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neutral safety switch

- Chevrolet-S10 Pickup

Forum Post
01/10/09 12:38

neutral safety switch

My 1998 S10 pick up wont start, it has power, but every time i turn the key it doesnt crank or start, could it be the neutral safety switch? and if so how can i tell? thanks
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03/26/09 22:19

well, the starter has 2 circuits, which is the starter circuit and the starter control circuit. the starter control circuit usually consists of an ignition switch and the neutral safety switch (or a clutch switch if manual). and the starter circuit is the starter motor and the starter relay and/or starter solenoid. before the starter can work, the criteria of the starter control circuit has to be met. when it does, it will close the relay in the starter circuit, and the rest should take place in the starter circuit.

first check to make sure your battery is ok, then you need to figure out witch circuit is causing the problem. one way to do that is to bypass the starter control circuit. if the engine cranks, then the starter circuit is ok, the starter control circuit is the problem. then you have to isolate the problem in the control circuit. chances are its probably the neutral safety switch, but dont condem it until you are certain it is the cause of the problem.

10/04/09 14:11
Michael Messetler

My ignition A, the starting and charging fuse keeps blowing? Can someone please help me figure out why?
11/23/09 06:34
clifford may

my 95 s10 will start some times if i let it set for a day without starting the battery is dead, i have checked the battery , the alt. and the starter what else could it be?
05/26/10 12:10

Where is the clutch safety switch located on a 2000 chevy S10?
08/07/10 00:45

was running stoped replaced inline filter ran again drove 15 miles over night tryed starting in morning had a friend over i was under my truck touching wires he sad my rea tial lights blinked tryed stating started up yesterday now it won:t whats up with that my first chevy product ???????

12/10/10 12:23
shane crossman

how do i bypass the neutral safety switch in my 94 s10 to check and see if it is bad my truck wont start i have power but no start my i.v.r in my alt. went bad could that effect my neutral safety switch or my starter solenoid? please help i need my truck for my job
12/12/10 19:17

I have a 1999 chevy extreme, and need to know where the neutral safety switch is located.need a diagram, or picture, or something.mine does the same as that 1998 s1o.need help bad.
05/21/11 14:57

Engine now starts without oushing in the clutch. Orig would not start. Engine starts with 'switch' disconnected. I assume it is a normally closed mercury switch. How do remove the switch from the clutch pedal??

Thanks, Ron

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    Chevrolet 'neutral safety switch'