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Dual AC blows cold air on passenger but hot on driver

- Chevrolet-Silverado 1500 Pickup

Forum Post
08/03/08 14:15

Dual AC blows cold air on passenger but hot on driver

I had my truck at the body shop for a week 1/2 and when I picked it up on Friday everything was fine. Parked the truck overnight and the battery was dead. BIL came over and jumped it but now temp gauge won't work and the Dual AC blows hot air on driver but cold air on passenger. Tried resetting it by removing pos (+) on battery for 30 minutes and temp gauge now works but AC problem is still there. Any ideas?
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this is the 3rd GM vehicle I have owned to have this problem. The electronic parts are made by Wells/standard Electronics. The way to fix it is to pull the electronic heater control unit out of the dash un plug it for 5 mins or greater, then plug it back in. reimstall it in the dash. then it goes through the learn process which was desctibed above in previous post. G M will never fix it because it is a way to keep you coming back for service and charging you crazy money for things you dont need. The firast vehicle was a 1999 Buick centry the second was a 2005 Trail Blazer and now my 2006 Chevy silverado all with exactly the same problem. I will never buy a G M Product again.
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tried it on my o7 lmm duramax worked for now.. thanks tom
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Rollin J. Garcia Jr.

I have a 2006 Silverado that I bought brand new from the factory with 5 miles on it. I just recently hit 40k miles and today while driving the a/c goes out on the drivers side while the passenger blowed cold. I haven't had a chance to try anything with but I will tomorrow!
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I quick fix when driving down the road is to pull off to the side of the road and turn the motor off. Start the motor back up and viola, it works again. Temporary fix, I have been doing this for the last two years.
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Chet V

ok, I am amazed at the level of 95% of these posts. No solutions and everyone talking about different issues. Is this 2nd grade again?

Anyway, ...there are 2 issues going on here people.

Issue 1: Hot and cold air blowing out of either passenger or driver side dash vents at the same time. Solution: re-calibrate your controls! Use #39 or #77 or some variaton thereof.

Issue 2: A/C starts cool, then switches to hot out of both vents. Turning vehicle off, then back on resets the problem, but continues to occur more and more often until only blowing hot no matter what. Solution: #166 and #167 (Carlos, you da man! I had to read 165 dumbass people before seeing your soln. My acuator had way too much grease packed in. Grease was on the brushes themselves!).

If anybody thinks #172 is too hard a fix for them, buy a new truck cause you are a serious wussy.

**/**/** **:**
Chet V

PS...#166 is freeeee fix (sorry, typo regarding #172) wanted $450 for part and labor. Part alone (temperature control actuator) was quoted at $260. What a rip.

There was nothing wrong with my actuator. It wasnt even that dirty. Just had way too much grease packed in.

I have a 2006 Silverado. Issue #2 began to occur around 80K mi. I would throw the truck in nuetral while rolling down the 405 at 70 mph, turn the truck off, then restart and drop it back into D. This occured for approx. 1 year before reading #166.

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Larry Hazelton

2008 GMC, 65, 000 miles, dual temp controls, driver side stuck on hot.

Disconnect batter (really, do it at the beginning), remove the actuator(hard part of job), opened the case (opps broke one of the tabs holding the cover in place, no big deal)

Remove top white gear, remove black gear with copper contacts, clean big gob of grease from copper contacts and black strips on circuit board with dry Q-tip, then damp Q-tip water/Dawn dish soap (just a little premixed in water) to cut remaining grease, then damp with water only, then dry. Also remove big globs of grease elsewhere with dry Q-tip, put black gear back, rotate back and forth several times, but don't over travel so contacts drop off edge of circuit board. center black gear (mark on top line up with mark on cover, reinstall white gear. Reinstall module, reconnect battery, start vehicle, do happy dance because heater now works properly.

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I'm getting hot on driver and passenger side works fine and I also have sqeaking sound coming from passenger side how do I fix this?
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I had same problem driver side blowing hot air and passennger side cold and I tried what reply 16 said and make it worst now both sides blowing hot air and my battery died so i had to replaced the battery for a new one and replaced my two accuators(150.00 each) and only passanger side works so I disconect drivers side acuator and stop blowing hot air so a/c works now (so I don't have heat on my driver side)but still there is a electrical problem everytime my a/c turn on my electical gauge needle goes up and down and feels like my truck going to turn off by it self
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2004 Suburban Dual AC, I have the same problem. Started working off and on. Driver side blew cold, passenger hot a few months after I bought it new. It worked off and on. Last year it stopped working completely. Blows out hot air on both sides all the time. They tell me 2 days in the shop and have not gotten estimate on labor. GM should be covering this.
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Does anyone know where the Acuator is located on a 2004 Chevy Silverado and how to get to it. My Silverado blows hot air out of the Drivers side vents and cool air out of the passanger side vents. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this I would appreciate any help. thanks Sonny
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Problem: 2005 Z71 A/C works for about 15 to 20 minutes then warm air blows out both sides. I can turn the ignition off then back on and the A/C performs normally .. unitl another 10 to 30 minutes.

i have digital auto controlls

Any suggestions?

**/**/** **:**

I had same problems as others described and resolved it with this web site:

First I switched on a/c on auto with engine running, switched off engine and then switched ignition back on without starting engine.

Then disconnect +ve battery cable for 10 mins, reconnect and follow reply #39

Thanks for your time. Still happy to be driving an American vehicle keeping American men and women working. 2004 suburban LT still the best car I've ever owned

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herkimer , ny
Thank author of this post/comment"actuator removal"

how do you access this area?? took the dash out and found it. do you have to break the plastic housing in order to gain access to it? 2004 silverado.......

**/**/** **:**
Austin, TX
Thank author of this post/comment"Comment #251 worked with a modification"

I have a 2004 Silverado with 126K miles. I had the same symptoms as Anthony's post #251. After battery replacement drivers side AC blew hot while passenger side was cold. It did this once before at around 60K and was fixed by dealership under warranty which they said they replaced the AC power head (but they probably did Anthony's trick)! But after reading Anthony's excellent #251 comment I decided to try it with one modification. I figured since the battery replacement was the thing that caused the issue why not try disconnecting / reconnecting battery instead of HVAC control module. I did it and it worked! I disconnected the + battery terminal waited about 1 minute then reconnected. Then started engine and waited 40 or so seconds for calibration and the drivers side AC started blwoing cold again! Thanks Anthony for saving me $250 - 500!!! was 106 degrees today!
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east of Toronto Ontario
Thank author of this post/comment"fix #166, 167 worked 2005 Sierra 1500 dual zone manual air"

Thank you, Carlos, for all your research and your detailed fix: five minutes work stopped the amusing toe-tapping sounds from under my dash and my air conditioner / heater is now working correctly; I believe the excess grease on the nylon gears was interfering with the actuator's electrical contacts. The hardest part was driving over to Sears to get a 5.5 mm socket! The second hardest part was re-installing the housing screw just over the transmission hump -- that was a royal pain! Finally succeeded by taping the screw to a socket and using a 1/4" drive elbow, taped up so it wouldn't bend (I didn't have a short enough 1/4" socket extension and didn't feel like another drive over to my neighbourhood Sears store!). Saved me the $40, 000 I would have spent to buy a new tow vehicle, which might well have been another Sierra: over six years and 200, 000 km. mine has been very reliable! One oxygen sensor, one battery, one set of brakes, one set of tires, and regular fluid changes.
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Thank author of this post/comment"Dual AC blows hot on driver, cold on passenger"

Had to jump dead battery and AC blew hot on driver but cold on passenger.

While AC was blowing and engine running I turned OFF the AC then turned OFF the engine. Started engine and problem disappeared.

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Thank author of this post/comment"blowing hot...2008 burbburb"

Tom E just saved me big bucks and my sanity and my marriage!! Thx

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Thank author of this post/comment"Silvarado - air only coming out of defrost"

I had a similar issue. Air would only blow out of defrost vents after I replaced my battery. But this worked for me:

1) Unplug HVAC fuse for 10-30 seconds

2) Start truck

3) A/C comes out defrost - wait about 10 to 15 secs

4) A/C then starts coming out the floor vents for about 5 seconds

5) A/C then starts coming out the dash vents.

6) While the A/C is coming out the dash vents, turn A/C OFF (otherwise it cycles back to defrost for good).

7) Turn truck OFF

8) Restart truck and it should work fine

(Found solution on another forum from user "ccurran")

**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"04 Silverado Hot air driver side / cold air passenger side FIXED!!!!!!"

I fixed my problem of dual climate ac on my 2004 silverado.

Tools you will need are: 3/8 drive ratchet, 7mm socket, 8mm socket.

1. Remove black panel underneath passenger side dash. (3x 7mm hex head screws)

2. Locate blend door actuator near transmission hump.

3. Using 8mm socket, remove the 2 screws holding blend door actuator. Do not unplug it.

4. Be sure to note where the actuator's current position is because if this is not the issue, you could have trouble putting it back together.

5. Turn on truck and move temp knobs up and down slowly. If the actuator is moving then its not the problem! BUT, if it's not moving then you found the problem.

6. Log on to and look up blend door actuator and be prepared to spend $80-90. A small price to pay compared to the dealers price ($200-1000)

7. For the time being, force the BROKEN ACTUATOR into opposite position and reconnect. Don't plug it in because the damn thin might decide to work and you'll be stuck again with heat in your face.

**/**/** **:**
United States
Thank author of this post/comment"04 Silverado K2500 a / c control info"

My Chevy gave me issues after removing the ac controller so I could check some wires to my new radio. DON'T EVER DO THAT! After that my AC blew thru the defroster vents only? Read all fixes on the internet and nothing worked? Took it to the dealer who charged me $60.00 to Tech 2 scan it and they found 2 actuators throwing codes.Too much to pay them to fix, so I bought 1 actuator from them (discount price $58.70) and the blend door actuator was $189.00. I bought it from Autozone for $138.00. I removed both and turned the power on and they did not move at all.Replaced both and it worked! Don't know what ruined them when unplugging the ac controller, but Chevy should be paying for them! Hears is what I found out talking to the parts guy after complaining about what it cost if you replace your battery etc? He said the Chevy mechanic's have a device that they hook up to keep the power to the truck while they replace the battery! You "THINK" maybe we should be told that when buying a new Chevy! Or have it in the owners manuel! The service writer never told me that when he wanted to repair it! Wrote this just for those that own Chevy's and need to know. Thx
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"a / c blowing hot air after chqnging battery"

My 2004 z71 did the same thing with blowing hot air, all you have to do is pull out the HVAC fuse for a few minute and reinstall. its located on the dash on drivers side. after you do that turn truck on and it should work. Good Luck. Mine worked when i did that.
**/**/** **:**
deep south, alabama
Thank author of this post/comment"Help needed in alabama"

I have a 2006 silverado 1500 standard cab, no bells and whistles. No auto anything. I have had the problem of hot air (not just warm but extremely hot, hotter than outside air) blowing on the driver side only for a few years now. It would not do it often at first but it became more frequent. So I took it to the dealer. They told me it was the control head assy. So I had that part replaced. 2 days later my truck batter died out of no where. As soon as I got my truck jumped off the hot air came back. So I took it BACK to the dealer and told them there was nothin wrong with the control head to begin with that all of my research said it was the actuator. So then they replaced the left temp door actuator. And AGAIN 2 days later I start my truck up and the hot air has returned. WHAT ELSE CAN I DO. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP THIS SOUTHERN GAL.
**/**/** **:**
Team Lush Racing
Thank author of this post/comment"cold on passenger side, HOT on driver side"

Mine is a 2005 Silverado, dual temp control. Heat on driver, cold on passenger. The FIX is to remove the grease in the temp control module, located on passenger side near left foot. Remove the unit, carefully open unit - 4 small plastic tab allow two halves to open. Inside are plastic gears which GM over greased. This extra grease gets onto the two curved foil traces on the circuit board under the large black drive gear. This is the feedback to the brain being covered by the grease - preventing feedback. Wipe the grease off the two curved foil traces - problem solved. a/c works perfect now. GM would recall if this were a safety concern but it is only a luxury item!
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"A / C Issues 2004 Silverado 1500"

I have been having the same issue with the driver's side blowing hot after running for various lengths of time. I have tried #25 twice, I've tried disconnecting the battery and shorting the leads together (#32) and that didn't work either. Actually made things worse. So today I've taken the actuator out, cleaned the grease from the contacts, and re-installed it. I only found one actuator and I'm hoping that's all there is.

I did the #25 reset again just for luck and perhaps this will take care of the situation. If not, it's off to the parts store to get a new actuator. I'll post again if I have any more issues from this point, but hopefully the removal of grease from the contacts (the idea was posted in this forum) will resolve the issue.

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 284 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Dual AC blows cold air on passenger but hot on driver archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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