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I need help with this problem can any give me a answer ?

- Chevrolet-S10 Pickup

Forum Post
06/22/08 19:44

I need help with this problem can any give me a answer ?

cranks and automatically cuts off over and over, changed computer brain, map censor, pick up coil in destributor, cap and button, cleaned o2 censor, new spark plugs, ran code check on truck and says nothings wrong, still doing same thing. help!!!

1500 series, chevy pickup truck. 1991

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06/29/08 22:21

Lee - you need to start with the basics and eliminate things one at a time - have you checked at the spark plug to see if you have spark? If not start basic again and check fuses and ground wires( many problems are nothing more than a bad ground) From there if so check fuel and follow the same plan - Patience and planning is how to beat the older truck.
08/20/08 07:41

Where can I find the easiest way or procedure to change plugs and wires on my 2000 S10, 2.2 liter engine? Thanks
09/22/08 22:34

my uncle had a truck run for couple mins and shut off over and over here it was the temp control sensor was bad
09/30/08 18:26

hey does anyone no if i have to change the steerin lenghtor anything else if i did a three inch body lift to my 1992 chevy s10
12/01/08 22:26

I have a problem with my abs modulator, the bleeder screw keeps leaking brake fluid. The screw which looks like a bolt is tight but still leaks.I went to chevy dealer ship to see if they carry the bleeder screw, but you have to buy the whole modulator kit or valve kit.I have been plugging up the hole with a tree branch for now. Not trying to spend so much but may not have a choice.

12/10/08 12:30
Kori Eller

I own an 87' Chevy S10 Exstended Cab and do not have a manual and I am having problems with my fuses and my tail lights went out. I changed the bulbs but not sure if my fuses are blown out. Please help. Thank you.
01/14/09 22:32

I have 1997 S-10 Blazer. The Blazer runs for a while like 20 minutes then blows the 10 amp dash fuse and then the battery runs down and the blazer dies. Just put a brand new alternator in charging 14.5 amps. Now when I turn the switch on to start the blazer it automaically blows the 10 amp fuse and will run until the battery is drained. Any ideas???
02/02/09 00:55

To #7 Ck your groung wire.

To #6 Check for a short in your tail light wiring (pigtails).

03/06/09 19:57
jim birkel

96 s10 4 cylinder 5 spd/ cuts out when running thru gears. it runs fine at highway speeds.

new plugs and wires within the last year. new fuel filter and the fuel pump tested out fine at idle.

03/15/09 09:25

I have this Chevy S-10 and it keeps on shutting off while going down the road, replaced the ignition control module, electronic module, map sensor, It will run ok when the truck is over half full in fuel, otherwise shuts off while driving any idea what it could be? Running out of parts to replace?
03/17/09 10:53

I have a 92 S10 Pickup that runs real rich when you first start it up. It runs like crap for about 15 minutes then like you turn on a switch all of the sudden it smoothes right out and runs great. I've replaced the computer, all the sensors, vacume lines, and egr valve. About the only things I have left are the fuel pump and the throttle body injection/carburator. Any clues? Any help would be greatly appreciated
06/19/09 23:36

I have a 99 s10 v6 4.3 automatic. The check engine light is on. The abs light is on. My transmission will not automatically shift out of 1st gear. The speedometer jumps from 0 to 130 back and forth like crazy. I have to manually shift it into 2nd gear. Third and fouth gear do not work at all. MY first thought was catalytic converter. I removed it. This fixed the problem for about 2 weeks. Now the problem is worse. My engine runs great. It has 217, 000 miles but runs and idles like new. I was thinking that this could be a sensor problem but dont know which ones or where they would be at. MY transmission is not leaking any fluid or making any grinding noises. The fluid is clear and no metal flakes in it.
09/05/09 21:37
Brian Hiler

i need help im puttin a v8 in my s10 and someone chopped my wiering harness and i cant find which wiers goes to my altinator
02/01/10 17:07

i changed my head gasget wich had me un link a few electrical conetions now im shure every thing got hooked back 2 geter and bolted back in place but now there is power 2 altanator and starter. but will not do any thing when i turn the key no interyer light . there is no power 2 the ignishion. i whoud apresheat any addvise i coud get
08/06/10 18:20

i have a 1992 s10 pickup with a 4.3l v6 and the truck was running and then just died, and it wont start again i pulled the spark plug out to see if i had spark and there was nothing... i need help figuring out what to do next.. thanks
09/21/10 21:21

i have a chey s10 and it run fine but when i let off the gas like at stop sign it sputters and then it will run fine after i pick up speed but when i have to let off gas it will sputter I have changed plugs, wires, injectors, fule filter no change and the check engine light does not come on any help
09/22/10 06:27

Radiator blew on my 1997 4cyl, 5speed S10. I run a not for pprofit animal shelter & we really need help deciding what to do. The head is warped an I was told it coud be resurfaced & the valves are bad, but can be fixed. I am worried if we put money into that, that we still might have a lower part of the motor be bad. Would we really be taking a chance to have to do more work later & would we be better off buying a good salvaged engine & just replacing the whole thing. I am told the oil looks black & not frothy in the motor. We need some advice. I also wouldn't know where to find a good engine we could aford either. I am in So. West missouri. THANKS
10/05/10 22:03

driving my 99 s10 shut down lost power and now it will not start. it acks like there no power win you trun the key. the starter relay is working. help thank
10/14/10 20:09
Paul Maples

I have a 1993 S-10 pickup that will start easily in the morning but when it warms up it will die. I can only keep it running by putting one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake. After it warms up the only way I can re-start it is by spraying carburetor fluid down in the the throttle body. Can anyone help me with this issue?

If it is the computer is there an interchangeability chart available or do I have to put the exact serial number back in.

Thanks folks for the help, this old Vietnam Vet, Laid Off worker, raising grandkids needs all the help I can get and will greatly appreciate any help offered.

11/18/10 22:00
robert frazier

losing compression around the #3 plug on my chevy s10 pickup, its a 4cylinder what can i do
11/29/10 13:19
Tony C-ham

#15, get your ignition module checked.
12/15/10 18:48

truck not geeting gas throught fuel injecters
12/31/10 14:44

ive got a 1991 chevy s10 2.8 V6 5spd. it starts and runs fine but it unresponsive when accelerating. it kinda "bogs" it will not get up to speed very fast at all and when i push the gas pedal to the floor it cuts out in a sense. i have to release it half way then it cuts back in. i can get it up to 60 mph and it wont go any faster. at any time i let go of the gas pedal the truck "jumps" and slows down considerably.
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    Chevrolet S10 Pickup 'I need help with this problem can any give me a answer ?'