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Stalling out

- Chrysler-Sebring

Forum Post
03/31/05 13:22
Charlie Cortes

Stalling out

My 1999 Chryselr Sebring has been stalling out lately. It will just stop running, and sometimes come back on, but other times it takes a long time before I can start it up again. While I am driving I can fell the engine pulling or put putting. Anyone have an idea what could be wrong.

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05/22/06 11:58

some sebrings have a problem with the distributor assembly, try to get the numbers of it and take it to your local repair center to see if they match with bulletins, or you dealer. I am having the same problem and already replaced the distributor, it only happens when turning left. Does yours do that?
05/26/06 09:33

hey i just replaced the crank sensor on this sebring and started right up and no stalling. The sensor is under the distributor on the transmission bell housing.

Good luck

02/19/09 00:56

I have a sebring, and its good to know what problems I might encounter and also if something would happen I would know how to fix it.
06/10/09 19:07

my 98 sebring runs for about an hour then quits, no spark, replaced distributer, computer about to try the crank sensor any ideas
07/19/09 10:01

My girlfriend has a 2007 Sebring Touring with the 2.7 liter Flex Fuel engine. Its got 77, 000 miles and it will sometimes stall while at a stop light or when you stop to shift into reverse. It now stalled on me yesterday while I was driving about 5mph. Everything I have read says the Crankshaft Positon Sensor so that is what I'm gonna try.
08/03/09 23:18

my 2002 sebring is doing the same thing stall when put in reverse and when stopped i had to drive it 20 miles like that to get it home and the jerking of the engine wanting to turn off was a pain. now it wont even start. i replaced all the coils and spark plugs ( no distributor on it) and still nothing. now i am work on the crankshaft position sensor but the parts store ordered the wrong one so i'm delayed more.
08/04/09 08:40

2002 Sebring stall out when i come to a stop. Really dont know where to start, any idea?
10/04/09 21:37

i have a 2004 chrysler sebrings my wife and i were driving and the car just died all gauges are working basically the car is ready to start untill you turn the key and it wont start up (no starter)i have the red light for the anti theft on and the car say no bus on the oddometer anyone else have this trouble
11/16/09 06:07
james johnson

I have a Chrysler Sebring 1997 Model, This car will die some times at idle, sometimes while driving. No Codes. Had it in Three repair shops the last mechanic replaced a temp. sensor, Still dying on me, Hope someone can help me PLEASE.
04/09/10 05:05
brandon paul

i think the distributor has something to do with it.Were you able to check the distributor?have a great day.
07/08/10 20:41

#9 james johnson, I have the same problem and I get a code 42 which is the Auto Shutdown Relay. I hope this helps you. The problem I have is I can not find it. Can anyone help me locate where it is.
02/23/11 17:36

my car was jerking then died out fixed the cam shaft positioning censore and now after running forabout 15 minutes it dies out when put in reverse, can someone tell me whats wrong PLEASE!!!
03/19/11 09:36
David Cleveland

i have a 1998 chrsyler sebring convertible 2.5 liter, engine runs slugglish under acceleration?

04/06/11 21:35

1997 Sebring Convert. JXI with 2.5 V6 and about 140, 000 miles. Car kept stalling out and at first I unplugged the EGR valve and the car would restart, ended up replacing the sensor myself and car ran great for 1 day and then stalled again. Unplugged the sensor and it restarted and ran 1 day again and stalled and would not restart and left me stranded and had to have it towed. The mechanic checked the computer and the codes pointed to the crank shaft sensor, replaced, car still wouldn't start, replaced the distributor and the car started just fine and is running great. Do your homework....this stalling issue can come down to 10 different components.

EGR installed myself $80

Crank Sensor installed by auto shop $250

Distributor bought myself $210, installed by shop plus diagnosis $200

Tow $65 hookup, $75 for mileage to shop.

Still no car payments for the past 7 years.....PRICELESS.

04/06/11 21:48

Other thoughts. New EGR valve wasn't a waste of money. My cars MPG has been suffering for almost a year. My average with city and hwy was only 23MPG and after unplugging the EGR it jumped to 27MPG and stayed at 27MPG after replacing it. Gas in St. Louis is currently $3.66 per gallon so this will quickly pay for itself. Honestly I've been thinking about making a EGR blocker and just blocking it off until emission test is due.

I do believe that the mechanic wasted my money on the Crank Shaft sensor, I explained that I never had any codes from that sensor until my car refused to restart and I killed the battery trying to get it to restart to get me off the shoulder........they insisted it was the problem. I guess....sooner or later being 14 years old....the sensor needed to go. And I don't blame the mechanic because this issue is hard to diagnose.

Good Luck

04/08/11 08:28

I have a 96 Sebring that was having the same issues. Would sporadically stall out on me - sometimes at a stoplight, sometimes doing 120km on the highway. Usually it would restart fine. Went through 4 mechanics and a solid year and a half trying to figure out the problem. Finally, a [saint] mechanic we found in town decided to take it on as his project. Long story short, it's all in the wiring harness/sensors. Mine ended up being a loose connection with the MAP sensor. The connection was fine until the car warmed up and the wires would expand, giving enough of a gap to loose connection. When the car would stall out, the wires would contract therefore giving a solid connection again, allowing it to restart. Sebrings are known for wiring issues. At this point, I have a feeling that this is only the beginning of my wiring issues...
12/14/11 13:21
Omaha, NE
Thank author of this post/comment"STALLING ISSUES"

I have a 99 sebring jxi and replaced the alternator about 2 weeks ago, now a few days ago the car is stalling out... feels like a clog somewhere to me because it starts fine then few min later it sometimes idles a notch down. when i'm driving (bout 20) it will want to stall out then when put foot on pedal will shoot up to 30 or so suddenly then want to stall out again. any suggestions????
01/03/12 00:40
St. Louie, Mo
Thank author of this post/comment"2004 Chrysler Sebring stalling out while driving"

Not sure what the reason might be for sudden stalling of my 2004 Chrysler Sebring Touring. It's done it twice now. The first time I was slowing down to pull up to a banking window, but luckily it restarted immediately. The next time it stalled while slowing down to go off an exit ramp. Thought it might be the alternator because my friend had a similar problem and it was the alternator. No warning or check engine lights are showing. Engine make a slow atempt to tuern over but can't start.
09/03/12 22:46
Thank author of this post/comment"2000 sebring stalls while driving randomly"

I have a 2000 sebring with 267k miles that is stalling out and then ramdomly after sitting, it will work again. No fault codes. This seems to happen as the car is warming up. I drove 6 hours yesterday, and it only happened 10 mins into the trip.

I have changed the fuel pump (I noticed last time it died it wouldn't start back up, and i tested for fuel pressure and there was none)and just ordered a crankshaft position sensor. I have read that some people say it is the distributor, camshaft sensor, or EGR valve. I will post back my results after i change the crankshaft sensor.

10/03/12 16:56
Thank author of this post/comment"Fixed!"

For my sebring, it was the crankshaft sensor. She starts and runs great now with no stalling. Best of luck to you all! The part is $60 online, name brand. Its a PITA to change. Gotta remove the cruise control module (looks like a cylinder, bolted to shock tower on drivers side) then wedge your hand in there and get to work.
11/16/12 09:24
columbia, SC (ya'll)
Thank author of this post/comment"could be as simple as low gas tank"

My 98 sebring stalls at lights, driving up road, when I turn. My problem waswhen I let it get low on gas. If a Sebring gets below a 1/4 tank, they tend to stall. And if it gets into the red part of the gas gauge it may not start at all. If that happens you HAVE to put over 5 gallons back in it for the fuel pump to prime. Then it will start right up. I know, its something sooo little but its a Sebrings con. The pro is you get to ride in a classic ragtop. Hope it was that simple Ce ce, Marcpilot1.
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