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wet floorboard on drivers side

- Chrysler-300M

Forum Post
05/03/09 23:32
Brian Lethert

wet floorboard on drivers side

I have a 2002 Chrysler 300M. Just noticed that the driver's side floorboard is soaked. NOT just wet, but soaked! Noticed that the floormat was a darker color and found it to be soaked through. Pulled it out and the carpet is completely saturated. Don't know where the water would be coming from? I check under the dash, the door seals, I don't have a sunroof, and couldn't imagine it came up from the bottom. Got a rain last night and also went through the carwash yesterday. But my legs would have gotten wet if it came from under the dash during car wash? And I'd notice the doors or windsheild leeking as I've driven in the rain before? I'm at a total loss. Every hear of a thing? I'm not excited about taking it to the dealer to be charged an arm and a leg but don't know what it could be?


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I am investigating mine as we speak. I have a 2002 300M and water on the Drivers Floor board.
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I have found a missing weather seal in the lower sub-frame area on the driver side. Follow the Exhaust back and you should see it. It is a square shape and is held on by TAR. This is relatively close to the aft side of the Wheel well. I believe this is where the Water is coming from. I have a blower in the carpet now and will be drying it for many hours. This is the result of a CAR WASH under Washing. This is when I first noticed mine. My wife then drove the car in a heavy Rainstorm and the Wet Carpet is back. I Believe that the original issue is with the Car Wash. I found the original seal and re-installed it and placed aluminum tape over this seal. I will see if I still get any more water inside the Drivers side area.
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shannon preddy

I am having the same problem with mine. I have not went thru a carwash.Any ideas what else could cause this? Thank you for your reply
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You will have to give me more information on this.
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Thanks Jeff. I'll check it out. I was certain it had to be something like that because it has to be coming from below or I'd have noticed it before. Took me 3 days with a fan blowing to completely dry out my carpet. I'll look this weekend to see if it's the same seal you found. Did you just go to local parts counter to find replacement?
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Please view this link of the repair that I accomplished on my 300M to fix the issue.

Don't forget to give me a 5 star rating on the video. Thanks.

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please help i have a 1998 lumina that is leaking water on the passenger side floorboard what could be causing this
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Jeff / Brian, I have the same wet driver's floorboard problem with my '02 300m.

Did this seal fix solve your problems??

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v man

wet floor on drivers side will be a cloged drain tube for your air
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rotten Russell

Hope you have better luck with your Chrysler dealer than I had! A 2001 300m with soaked floor boards on drivers side. Before the trip to the dealer, The A/C drain checked clear , the drains from the sun roof checked clear.(even removed the drivers door column trim to inspect for leaks) $100 later the dealer stated the they cleaned the sun roof drains. When I protested the bill and said I ran air and water thru the drains the day before, I was told their mech cleaned the drains and that's the end of the discussion. Can you say ripoff??? Went home and removed the Drivers threshold and kick trim piece. If I took the hose and ran water into the wiper transmission well, a 1/4" stream of water would run into the car from a hole in the frame just above the floor on left side. (NICE) exhausted my expertise and drove it to my local body shop. $150 later the owner said they resealed every seam they could find it should be fixed. the next rain storm it was wet again. ( the car was not driven). We lived with it for 18 months (the leaking was less than before the body shop worked on it) Got fed up and just took it to another shop. They did their thing and I haven't noticed the water sloshing like before. Haven't had the desire to pull up the carpet and check. I am going to look for the sub-frame plug mentioned above just in case. I have owned Chrysler since 1974, currently own 3 Chryslers, a 1999 Dakota, 2001 300m and 2004 300m Most likely the end of my Chrysler stable. Time to think GM, Ford or Asian. Both shops stated they found no indication of a collision or repair. ( I am second owner)
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I just got a 04 sebring just three days ago and I drove it a lot

the first day and I noticed the drvers side floorboard was a

little wet I didn't think much of and cleaned it thinking maybe

one of the kids did It but the next day when my gf got home with

it the next day it was soaked like there was a little puttle it

hasent Rained and I havnt washed it and I looked under the stearing

Wheel And didn't even see where it could come from and the air

vents Were all dry

Let know the deal this suck.

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hi, i own a 99 chryser 300m and for the first time all my floor boards are soaked! the back seat had a puddle!all the sides of the carpet by the doors are dry i checked my seams looked everywere. but the wierd thing is i didnt drive my car it was parked and locked with windows up and doors shut with no sunroof??? the floor is soaked and i dont know what it is....i need help its my only car :(
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Teonna KEys

I own a 2001 Chrysler Sebring. I have noticed the floors on the drivers side are soaked. Thinking that I may have spilled my bottle of water, I cleaned it up and moved on. Now the floors are wet again and not just damp, but soaked. We have had alot of rain lately, but I can't see where the rain could possibly be getting in from.
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I've learned through my experiences that if the passenger side floods, there are about 4 very small and very ineffective drain holes along the side of the bottom of the car. A simple bobby pin or toothpick can easily clean out the small holes. I've actually taken screw drivers and widen the holes so that the problem wouldn't persist. I've also removed the drain plug in the right rear tire well to avoid any water building up at all.

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Liz DeMao

I have a 2003 Chrysler 300M, after a heavy rain, my passenger side had a inch of water in it. A week later, heavy rain, my driver's side had an inch of water in it. The next day, both sides had water on the floorboard only (always the floorboard only). The dealership has it and has checked the firewall, heater core, a/c, sunroof drain hoses, door and window seals and can't get it to leak? Anyone have any suggestions for what problem this might be or how to fix? Any information is appreciated!! Thanks!
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Liz, look at Jeff's video link above. I would never have found the leak if not for that video. There are duct tape-like patches on both sides of the lower subframe that are terribly obvious. Even with the video it took me awhile to get oriented in order to see the patches.

I put duct tape on first-a couple of layers. Then covered the duct tape with aluminum foil tape that has an adhesive on one side. Probably muffler tape from an auto parts place would work as well. I figured the AL tape would deflect some of the heat away as the hole is near the exhaust pipe.

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Thank author of this post/comment"Chrysler 300M; wet floorboard on drivers side automobile forum "

I am having this wet floorboard problem too and I don't need to take it out to a carwash or drive it in the rain. It happens with the car sitting in the driveway. So not sure that Jeff's solution is the right solution for this. If Jeff could comment on whether it actually solve the problem in the long run that would be great. I also have a problem with the lights coming on and off when the car is parked in the driveway and this is running down the battery. I'm wondering whether these two problems are linked. Any comments would be appreciated.
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    Chrysler 300M 'wet floorboard on drivers side'