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Convertible top malfunction

- Chrysler-Sebring

Forum Post
07/15/08 13:31

Convertible top malfunction

We have been told the cylinders for the raising the top back up are shot. Can the top be manually lowered and raised??
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Which relay is it??? None of them are labeled as being for the top!
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When lowering the top on my 08 hardtop the shelf (behind the backseat) broke twice.
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I replaced my motor and cylinders for raising my convertible top on my 97 Sebring and the top still won't go up or sounds like there is something electrically going to the motor but nothing t a fuse or/and relay and where are the located...I would like to do it myself but I need help please
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Melissa Walker

I have a '99. its a cloth type top. it was in great condition when i got it but about three weeks later the glass on the back of the top started to come loose from the top and today the glass has completely come off the top.

is there any way to fix it?

send suggetions's raining season

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I'm having trouble with the convertible top on my 2002 going down. When I press the switch, my windows go down, but not the top. Could this be a simple fuse problem, or something more serious? Also, I just had my engine replaced. Could faulty wiring be the problem?
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Im gettin a 99 sebring, everyone tell me I wont be happy with it cause it has little power, I have v8 now, this sebring is a v6, should I get it or now, Im undecided , I like the car other wise, its convertable, Ive alwasys one,

thank for any help in deciding this

**/**/** **:**
ed mack

98 sebring.. . the glue came off the bottom part of that window in the convertible so that it just rains in the car. the other day i let down the top of the convertible and the glass got caught up in the fold and burst in a million pieces. is this a regular occurence.
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I need advice. I am looking at purchasing a Sebring between 98-2002, but after reading all of the questions, I am really unsure if this is such a good thing to do. I need help, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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The top on my Sebring will not go down. When I try the switch it doesn't make any noise or anything. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Im guessing the motor must be out? If so any idea how much it will cost to fix it?
**/**/** **:**

Where is the hydaulic motor and tank for seabring convertable (2001). Is it under the back eat??
**/**/** **:**
Pat Magee

I have a 2002 Sebring convertible and the top will go down but not up. I here the motor when I push the switch to go down, but nothing when I push the switch to go up. Is it the switch or the motor?
**/**/** **:**
Todd Anderson

I own a 2000 SeaBring Convertable. Just resently the canvas top is giving us trouble when closing. What could the problem be. We have reviewed the Questions above but can't find any of the Answers.

Please advise us.

**/**/** **:**

For a '96-'00 Sebring:

The hydraulic components to the top are located behind the back seat seatback. (You have to remove it.)

Once there you can theoretically unhook the hydraulic arms and operate the top manually ... I don't know where the disconnect is or if operating it manually is smart.

I would also love to know which fuse/relay is for the top.


**/**/** **:**

Does any body know if you have to bleed the lines after replacing the hydraulic lifts for the convertible top?If so does any one know how?
**/**/** **:**

I have a 98 jxi sebring convertible that retains water in the trunk area, Is this a roof problem or a drainage problem? I noticed in this extreme heat the window is seperating from the bottom, can I seal this myself with some type of glue or is this a roof replacement sign? I always wanted a sebring convertible but never considered these issues, It's a cool sporty car but the up keep can be expensive.
**/**/** **:**

just bought my 1999 sebring convertible limited. love it. it rained hard today and i heard water moving on right side near door area. anyone know about that? also dashboard light goes on and off whenever it wants! help me with any info?
**/**/** **:**

My 2002 Sebring convertible top is getting slower and slower. It sometimes stops in mid-air while trying to close. Does anyone have suggestions?
**/**/** **:**
Ton y Fields


Just underneath the car (running from front wheel to back) is a double ridge. this is the drainage for the reservoirs. look for the "pockets" in the ridge. they get clogged and keep water from draining out. take a phillips-head screwdriver and clean the pockets out. Had IMMENSE probs with this on my 98. Additionally, you may want to do this occasionally to prevent the water from backing up into the car.

**/**/** **:**
katie martin

QUICK FIX to convertible top coming off the glass!!!

I have had three sebring convertibles and the window has come off of the glass on all three. The first I just bought a new top. The second came off on the can use high temp glue and a glue gun to fix this issue. The third I just had problems with. The top glass has separated. This was a toughy!!!! I tried the glue gun but its not strong enough to hold. The epoxy's wouldn't work either. I called around and found that you need to use black silicon. I have it on and it's working so far.

Good Luck.

Now I need help with my top going up and down. It will go down just fine but will not come up and makes no sound to even attempt to come up.

Help Please!!!

**/**/** **:**

I have 99 chrylser sebring convetible jxi and everytime it rains i hear rain sloshing around in the car i was told there is a drain plug on the firewall on the right handside but i cannot seem to find it can someone please tell me where it is located so i can get this water out of my car
**/**/** **:**
darvette ward

how do you add hyrolic fluids to a 1999 sebring
**/**/** **:**

I have a 2002 sebring convertiable. The top goes down but not up. You can still hear the motor when you try to put it back up. How do I add oil ? Is this the problem ? Maybe a relay ? Please help !
**/**/** **:**
Chris P.

Some tools to have ready:

-A small funnel


-3/4 in deep socket to remove the top of the back seat.

-a rubber mallet to bang the plug back into the motor.

-A pair of pliers to pull the plug out

-a phillips head and a flat head screw driver.

**/**/** **:**
Chris P.

Check out answer #8 for the link to instructions on how to do the job. Have another person at the ready to help hold tho motor while you fill it.
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"Seabring Convertible Top Wont Go Down?"

Consider this one hell of a christmas present

By no means am I claiming to be a Mechanic, But I am extemely good with electronic's. I too like all of you were dumb founded. I had checked everything from the fuse to the relay, even replaced the top itself. so I did my homework. it appears that I have found the solution to everyone problem, and that is "why doesn't my seabring top go down but not up, or why does it go slow, or even, I click the button but nothing happens, how about, my windows go down but the top does nothing!" Well today ladies and gentleman I am proud to annouce the SOLUTION!

your wires are fine your relay is fine and the fuse is probally fine, the problem herein lies with the convertible top motor itself. now pay attention! when you are looking at the motor to your top, on the right side were the wires are coming out of the end. you need to tack that off, you only need that little piece on the inside of that cap is where the problem lies. cheap workmanship there are to fuses and two wires that create a path for current to bring power from your relay (basically it is built very weak, and with age and wear the already cheap weak wired motor wires come loose)there are two wires can anybody guess what for? that's right up and if you have tried everything and can't seem to understand why it still doesn't work I asure you this is the before you go believing me hook line and sinker, let me back this up just a bit....I was contacted by a few people in my area and one person very far away, in every single case, this fixed the don't thinking I am tooting my own horn here...I spent over 2800.00 to fix this problem between materials, labor, and a new top... I am freaking pissed that did not think of this sooner...... thanks and good luck contact me if you have any questions

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 34 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Convertible top malfunction archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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