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engine swap

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Forum Post
11/24/08 19:34

engine swap

I have a 2001 S10 with a 2.2 liter engine. Can I replace this engine with a 2.2 out of a cavilier car? I would have to swap the exhaust and intake but would it all match up? Anyone done this before? Thanks ahead of time.
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yes you can, but it would be easier for you to put a cobalt ss motor in it. there is a lot to do regardles unless its the same engine you are swaping out. i have a 99 sonoma that has a 2.2l ecotech in it. plus i put a k50 STI turbo just before the catalytic converter. the truck runs 9.65 @186mph.
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frank luciano

I have a 1997 sonoma and would like to put another motor in. so my question is what else will fit into my truck easily like mount right up
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Does anyone know where I can get a 6cyl 2.8 engine for a 92 chevy s10 for under $400.00?
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Tim Conway

I've got a 1986 Chevrolet S10 engine.
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eric betzler

I have A '94 s-10 with a 4.3 v6 vortec trottlebody and would like to swap it out with a 4.3 v6 vortec fuel injected engine we pulled from a '95 s-10 ss. I have the computer that came with the fuel injected engine. Is this all I need to make this work?
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cheepest place to get engines for chevy s10 tahoe's?
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I just did an engine install in a 1997 S10 4 cyl with a manual 5 speed. I have a V shaped bracket left over. It is about 5 inches on one side and 4 inches on the other. It is made out of round steel and flattened in 3 places for mounting it to something. What and where. I took it apart about 8 months ago and my memory is only good for about 4.


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I have a 1.9L 1999 Chevy S10 LS. Can I replace the engine with a rebuilt cavalier engine? If it is possible what problems may I expect to run into as far as modifications/adapters?
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I'm wondering if I can use a better engine other than standard for this model.
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i would like to know if i could put a cobalt ss engine in my 97 s10 the s10 have the 2.2 in it 5 speed....does the comp in the truck work for the cobalt engine....does the tranny bolt up to the engine please let me know thank u
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Why re-engineer an S-10? Buy one with a 4.3 to begin with and drive it instead of working on it every night and scouring the planet for parts.
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Lionel Taylor

Have any one ever transplanted Z24 Cavalier engine to a chevy S10.
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I have a chevy s10 blazer 4x4 and i want to swap my 4.3L vortec engine for a 350 5.7L small block.. How hard is it to do? I also need a transmission to fit , but my main question is will i have to get a new rear end or will it match up?
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I have a chevy s10 4x4 and i want to swap my 4.3L W SERIES vortec engine for a 350 5.7L small block.. How hard is it to do? I also need a transmission to fit , MANUAL TRANS 5 SPEED IN IT NOW

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Looking for a used running 2.2L for a Sonoma/S-10. If anyone has one please e-mail me!! Need one NOW
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I have a 94 s10, the 2.2 engine is shot. A friend has a 2.8 s-10. will it bolt up to my 2.2 5 speed tranny? Or what do I need to do.
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Will a 2008 s10 4.3 swap into my 2002 s10 extreme?

If so what modifications will I have to make?

If not, what years will work?

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I've got a 1999 chevy s10 extreme with a 4.3 vortec in it. Looking to drop a 5.7 TBI V8 for a 95-96 chevy conversion van in it. Is there anyone that knows where I can get a pre-made electrical harness for this so I don't have to scab something together? Thanks!
**/**/** **:**

is it possible to replace the 4.6 out of a chevy s10 extreme with a 89 chevy 350 small block
**/**/** **:**

i have a 2001 s10 with half ton suburban axles under it i an trying to put a turbo 350 tranny into a 4.3 vortec will it work and what will i need any help would be appreciated
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ok i have an 86 chevy s10 blazer and i want to swap the stock v-6 with a nissan 240 sx s-14 engine can it be done and what would i hve to do to it to make it work

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Would a cobalt ss motor fit in a s10 and have the same bolt pattern and what are all the modification that u have to do?
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Crazy Gary

I have a '99 s10 pickup with a 4.3. The crank is bad. I have a new crank. My question is, can i use the rods and pistons out of an older 4.3 engine that was in a van? Or not?
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