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S-10 Starter Problem

- Chevrolet-S10 Pickup

Forum Post
10/28/08 21:10

S-10 Starter Problem

I have a 2000 Chevy S10 pickup. The starter keeps going out. It spins, but the gear shaft won't go in to engage the engine. I have changed the starter 4 times. Once changed, it works great for about 4-6 months, then goes out. The starter solonoid is close to an exhaust pipe, and likely gets really hot. There is a heat shield there, but I don't think it's working because it keeps going out. Any ideas? Is there some sort of transmission problem that is chewing up the starters?
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04/06/09 12:13

I am replacing my 3rd starter, same problem, starter spins but the solonoid won't engage. The clip on "factory" heat shield is a joke. I am going to screw an aluminium plate to the floor board vertically between the pipe and starter.

Heat is the problem, there are tight tolerances in the solonoids and lubricants in the momentum linkage, and when it "COOKS" from the 800+ degrees of the exhaust they fail quickly.

04/12/09 19:10
Paul Deverick

I have a 1995 Chevy s10 xtend cab 4cyl.I had a new starter put on and it was ok for about a week and then I went to start it and it was like it had no juice to the starter the dash lites wont dim when i turn the key I put a new safty switch inside down by the clutch pedel and still no go i took it back to the machinic and he looked at it and tried to start it by jumping across the cylanoid and he said it has no juice to the stareter snd he don't do on autos can someone give me a hint to what to look for oh i can push start it Help Tired of pushing my truck
05/09/09 11:02
mark rutherford

1992 Chevy S10 4.3, Need help with removing starter, There are 2 long bolts connected, I was able to remove 1, but the other is in such an awkard position, being too close to the frame. I have the truck on jacks because I couldnt get it to the shop on a lift, so about a foot and a half of work room. Truck is older, I'm sure bolts are rusted, been using wd40 and such, bolt size is 14, tried ratcheting but the bar won't fit straight because of the frame. Is there anything else, or do i just need to buy a damn compressor with some power tools. any advice would be helpful.
06/21/09 13:31
bill brooks

I have 95 s10 that keeps going through starters, I tried putting in shims, but I think it was too late, any way, the shield is missing from the flywheel, could not having it on contribute to the problem of debris damaging the starter?
08/16/09 21:10
tyler burrett

i have a 1991 chevy s-10 idk what the problem is but some times the starter will work and then some times not i know its not the starter cuz i just put a new one in and it does the same thing but when start the truck by pushin it and letting out the clutch then turn the key over it works so any one know what kind of s goin on here cuz it cot me confused as a mother er
08/22/09 16:55

Where is the starter located on my 1992 4.3 litre 2wd s10?

08/25/09 15:11

I have a similar problem with my 1995 Chevy S-10, the darn thing starts after a few hundred tries but it wont stay started. Also it doesn't get up to speed and the Service engine soon lite keeps coming up and going off. I need any information you may have about this problem.
08/29/09 14:43
Michael Welsh

Have tried everythingnew distributor, new battery, gas filter check all ground wires, only way it starts if put gasoline in carbuator checked all fuses, checked electronic system, must put battery charger and put gas in carberator, just baffeled what can we do?
09/09/09 14:15

I put the trans. in low the other day, and the shifter jammed in first and the key stays on and won't come out??

Thanks for any help.

09/26/09 16:31
tyler burrett

ok any one with a 91 s-10 and you have troubble with it starting take the in clutch safety sitch completely off and hard wire it .... it will help you out alot ... and it that aint the problem well it will be a problem in the long run but if you love cruz controll then dont do it !!!
10/09/09 21:31
Louis L. Howard

i have a 1999 Chevy S-10 ext. cab pickup with 4.3 and auto. at 180, 000 the antifreeze started going around the intake gasket and going into the pan. i have never replaced the starter. 2 water pumps, 3 batterys, and 2 alternators. now i cant get the engine and trans out together. is this possible? bought a nearly new 4.3 engine and trans to transplant. dont like the new colorado with a 5 cyl. engine. probable could not find parts for one of those. Louis
10/12/09 21:39

ABOUT S10 Starters. 1st check to make sure you even have the starter heat shield. If your starter was replaced chances are the stupid mechanic threw it away. If yours is gone, hurry up and find one, because they are out of production...2nd. even if you do have the heat shield YOU must have shims. Without shims it will work, even sound o.k. to untrained ear. But as the bendix engages the flywheel it has tapered Bull nose teeth. This is so it can find its way into the teeth of the flywheel. Problem is without shims, it is a too tight fit, eventually making the bendix pivot arm loose and worn in a matter of weeks or months. Now a loose bendix shaft arm will let the solenoid piston jam in the coil socket cockeyed, and not recess all the way back. Now that it is recessed part way back into the coil socket and cockeyed , and not all the way back, As the engine is running and you are driving to your destination it warms the bendix piston expanding and tightening it into the socket even more. The solenoid piston is made of aluminum and expands faster and more than the surrounding steel. Now you will have to wait for the engine to fully cool and free the solenoid piston so it can be free. If you turn the start key while the piston is cockeyed (say twisted to the left), the solenoid will try to force the piston forward instantly jamming the front of it into the side wall. Now remember it is not all the way forward. It needs to be all the way forward to make the electrical contacts engage for the starter motor power. SO, even the starter motor wont turn, and the solenoid wont click because it is jammed. This is why you get nothing when you turn the key, not even a click till it cools. The piston is stuck and not all the way back. Sometimes hitting it frees it and it will recess. If you have to hit a starter, it is a sign the bendix pivot arm is totally worn allowing the piston to enter the solenoid coil socket cockeyed. 3rd. The S10 starter is a piss poor design. far too close to the exhaust manifold, and the stock heat shield sucks. The setup requires everything to be perfect (i.e. shield, shims, and solenoid mechanisms). 4th Starters today do NOT properly lubricate the solenoid with dielectric grease. Most if not all come new with dry cylinders. If you get a new one, open it up and grease the piston well, it will last a lot longer. 5th take your snap on heat shield off, and bond a piece of thermal cloth ( silver stuff at autozone) to the entire face of it. 5th. Do not let someone wrap your starter with a starter blanket. It will keep heat in that is conducted to the starter thru the engine block.

6th. so shim, shield, and grease. that's it. Lastly, if you never want a heat problem again, foot the bill for a racing starter that has NO solenoid on it, the solenoid mounts to fire wall. Like ford does.

12/15/09 00:31

I am changing the starter on a '92 Chev S-10 p/up, automatic, 2wd, 4.3L. I have removed the mounting bolts, and have made numerous attempts, useing all the tricks I know to pull it out, but can't overcome the minimal amount of space available. There doesn't seem to be anything removable in the way. The next logical step would seem to be freeing the engine mount and raising the engine, or some other major effort I'm hoping can be avoided.

01/29/10 13:53

I have an automatic 2000 s-10 with 144, 000 miles on it. The truck has some starting problems but overall still runs very well. For several years now the truck takes several cranks to start up and almost always at least three. The truck always starts up but takes sometimes up to 6 cranks, but once in a great while it will start up with 1 turn of the key. I have replaced the plugs, wires, distributor cap, EGR valve, and fuel filter. The fuel pump is also still working fine. The truck has also lost power and feels like it sometimes misses and doesnt spark when accelerating. The gas mileage has also dropped off from an average of about 18 to barely 15. I am trying to avoid the mechanic, any suggestions or help would be great, thanks.
02/09/10 18:58

I havce a 2003 chev Blazer. and my remote unlocks stopped working. i already changed the battery in the remote but it still wont work. It stopped workin when i hooked my amp and sub in i dont know if that might have somthin to do with it.
03/23/10 00:33

chevy sucks dog dick and i will never buy another one due to this problem
08/25/10 03:14

hey i just picked up a s10, it was running yesterday but today i went to start it and it wouldnt. the engine wouldnt even atempt to crank. you guys think it the starter?
08/30/10 12:02
vincent banks

im having problems with my 1989 S10 pickup 2.5 liter 4 cylinder 2wd. want start unless i pour gas down throttle body. ive changed fuel pump, oil pressure switch, fuel pressure regulator, and fuel injector. only one part i havent changed and thats the fuel pump relay. gas gushes out from the filter and also the throttle body once injector is remove. the wire that plugs up to the injector is working i tested it myself. please help
09/01/10 08:59
vincent banks

Sorry i did not mention that i also changed the fuel pump regulator out and check out the gas lines. gas is getting up to the throttle body with good force. Thanks Kevin for your reply.
09/03/10 15:23

1999 S-10, 2.2l engine. Battery good but starter will turn over. no clicking from solenoid. Dead quiet. Everything else works fine, light, radio, etc.

Where is the starter on this engine. Could it be the connections or solenoid. Ran fine one day. Next day did not turnover.


09/24/10 18:56
John boy

I have a 2000 Chev s 10 pickup. Having trouble with the starter. ( It wants to continue spinning for a second when the motor engages ). I am going to have it replaced. Do u recommend a racing starter that has NO solenoid on it for replacement? And about what would be a cost or time involved to do this?

10/21/10 09:48

I am getting ready to replace my starter for the 4th time. I have had my 99 s-10 for just over 9 years. I have had to replace nothing on it besides my starter. Sick and tired of having to replace that starter. Been 2 years since my last one. Anyone have any tricks to getting them cables off the starter. The harness doesn't drop the starter far enough down to let me get to them. Any ideas would be great. I am sure I will use this advice for the next time.
03/11/11 17:41

I'm having problems with my 2000 chevy s-10 4.3L .It got stuck in water up to the doors and now I don't know if it's the starter that I can replace to fix it, or if I'm just completely screwed and the electrical is all fried on the truck ???

I want to take it to the shop cause I can't get under there and get that off with tools cause it's a tight fit

I was wondering first If anybody knows if it got stuck in water up to the doors if the starter would be the problem, or I would have more problems on my hand than just the starter???

Or if I could take it to the shop, gamble and have them replace the starter and pay for it, yet I don't know if that's what would get it running, and how much the cost would be to take it to a regular shop, and have them replace the starter on this truck???

05/10/11 15:21

I am having an issue starting my 2000 s10 2.2L. When I turn the key nothing happens most of the time and sometimes on the first turn I get a hesitant start. Anyone have any ideas on what to check or what to replace. Thanks for any replies.
05/14/11 20:11

Ok thanks to Joe for his help on here..well tried to get the starter out on a rainy Chicago day on my after some time just gave up and gonna go at it tomorrow...I'll just drive my second car for every thing is compact...and shoved into a five pound box...tomorrow is another day..
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 28 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: S-10 Starter Problem archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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    Chevrolet S10 Pickup 'S-10 Starter Problem'