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Dual AC blows cold air on passenger but hot on driver

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I have a 2003 Chevy Z71 extended cab. Heater motor quit...then for no reason started running again....after the key was off and out of the ignition! Heater control module ($100 at dealer)?
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ok i have a 04 silverado 1500 i had it for 1 year i got it used in 05 i had the driver side blow hot while the passenger side blew cold took it to chevy it was under warranty they had to replace the motor for the doors there is 2 doors inside the dash that are motors they cost over 450 each and the 2 by the drive cost 1500 just to have the dash pulled out and a year after the passenger doors were replaced the driver side had to be replaced and now a year and 3 months later the passenger is bad again the price for chevy to fix is retarded and every time i take my truck into the chevy shop it leaves with a problem its a scam
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2006 Chevy 3500 Silverado Crew Cab Disel. While the truck was in warranty and the problem of hot air on one side and cold on the other was intermitment Chevy could not reproduce. They didn't own up to it being a problem. Now I have 75k miles and have been told the accuator control is the problem. does anyone know exactly where its located and how to access it? I've heard that it can be without pulling the dash. Is that correct?
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i have a 2003 silverado and im having the same problems as some of the others. i have heat all the time on the driver side and cold/hot on the passenger side. i have replace the actuator for the driver side and the actual climate controls in the dash and neither replacement fixed my problem. i done some reading online and read that there is a computer for the a/c and heater controls, is this true?..if anyone could help me fix my problem please let me know, thanks!
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This is happening to me right now. The ac/heat only blows when it wants to. The dealership quoted me $1800 for parts and labor. My previous 2005 Chevy Silverado did the same thing at 60k miles so I traded it. Now my new chevy is doing it at 65000 miles. I'm ready for Chevy to step up to the plate and do the right thing. When I told the service adviser what was happening he named off the problem without a diagnostic.
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About 2 weeks ago I bought a used 2003 Chevy Suburban and everything has worked fine, without a hitch. But today, it started blowing only cold air, even when I adjusted the digital dial to 90 degrees. One other person made mention of the "whine" from under the hood, and I have noticed that as well for the past week. My battery did not die nor was replaced, but it did run a little low today from having my laptop hooked up.

Any updates on this issue? I really hate to take it into the dealership to get the usual run-around from them.

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We hae been having the same problem for about a month. We have a 2004 Silverado 1500 extended cab. We haven't taken it in to be looked yet. At least we kinda know what to expect now.
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2005 Chev z71...problem: air conditioning on and working well, then it goes off and heater goes on, sometimes both vents sometimes just driver vent, with passenger side still blowing cold. (mine has a weirdo habit--it always goes out as I exit onto an uphill strecth of road, just as I'm turning the wheel...weird.) Called dealership mechanic shop--complaint common and expensive to fix, but if I've noticed that I'm not getting a big puddle of water under the truck, then take take my shop vac and put it on the evaporator drain hose on the firewhall and let it suck for a while and then switch to blow and back to suck and, just keep it up for a while...and calll him back and let him know if it helped...

Problem hasn't returned and I called him and he said I was lucky, the new air conditioners clog up easier and need to be kept clean or they can give you fits...but also if the sensor electrrics crap out it's an expensive fix...

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i have an 04 chev silverado 1500 ext 5.3l. for some reason even when my truck is warmed up all the way(almost at 210) it wont blow hot air at all. its freezeing. and usually playing with all the knobs and what not fixes it but it takes even longer now and the only thing that seems to fix it is when i drive it and the rpms go up. but i also noticed when it plays this game that the temp creeps up for a mintue and then comes back down and its fine. any help? a body told me the harness for the blower.
**/**/** **:**

has anyone had there body computer changed?...the body computer is located under the steering wheel shaft behind a piece of interior controls almost all of the interior electical componets like the interior lights, gauages, radio, heater, a/c and so on...let me know if it works for you
**/**/** **:**
troy soup

I had exact same problem after jumping my '05 Avalanche


Start engine, turn on ac, turn off ignition, then turn ignition back on with out starting engine. Leave as is.

Remove positive cable from the battery, wait 10 mins, return the cable, turn ignition completely off, then restart.

1st attempt simply reversed the hot/cold sides but I had poor intermittent contact when I connected the cable, 2nd try I really pegged the cable for good "one-time" contact & it fixed the problem.

**/**/** **:**

I have a 2006 sil. reg. cab. 1500 4.3. ac and heater prob.was under warranty! now its not!4th time going to dealer.prob. started 30, 000m. 2yrs.old.actuator was replaced prob. was okay then came back the oppossite. hot air on pass, cold on driver wont engage correctly. does anyone have a solution?
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i've tried everything and still can not get the driver side control to work...and im not paying gm a bunch of money to fix poor electronics...chevy just isnt what it use to be!
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I have a 2003 Burb. I am having the same hot cold issue. Had to replace the connector for the blower motor as it melted away at 72000 miles. Air works when it feels like it. I had a bad speedo issue as well, and ordered a new stepper motor for it on Ebay and replaced it myself for $40.00. The problem is that the big three buy the cheapest parts in the industry(lowest bid gets the job) then the product fails and the big three sue the little guy that produced the part. Because they get recalls. They avoid the recall until they have no chice. This website is a great tool to spread the word. Can anyone help me with this hot cold issue?
**/**/** **:**
Tom E

I just had the same problem after I disconnected and reconnected the battery. The drivers side blew hot all the time no matter what the settings were and the passenger side worked OK. This happened to me about a year ago, but started working OK after I turned off the engine are restarted it. I have not had the problem until a couple of days ago. This time, turning off the engine or ignition would not reset it.

I noticed that the drivers side would blow cold air when the ignition is first turned on, then after about 10 seconds would go to hot. This means the controller and motor actuator are working.

This is what I did to fix it.

Adjusted the passenger side to full hot and the drivers side to full cold and put the system in auto mode.

Then, turned off the ignition and turned it back on. In auto mode you will see the fan speed auto adjusting up and down.

Then, I reversed the settings, drivers full hot (90) and the passenger full cold (60). Put it in auto mode and turn off the ignition and then back on.

The system started working correctly after that. My guess is that somehow the system looses its reference point for temperature, so a restart or two in auto mode will put it back in sync. Hope this helps.

**/**/** **:**

Tom E.

Thank you. Your solution is working!

**/**/** **:**
Jim A

My 2005 Silverado's A/C stopped blowing, inpected all the fuses and relays swapping relays with known good ones and can't seem to find the problem. Also, the Daytime Running Lights have also stopped working. Any ideas? I did notice the compressor trys to kick in then stops.
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My 03 has had HVAC problems.

Lessons learned:

Check wiring behind glove box (chaffed wiring)

Check temperture sensors (known to fail)

Check acuator (gear breaks internally - new has electrical and physical stop)

How to reset your HVAC module:

Remove your hvac fuse for 10 sec - reinstall fuse.


Recalibration of module will accure when power is lost (fuse pulled, battery changed or died)

If hvac reset did not work you have a trouble code - reset BCM

There are two ways to reset your body control module

Go to the GENERAL

Remove BOTH battery cables (for the sake of CAUTION remove air bag fuse and wait 5 MINUTES)

Hold both cables together for 1 minute - drains KAM (keep alive memory).

Put everything back together


If you have no broken parts - system not default (normal operation).

**/**/** **:**

hey dave, i tried everything you said but i still can get my driver side to change from hot to cold. i have replaced the acuator, the dash controls and i have checked the wiring but im not exactly sure if im looking at the right wiring. and i dont know anything about the temp sensors, where are they located at?...if you dont mind would you email me at
**/**/** **:**
M Jones

I have 2004 siverado duel climate sliders control.Passenger side flutered hot and cold when ac is on , pass. side cold .pulled battery and now its just hot on the pass. side and cold on the driver side.if this truck needs an actuator or a software update and GM doesn't get on band wagon and start fixing these defective mechinisms in their vehicles they can watch me go to ford for my next truck or maybe toyota.We pay $28000.00 and up for these vehicles and they won't fix their own engineering and mrfg. faults.Thats the problem with the big three is owning up and producing resolutions that keep people buying and referring their vehicles.If they want us to buy their product then they need to stand behind them.I have bought American cars my whole life (47years old) and lived in Detroit for 40 years and never worked in the auto business but I can tell you no one ever wanted to pay me what those guys make screwing up in the factories.I don't want to piss off anyone but I know a lot of guys that work for the big 3 and they all wont pay me or anyone else what their package pays for an hours work and I mean real work.
**/**/** **:**

I have a 97 chevy 1500 the A/C fan blows plenty strong but little air. All other settings I have strong air but not on the A/C side. Any ideas?
**/**/** **:**

I have a 2004 silverado reg cab and im having the same problem pretty much it seems to b blowin hot air on the driver side and snowballs on the passenger could some please help me!!!!!!
**/**/** **:**

hi , i have 2004 avalanche blows hot driver side and cold passenger, tried unhooking battery switched the hoit and cold to opposite sides, its gone now for actuator 300$ installed only takes hour
**/**/** **:**

Not sure if I'm glad I found this site or not. 2004 Silverado LT AC blows hot on passnger side sometimes. Mostly when my wife gets in. I think she thinks I control this funtion "wish I could" anyway if I turn AC on and off a few times seems to work right but can take 10 min. or so. This has been a trouble free truck. I'm at 97k runs like a top except for the AC deal. I really want to keep it for a few more years but not sure if I should. Maybe Obama will fix it Ha Ha
**/**/** **:**

Same problem, chev/silv 1500 a/c.leaking water under dash, hot on driver side, cold on passenger. I am a full blown chevy fanatic, but if chevy don't step up to the plate, Toyota is looking pretty darn tempting.
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