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Heater not blowing hot air

- Chrysler-300M

Forum Post
10/24/09 00:10

Heater not blowing hot air

My 2000 Chrysler 300M is not blowing hot air! The fans work normally and the AC works great. Once the car has warmed up I turn on the heat, set to high, and get a burst of warm air and then it starts blowing slightly, and i mean slightly warm air after that. The AC is not on at this time so I know that the AC is not cooling the hot air. Are there any fuses, valves, switches that I should check? I'm hoping its not the heater core.. i hear its a bear to get to.

Oh, also had the thermostat replaced the radiator system pressure flushed hoping this would correct the problem.. it didn't.

Thanks in advance.


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11/01/09 15:19

1. Start the engine but do not move the vehicle.

2. Set the Temp control to 75 degrees.

3. Press and hold the Floor, Mix (vent/defrost) and Defrost buttons at the same time. The floor is a bottom button and the others are upper.

4. The control head will begin to blink and enter a diagnostic mode.

5. Release the Floor, Mix and Defrost buttons.

Once the unit has gone through its diagnostics it will either return to its normal mode (with all air doors calibrated) or it will return one or more of 16 different error codes between 23 and 51. The ATC control can only show one diagnostic trouble code at a time. Under certain circumstances, more than one diagnostic trouble code could be in the membory. To scroll through any additional diagnostic trouble codes, press the Panel Mode button on the ATC control. Any other button or turning of a knob will end the diagnostic test without showing the rest of the trouble codes.

12/08/09 14:42

I also have the same problem that my 2000 chrysler 300m is blowing air. the only problem is that is not hot air.

It does not seem to make any difference if I use the auto or manual feature.

The code that was displayed when I looked for trouble codes manually was 35. Supposedly this is a evaporator temperature sensor failure? I have called many auto parts stores as well as a chrysler mechanic and they all tell me that there is no such part.

Can somone please help me with this? perhaps let me know what part it is that I need to get and what I will need to do to install it.

Thanks in advance for the help.

12/30/09 17:03

Also have the same problem with luke warm heat. Had the heater core flushed and cabin sensor recalibrated with no improvement.Went through the above diagnostics and got no trouble codes back. Has anybody figured out what the fix is?
01/02/10 08:27

Hi, I have the same problem, I had run diagnostics, ended up with no codes. After it stopped blinking it just turned off. Anyway i have tried to move the flaps manualy, they do moce, so the motor which regulated the vent does not have any power, its the same with the temp regulating motor.

Could some one pint me to the place where i could get wiiring for this car?

Thanks for any help. REally need it.

01/05/10 11:03
Gregg Merriweather

heat/defrost dosen't work in 1999 chrystler 300 there a fuse that could be bad(or something else thats kind of simple)...please advise..thanx
01/09/10 10:05
Tom Bacon

I had the same problem with my 2007 300 ... 77 degree air coming out of the passenger vent with the controls on High. Took it to the dealer and got it fixed (still under warranty). Here's the remark on my invoice:

Technician checked heater operation and found Oil Cooler plugged. Replaced the Oil Cooler, flushed cooling system and added Mopar coolant additive.

It's blowing 145+ degree air now.

FYI: This was a "known problem" at the dealership. The technician showed me a Chrysler printout that had the symptom and the fix on it.


Clermont, FL (yeah, I needed the heater even here in FL)

01/15/10 05:37
Barry Witt

I had the same problem twice on my 2007 300, once in winter 08 and once in winter 09, both times they replaced the

Oil Cooler when it was under warranty. The problem is back again this winter, but it's no longer in warranty. Now I'm stuck with paying for their defect.

02/10/10 12:47

I have a 99 Chrysler 300M and I've been having probelms w/ the heat! Orginally the heat was not working because the blower motor burnt out. I've replaced it and the heat worked fine for 2 day and know it's only blowing cold air and the fan continues to run even when I turn it off. Can anyone one explain to me what else could be wrong!
02/17/10 16:27
Bill Salus

Have a 2000 Chrysler 300M. Recently had a new radiator installed along with belts, hoses, thermostat, water pump, and timing belt and new coolant with a flush. Before this was done the heater would burn me out set at 75. Now the heater blows barely luke warm air set at Hi. All vents, doors, etc work fine. I live in north Florida and discovered the problem while driving up north at Christmas. Mechanics don't have a clue. Does anyone else?
02/18/10 13:56
Bill Salus

This morning I tried the diagnostic suggested in the Nov. posting by nash. The error code that appeared was #36. I then took my car to 3 shops and the Chrysler dealer. None of them had any idea what it related to. Does anyone know?
03/19/10 20:56

i just got this 300m and my heater or ac dont turn on what do u think it is need help plz thanks, it sounds like its on but no air comes out no lights come on either???
10/10/10 09:59
Todd w

My 1999 300m code came up 23 what is that can some-1 help?
10/14/10 01:35

yes i had the same promble its the heater a/c blower it is under the pasanger side dashboard it cost about 45 for the part
11/13/10 11:03

I am working on a Chrysler 300. The heat only blows cold air. I did the diagnostic test and got a 23 code. Went to and was unable to find out what the code meant. Can someone help me?
11/13/10 12:36

Does anyone know how to manually move the door/flap that controls the heat/ac?
11/13/10 21:14
Dodge Parts   

Great post though, although I have forgotten what its about now Ive finally reached the bottom.

12/01/10 13:48

I have a 2003 Chrysler Grand Voyager.

The heater fan works perfect however the air temperature is very low. I also noticed that the car temperature gauge takes a long time to increase and it only move 1/4 of the way. I also noticed that in the summer the air con does not work and the back wiper does not work. I would appreciate any suggestions.

12/23/10 10:30

I have the same problem. Luke warm air and the temp gauge will only move slightly above cold when my voyager is stationary. It's a 2003 diesel 2.8. Any suggestions as to how I can sort it?
01/03/11 12:21
Darrel Hampton

My 2002 300M A/C works fine but the heater air temperature when set on high feels almost cool and more like outside air. I sure hope someone has found the solution before I have to take it to a dealer who will start with a $92.00 diagnostic charge and go up from there. Any suggestion appreciated.
01/22/11 11:55
Kyle Schaibley

i have a 2000 chrysler 300m and My oil cooler hose has burst three times why does this keep happening its kinda annoying cause im out of a car for a week cause its a special ordered part.
02/08/11 20:33

This is crazy, at what point is it considered a defect?? Same problems...paid way too much for this vehicle

2003 chry voyager


-upset consumer!!

10/31/11 09:23
3oom villa
Thank author of this post/comment"CODE 36 "

02/27/12 21:49
Atlanta, Ga
Thank author of this post/comment"2002 300m heater problem"

I have a 2002 300m and i have the exact heater problem. I did the diagnostic that was suggested in an earlier post, The heater went through all of the test i could hear and feel vents opening and closing, and i did not get any codes after the diagnostic flashing was complete. Actually my problems started when i had a water leak and i added stop leak. the leak stopped and so did the heater.recently the water leaked started back, I replaced the thermostat, and i had the water pump(which stopped the water leak), timing belt replaced this past weekend, the mechanic told me that the heater control panel was bad and needed to be replaced and it was a dealer only item. I am in the process of calling the dealer to price it, hopefully it is not too difficult and i can replace it myself.
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    Chrysler 300M 'Heater not blowing hot air'