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Fan speed only works on full speed

- Chrysler-Sebring

Forum Post
10/19/08 08:29
John Myers

Fan speed only works on full speed

2004 seebring converyable.

The fan speed control only works on full(4)Can anyone tell me if its a fault with the control knob, or is the speed relay faulty

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I had same problem in my sedan (not a convertable). My problem was heat control resistor located under the glove box. If you look under glove box you'll see the fan housing and next to it should be a harness with a couple of wires going into a socket. Take out the 2 screws and you'll see the resistor card. I found one at a car junk yard for $10.00.
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I have a 2000 chrysler cirrus lx and the power windows only work from the drivers door. I replaced the lockout and drivers window switches and nothing any suggestions.

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Regarding the fan, I changed the blower motor resistor in under 10 minutes and paid $25 plus S&H for the part which I found on ebay.

THe instructions I found at the web link included above

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Just had the same problem with my 1998 Sebring Jxi Convertible, 223000 with original drivetrain. I've had really great luck with mine, I'm also the original owner and I do all the PM myself.

At any rate, the fan just quit on me after working today. Same thing as others experienced, setting 4 works, 1-3 do not. Went to Advance auto parts, they had the blower motor resistor in stock, manufactured by BWD, part #RU897, Advance part #B20970301, cost $18.99 + tax. Also ordered the blower motor, will be in tomorrow, Advance part #19010344, cost $52.69 + tax.

I had the blower resistor installed in literally five minutes. Works fine, and through all four speeds. I decided to baseline the motor as well.

Folks, these things are easy to install/replace. The dealers are clearly whacking people for lots of money. Find a handy friend/neighbor or a good small shop. Good luck!

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My control knob only work on full blast4, 2001 sebring convertible....also when do u replace your struts?
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Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a 2001 chrysler sebring sedan? 2.7 engine.

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Pat Diallo

How much should replacing a fan resistor on a 2004 chrysler sebring cost, parts and labor?
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Don Cottle

Thanks for all the info I have a 2004 Chrysler Voyager and was having the same problem with only #4 working on the fan. I got the part and had it fixed in 3 minutes. The part was only $15 at Autozone with a lifetime warranty.
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Fan only works in high speed, changed, blower resister, worked great for a couple hours, again only works in full speed, Auto Zone says no filter required/recommended. Can anyone help?
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I too replaced my blower motor resister, lasted about 5 days. I have since been told that i'm wasting my time unless I also replace the blower motor.

I have a 99 sebring conv. I think the motor can be purchased from $50-$75.

Good Luck to all experience the same problem.

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Fan only works in high speed, changed, blower resister, worked great. replacement took 5 minuits provinding you have 8mm socket and extension to quick removal of screw. it cost me $19 plus Tax.
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where is the relay for the cooling fan located?
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for a 99 sebring convertible.....
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I have a problem with my heater controls. The defroster works only. I am not able to change locations for the heater. It blows on high whenever it wants to, and the temp. changes when ever it wants to. I can disconnect the whole unit from the dash board and it still blows. Now my lights on the unit don't light up and my rear defroster button doesn't work. Would this be a relay problem or a unit problem. I could really use some help. thanks.
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Michael J Bennett

I found two in DFW area junk yard. So far all 4 settings are working again. :-)

Note. While helpful, someone mentioned a "couple" of wires going into a junction. But it's about 6 or 8 wires going into it. Don't bother trying to remove wire assembly first. Remove two screws, then it'll just fall out. Then remove red lock cap. Slide out, although very diffuclutly. then separate resistor from wire bus (diffucult too). But overall, I removed and installed new one in 5 minutes.

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Joseph Chavez

Where is the fan resistor located at on the 1998 Sebrin convertible
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Whitney Farmer

G-Man... Did you ever figure out what the problem was? I am in the same boat... Should I also replace the blower motor? What did you end up doing?
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I just replaced my blower motor resistor (BWD Part # RU 1040, $33.69 @Advanced Auto Parts) on my 2002 Sebring sedan w/ V6. Only position 4 worked on the fan speed. Easy replacement under the dash but the problem I had was the new part was wider than the original which was wafer thin. I had to file the opening where it mounts under the dash to get it to fit in. Also. filed down the 5 green bumps on one side of the new part but only a little ( don't know if this good advice. I would stick with widening the hole). Installed and worked so far. It's been only one day. We'll see.
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Kansas City
Thank author of this post/comment"Blown resistor block"

I've burned through 3 of these in my 99 Sebring. Parts man told me it was due to too much resistance in the motor during startup. Now I NEVER keep the fan on low speed and haven't had a problem in several years.
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Cleveland, Ohio
Thank author of this post/comment""Only on High" use larger Larger Resistor"

2004 Sebring--Just replaced with larger resistor from Advance Auto($45). When replacing with with this unit, you must enlarge the size of the orginal opening. First, remove the unit(in back - 2 screws), then remove the orginal resistor by pulling up on the red tab to unlock the connection. Move the wiring harness to the side to get an eyeball on the opening with the elevated "rim". Now you'll need to remove the plastic from the center of the opening up to the rim, which is only on one side closest to you. I chose to heat a 2 inch putty knife with a torch, then melt the thin plastic up to the rim, which was pretty easy. You may want to use a screwdriver, or something in between in size. Now, remove any plastic residue the best you can, connect the new resistor to the harness, place in the "new" larger opening, and replace the two screws to secure the unit in place. The entire process took me 45 mins. It may take you less, depending on what you use to melt the plastic out, and how large a person you are. There is not a whole lot of room under that glove box, and things are pretty tight, but workable. I now have all 4 speeds, and hope it stays that way! Good luck!
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