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2001 Chevy S10 pickup automatic electrical problem

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Forum Post
02/05/09 19:14

2001 Chevy S10 pickup automatic electrical problem

Went to start truck everything seemed fine, lights on dash came on, then pop. tried again, door bell rang off and on. then no lights on dash, even the light under the hood stopped working. Large 30 fuse on far right side of fuse box under hood had blown, replaced it. Seemed like battery was dead, there could be no reason for that it was fine all day. Any thoughts or ideas on what to check? Still absolutely no electrical, door locks won't even work.
03/21/09 11:42
Jeff Urbas

I have just experienced the same problem. Put a meter on the battery and I have 12V. Disconnect the battery, reconnect the battery and the power comes on. Turn the ignition to on and your can hear what I believe are the injectors. Turn the key to 'start' and something pops and kills the power. We have done this several times and now we can't even get the power back on.
03/23/09 18:17

Just found this post. Same thing happened to 2001 Sonoma. Exactly as Kim had described above, except there is no blown fuse.

First time to startup heard a pop. Second time erratic electrical (lights on and off, bells ringing), then completely dead.

Has had no electrical since. Nothing happens with or without the key in the ignition, not even the horn works.

Any possible causes or resolutions?


04/07/09 16:52
jason mcconnell

i havethe same prob and what did you do to fix it was on then quit for week and just died and i dont know what to do
05/02/09 10:17

I have a 2001 Chevy S10 that is doing the same thing... Went to start it yesterday, it coughed once during startup then nothing. It acted like it wanted to start for a few minutes, it would turn over but not start. I noticed the interior lights, dash, open door indicator all worked but would fade out. My assumption was the battery was about to die. So, I bought a new battery and now, I get absolutely nothing. No dash light, no interior headlights, nothing. I verified the new battery was good with a voltmeter. I removed the battery and the battery tray and found the 125amp fusible link good so, I checked all other fuses in the door, both in the box under the hood and in the cab, all good...

Traced think red battery lead to starter but, physically can't reach the starter to verify continuity. I am assuming that this cable is loose on the starter or the ignition wire that also comes off the starter is loose or damaged. Unfortunately, it looks like I am going to have to disassemble the left hand wheel well to get to the starter...

Should be fun! So, if anybody has any good ideas as to why my truck has NO power, I guess I'll be in the garage.. :(

05/02/09 14:37

Ah-ha! Turns out it was corrosion. The battery is a side-mount battery, where the connectors are located on the side. Well, the battery cables have a runner sheath that is supposed to cover and protect the connector. Unfortunately, enough corrosion had built up on the inside of this sheath that the lip of the sheathing was shoved between the metal contact on the battery and the metal plate inside the sheathing itself. It could be that the last time the battery was replaced, this rubber lip was caught between these two contact points and allowed corrosion to slowly form inside of it. Who knows... :)

I was able to clean it using a can of Coke and a steel bristle brush. So, basically, I spent $80 on a new battery where the entire cost of the repair should not have cost me more than $1.80... The cost of a can of coke and a steel bristle brush.. :(

I hope this helps.... somebody...

07/03/09 15:36

yes, I have a chevy s-10 pickup.When i press on the accelarator it stalls out, doesnt really die just dont have take off power, I can turn ignition switch off and back on and seems to clear itself, and takes off.Its really dangerous in traffic, or when taking off at red light.Any suggestions would be appreciated.
08/09/09 15:42

I have a 98 s10 pickup 2.2L auto trans. My problem started out. When I put my truck into reverse the starter would crank I pulled the backup light fuse under the hood and it was a quick fix but 2 weeks later any time I hit the gas peddle while my truck was on my starter would crank I replaced the ignition switch didn't fix any thing came down to a bad fuse box replaced fuse box and the problem was fixed. Hope this will help any one that gets this problem
09/12/09 15:25
mike marsh

My 91 Chevy S10 is blowing fuses as soon as I turn on the fan for either the AC or heater. Why? Also, my left turn signal works when activated, but when I turn the right one on, it does not flicker, Why? The light bulb does come on too. Thx NC.
09/27/09 23:28

Reply #5 Jiggs ( - Sat May 2 14:37:32 2009

Jiggs, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

My S-10 had the exact same symptoms you described and your fix worked like a charm.

09/30/09 21:00
johnny watkins

97 s10 chevy 4.3, just quit running, we have put everything electrical, including computer, and it still won, t start. please tell me what you did if you have had this problem. Johnny Watkins
10/20/09 00:23

My interior lights were working until I tried to put a used power mirror switch in. After that my interior lights dont work and the fuse is not blown. It is a 95 Chevy s10
10/28/09 12:02

My 2001 Chevy S10 will not start now - battery appears to be fully charged as lights, radio, etc all work fine but it will not turn over or even click.

I do hear a slight whirring noise in the engine area when trying to start it.

Two days ago, I accidentally bumped the lever and kicked it into reverse when driving - it died but then started right back up.

I am going to replace the starter today but that is almost $200 adn I am not even sure that is the problem.

Any ideas?


11/02/09 15:30
ben omlid

I have a 98 6cly. s-10 and the other dayi let the battery run down.. i thought. i jumped it let it run for 20 min. and then took off down the road and it just died like it was out of gas or something. i thought it may have been the altenator so i got a new battery to get me home but it didnt have enough juice to turn start it up. it would turn over just not fast enough like it wasnt getting enough volts.?? made sure the connnections were good still nothing. also the automatichead lights dont turn on now. would this have some thing to do with it? any help would be great

11/02/09 21:33

Ive been reading all the chevy forums ..and this weekend im gonna be trying many of the things mentioned in them.... I have a 2001 s10 4.3. and "it wants to turn over but not fire up ... i turn it off try again and it fires up fine" .. any suggestions... before i start trouble shooting it in the parking the fact my shops back in Illinoise and im going to school down here in Orlando for Auto mechanics....
12/22/09 17:02

I have a 2002 chevrolet S10 2.2 automatic pickup thats having electrical problems.its losing power to the starter, engine and headlights. dashboard and radio is fine it has something to do with the wire harness coming from the computer. I can shake the wires and hear a clicking noise from the fuse box under the hood.replaced starter and batt. today i put a few wire ties aroung the harness and pulled it up cranking fine but will lose connection and kill engine and headlight like i'm turning the innition switch off.
01/01/10 12:32

Have a 2003 S-10, rear park lights and license plate light will not work. Turn signals and backup lights work in rear, and all front lights. Checked brown wire for voltage at 5-pin connector at rear of truck, got nothing. have power on green and yellow wires. Double checked fuses and have nothing wrong other than no power on brown wire at rear connector.
01/01/10 20:30

As soon as I turn my headlights on, 1995 S-10 Extended cab, I lose all rear lights, brakes, tail lights turn signals Changed light switch and still have problem Any ideas?
01/07/10 01:53

i have a 2001 s10 with same electical problems, the bolt on the battery cable was made to long for new battery, it looked ok but the metal was not touching battery had to put washer on bolt and remove rubber cover, holes wrer not deep enough in battery
01/18/10 17:20

No power at all , Battery ok It lights test ;lights. What could be Wrong fuse or maybe the whole computer ? Can any body help? Lee
01/21/10 22:20

my 2001 s-10 runs good so far. only problem is the inside lights on the compass/temp and radio lights go out when i turn on the head lights or if the lights come on automatic. radio will still play but no lights on the compass, radio, dash.. only light on the dash is the miles..and the over head lights work..all fuses are good.. could it be the light switch has gone bad
02/12/10 23:03

does anyone have a good guess about my light problem for reply#20... please put car repair as subject in e-mail thanks
02/21/10 19:54

i have an 2001 s10 blazer with automatic goes forward but no reverse.need help on how to fix this.if anyone could help
02/23/10 07:43

Reply to #17 - Warren. My son has a 2003 S10 that had problems with a rear brake light. Worked fine until he turned on his headlights. Then the turn signal would be dim and flash opposit of the left side. The fix was simple....each of the tail have a indepenant ground wire. Regrounded the light and the problem was solved. The ground is attached to the frame and was easy to reach. Hope this helps....
03/14/10 18:25

Please help...I thought i was having starter problems so i pulled it out had it tested and it tested fine they told me i should get a new battery so i did and wen i got everything put back in ALL MY INSIDE LIGHTS stay on and will not got off , im lost.
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    Chevrolet S10 Pickup '2001 Chevy S10 pickup automatic electrical problem'