. what do you believe is wrong with this car. b/c i was told he could fix issue with timing belt but could not guarantee car would start b/c they computer is not communicating with whatever device they are using to read the car.
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I have a 98 sebring lxi and it wont start. A month ago it started and died after a few seconds and wouldnt turn back on after that. I'm getting fuel, i replaced the spark plugs, wires, and distributor. Its turning over but im getting no spark.I want to get my car running so i can get rid of it. All help would be greatly apprieciated.
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Diana Valle

I have a 97 Chrysler Sebring lxi and it won't start now. Previous had computer fixed, fuel pump replaced, new battery, replace ignition switch. Mark was coming home from work and starting stalling when some to a light or makes a turn. As long as you gave it gas while holding the break it would continue to run. After sitting for a couple of days, it will not start at all. Don't have the money to have it fixed by a mechanic, will have to do this myself and with the help of friends. Please help and help will be greatly appreciated. My cousin was okay for a bit, but no getting frustrated. Need my vehicle running desperately.
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1997 Sebring Convertible 6cyl. Driving on highway when lost third gear on the transmission. When I pulled over to the side of the road after driving it to the next exit about five minutes, the car just shut down. Now it doesnt start, cranks with no start. Are the two problems related? Can the computer cause the transmission to lose third gear and not start the vehicle. Any help will be appreciated.
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Thank author of this post/comment"no start ad cut offs when idle 97 sebring"

If ur car won't start check ur fuses under the hood ad ur crank sensor plus of u did a tune up omit cf there a like little round cylinder hooked up n between the dis cap and head if u broke it it cause a short to the block ad will blow the fuse if it cut off at idle check ur idle air sensor at mass air flow they control ur spark ad fuel timeing
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Park Ridge , IL.
Thank author of this post/comment"1996 Sebring Convert 2.5 - Will not crank"

My 1996 would not turn over. Tried Jumping. Batt was full. Stole the starter from of of my 1997's. After taking it out I tested it. Looked great. When turning the ignition to start the yellow (starter / crank)wire shows power. Does anyone know which two colors are the Nuetral Safety Switch? What does the yellow starter wire from the ignition connect to? My starter is good. And power is leaving the yellow wire when the key is in start position. I'm thinkin Neutral Safety Switch or?

Tom Kashul, Park Ridge, Il.

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Thank author of this post/comment"98 sebring wont start repair"

I see a lot of problems with the chryslers. Thats why i told my son not o buy one. But kids are stupid and he did. 3 months later it dies and wont start. No spark. Believe it is the crank sensor but i ran out of time. I am an auto mech student at delta college n iam beter than average n my four men team is no joke. We get stuff done. I am also class manager. I have access to many tools and information not available to most people. I will keep u updated on my progess. Next update will be tomorrow. Will try to help you with your problems if i can.
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Thank author of this post/comment"98 sebring wont start repair"

Did the cps test with a snap on vantage pro an got digital signal. Cps is good. To bad now i have to test the coil pack/distributor. Got some great advice from this web site called identifix. Left it at school. Will post it later so you too can test your coil. Had a test in the morning and a misfiring bmw so did not spend to much time on the sebring. Will try again tommorow
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Thank author of this post/comment"98 sebring"

Checked distributor cap. Resstance good. Checked coil thats good. Took of ground wire from battery and found annother nut between the groundwire to the ecm and the ground from the battery. Cleaned the area and tightened both nuts. Put distributor back togeher and had to quit. An ran out of time. Gonna put the rest together tommorow n hope i get a spark. AutoMd is another good web site

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Thank author of this post/comment"98 sebring wont start repair"

SUCCESS. After all the test n diagnostic procedures we came to the conclusion that it had to be the distributor itself as the problem. $200 part n we were not 100% sure. So went to pic n pull got one for $60 put it in an hoped for a miracle and it cranked over n fired up. Feels good when you make the right call n save your kid $500/700. Next up is my sisters volvo with a cold/hot a/c system. Sounds like low freon or bad pump. I will let you know. Good luck!
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Thank author of this post/comment"98 sebring fix"

Dont see many comments and they are far in between dates. I think that not many people look at this website. Anyway sebring fixed. My guess was right. Got used distributor and the car started up. Probaly my last post. Good luck on your repairs. Hit me up if you think i can help you with yor fix. Any car or problem.
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 182 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: my sebring 1997 wont start archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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