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2004 Chevy 2500 HD AC Blows Hot Air

- Chevrolet-Silverado 2500 Pickup

Forum Post
08/26/08 08:02

2004 Chevy 2500 HD AC Blows Hot Air

I have a 2004 chevy 2500hd that had the battery go dead. After getting the battery jumped my airconditioning only blows hot air. I have started and stopped the vehicle multiple times , checked all the fuses and all other gauges appear to be working with no problems. I have driven the vehicle two days with no other problems. Any ideas what could have happened when the battery went dead.
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06/04/10 11:23

Just had the same problem with our truck. VERY hot air BLOWING HARD on drivers side, cold air on passenger. After being extremely frustrated I found this comment from another Chevy person. I tried it, had to repeat the process twice, but my gosh IT WORKED for us. Good luck to you all!!!

1)Turned AC on with driver side heat all the way hot with passenger side all the way cold

2) Started engine and ran for a 10 or 15 seconds

3) Stopped engine

4) Changed driver to full cold and passenger to full hot

5) Started engine and ran for 10 or 15 seconds

6) Stopped engine

7) Placed controls in center

8) Started engine

Controls worked properly.

06/13/10 12:51
Ron Scali

I have a 2004 2500 Silverado 6.6 d, a couple of months ago it started to blow white smoke, not at start up, after about 10 min. ride stop for a light and it will start and continue as long as I am stopped, will do for a little while then when I run agian it goes away and not again for the day...any idea, going for a long hall soon, don't need any problems.
06/22/10 21:49
Veston Brock

2004 PU 4.8 V8: Having same problem when I disconnected battery to replace, AC is full HOT! I also have the drivers side going hot that has been going on for 2 yrars. I always have to turn motor off and start back up to get it to reset, some times several times during a drive just to stay cool. I have 270, 000 miles, replaced motor at 130, 000. Good news, never touched the brakes until 228, 000, they where still good, just wanted to replace when I changed the shocks.
06/22/10 22:54

Reply #25 Zenda..worked great for me with the heat problem on an 2004 5.3 Avalanche

Thanks guess we will see how long it lasts!!

07/19/10 16:33
charles Brewer

My 2500 silverado has recently had some issues with the air conditioner, it blows cold air all the time, once in a while it has, a mist like fog coming out of the vents and recently when it also leaks water on the floor on both sides of the center floor below the center vents, if I kick it up to 5 for the fan speed it stops, Any Ideas?
08/23/10 15:29

our 2004 chevy k2500 silverado's airconditioner will turn to hot air while driving. i can fix it by stopping, turning off vehicle, starting again, put in drive after a few seconds, and the air is working again. do you know what would cause this?
09/25/10 15:49

Thanks Zenda ([email protected] ) #25 for the help - it worked fine. Keeping it cool here
11/01/10 12:24
Greg Buckley

I have a 2004 Chevy K2500 6.0, Automatic that was doing the same thing. After replacing the battery with dual A/C controls the actuators was incorretly making the air blow hot on the driver's side and cold on the passenger side. I could restart the vehicle and it would work fine for a short while. GM recommended replacing both A/C door actuators, which is very expensive and time consuming since the dash has to be pulled down.

HERE IS YOU FIX!!! Remove both battery terminal connections and hold them together for at least 2 minutes. This resets the actuators. Re-install terminals to battery and drive your vehicle. When I removed mine, I forced the neg and pos cable ends together with a hand held ratching clamp.

It's been over a month and over 2500 miles without any problems. I can't take credit for this since a local tech at a Chevy dealership figured it out. It worked for me! Good Luck!!!

11/06/10 15:00

Anyone having batteries go dead after a few days of being parked. Check to see if your truck has he snow plow prep package if it does there is a glitch in the wiring logic. I found a small bulleton by accident and my issues are gone. remove the fuse that controls the beacon light provision. What is happening is the the relay coil is staying energized running your battery down. GM told me "these new vehicles use a lot of voltage when parked" Bull! i leave mine parked for weeks now with no issues!
11/22/10 11:29

I don't know if it will help you but under the hood in the fuse panel there is a an HVAC fuse if you pull that fuse and wait 30 sec. plug it back in you should hear everything cycle. I was having problems w/ my a/c and it worked for me.
11/24/10 23:00

Hi Mark --reply#33.

My 04 Silverado 1500 runs down the battery in about 8hrs. Could you tell me where/how to check for snow plow prep package.

Is it one of the fuse that need to pull out?

After the battery problem about a month ago, my climate controller can not change air flow to floor or front -- air only flow out of the defog vents like Matt's reply#12. It happen once before on the voting day. I stopped to vote and started afterward; the problem went away until a couple of days ago.

I will try the battery terminals shorting to see if it will reset something, anything.

12/19/10 12:07
Scott B

I have the battery going dead over several days problem. I do have a snowplow but no beacon light at present.

I pulled a battery terminal, put a test light between it and the battery (it lights up) and sequentially pulled every fuse and relay in the box. The test light never went out. Perhaps the normal at-rest power consumption lights up the test light and masks the draw I am looking for?

Where does one find this bulletin on the beacon light circuit problem?

I once had a similar battery-go-dead problem with this truck and it was a failed relay inside the heater blower enclosure that was turning on the heater blower even with the truck parked and key out.

02/06/11 22:02

Have a 2004 chevy 2500HD 6.0 liter 4x4 runs hot if sets an idles have checked rad./replaced thermostat an rad.cap have no clue what is causing anybody with any ideas
02/27/11 13:17

The fan stops working when you turn the switch past #3 on the air conditioner/heater.....
02/27/11 17:47

#25 ZENDA--THANK YOU!!!! thank you, this was driving me CRAZY!!! Good things to you!!!
03/14/11 02:49

2007 gmc truck doing the same thing ac flow on vent and bottom iam going to try #25 zenda technique and i will post later if it work thanks zenda
03/22/11 20:05

it is a easy fix it is the acuator on the drivers take off the cover near your feet 3 screws and it is right there on left replace on fixes your problems
03/22/11 20:09

it put the fix in early the actuator is on the passenger side by your left foot if you are setting in the seat
04/01/11 01:12

did the # 25 and it didnt work but the #32 procedure work excellent thanks a bunch my ac is working fine cant believe you can actually find good people out there willing to help ..

what i did was take the positive and the negative leads off the battery and touch them together put them back and turn the ac on and BAM it was working ... thanks greg buckley #32

05/11/11 22:39
M. Absher

Did the #25 twice (maybe three times), on 2004 2500HD Diesel 4X4, extended cab, after replacing both batteries, and it WORKED.Thanks...
07/26/11 11:13
Thank author of this post/comment"AC blows hot air automobile forum"

Had the same problem suddenly after my battery went dead and was replaced. Hot air pouring through the registers.

I tried "Comment #32 Greg Buckley" suggestion (above) and it restored my air conditioning back to normal, on my 2005 Chevy Silverado.

However, now my dash says my drivers Air Bag needs to be serviced. Anyone have a suggestion on correcting this problem. I know it has to be battery related.


08/09/11 17:54
Sunshine California
Thank author of this post/comment"2004 Chevy Silverado"

Hi, Just wanted to let u guys know my 2004 Silverado 2500HD with Dual zone Auto AC is having the same issues as others where the Battery was Dead after I went on vacation and after I returned home.. I charged the battery up and after driving down the street found that the AC is full hot on the drivers side and the Passenger side id cold.. Read the #25 Zenda comment:

Will give it a try and comment on the Fix.. Thanks for the comment#25 Zenda

04/09/12 20:40
Thank author of this post/comment"Silverado Blows Hot air after dead battery"

This sounds crazy but it worked.

With engine running turn A/C off and shut off engine.

Remove both battery cables from battery and touch them together for 10 seconds.

reconnect and start engine and check.

Crazy, but it works.

Glad I stumbled across this solution.

06/11/12 18:45
Salem, VA
Thank author of this post/comment"2004 Silverado dual controls - A / C blows hot on passender side"

Need to try the solutions offered in this forum. Any issues with touching the battery cables for 10 seconds? I don't want to create additional problems. Chevy electronics leave a lot to be desired.
06/12/12 03:22
Thank author of this post/comment"PaulPA"

Found the fix.

If monkeying with the controls doesn't get it, disconnect the battery leads and touch them together for 20 seconds and then reconnect the battery.

Yes, it sounds very weird. But I had the same problem and did this to a successful fix!!

Isn't the internet great!!!

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 49 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 2004 Chevy 2500 HD AC Blows Hot Air archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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