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- Chevrolet-S10 Pickup

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04/18/09 09:28


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scott stewart

If the problem is that the brake lights will not turn off, the problem is most likely the CHMSL relay. An easy check is to take the cover off the fuse block mounted on the driver's side fender well and swap the fog lamp relay with the CHMSL relay. If that fixes it, just get a new relay for the fog lamps and you're good to go. Note, my 2002 s10 does not have fog lamps, but it still had the relay populated in the fuse block.

**/**/** **:**

I had the same problem brake light stayed on after exiting the truck i sprayed the bl switch with a coductive lube and it stopped for a couple weeks now no brake lights at all replaced the brake switch and still notta the cruise control registers that the brake is being applied. I think it might be multi function switch any ideas? 2002 silverado 5.3 4x4
**/**/** **:**

also forgot to mention brake light switch has 12 volts going in but only 0.04 v coming out
**/**/** **:**

Much to my delight (and the de-lighting of my tail brake lights), Scott's reply # 11 seems to have remedied my same issue. The relay swap left the brake lights all working properly. No matter the cost of the relay, the solution is way too easy to not give it a try. Thanks!
**/**/** **:**

scott stewart thanks for the information it worked great!!!!!!!!! chuck
**/**/** **:**

I had the same problem with brake lights staying on and also the 4-way hazards did not work. Changed out the CHMSL relay and it fixed both problems. Thanks Scott
**/**/** **:**

what do i do; 1998 chevr. prizm
**/**/** **:**

Hey everyone,

I aslo have a 01 chevy s-10. I get home from class. Turn on my truck and go inside.

After an hour I look outside and notice my rear brake light are on. I thought it was my auto-starter or the switches by the brake peddle. I replaced it but not change. They are still on. How do I go about fixing it on my own or w/out breaking my big college budget?

**/**/** **:**
david boyle

you rock scott we have a 2000 s10 and the 2 rear lights were staying on but not the 3rd light and I was at a loss
**/**/** **:**
Mo Gakemeier

Reply #11 is the correct fix. It is the relay. Thanks, I am returning the brake light switch. Thanks Scott.
**/**/** **:**

Thank You Scott! Pure genious
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Seems like the chevy S-10 P/U and Blazers have issues with the brake lights staying on. I have a 1992 Chevy S-10 P/U, & the brake lights will stay on every now and then. Even killed my battery cause the brake light was on all night and didn't know until I went to get in at 4:30 in the morning and seen them on, at least somewhat. Did have the double filament buld in it also, made sure of that cause the bulbs were just recently replaced.
**/**/** **:**

Hey the taking out of the CHSML relay and the fog lamp relay and puting them back in was enough for my brake lights to go off.. Not sure how long it will last, but works for now, nothing fancy or expensive. Thank you scott S, I might have to replace them later, butt for now works with just taking htem out and putting back in.


**/**/** **:**

help.. my brake lights would not turn off. When I hit the pedal lights would turn off for a while and come back but after the lights just stayed on. tried to replace my break light switch but the condition is still the same.Disconnecting the battery is the only way to shut it off.

**/**/** **:**

Thank you Scott Stewart I did as you said re: my stuck brake lights. Your advice worked :-)
**/**/** **:**

Hello, I have a 93 GMC Jimmy and the brake lights stay on every once in a while (has happened twice). After a few pumps on the brake I noticed they did go out.

I am concerned about draining the battery if it happens and I do not notice it.

Is this simply a switch that can be cleaned or changed, or is it something more detailed.

Your comments are welcome.

Thanks Dan

**/**/** **:**

OK, I had the same problem as #18-Rob. Turn truck (2000 S10) off, and passenger tail light would stay on. sometimes tapping the brakes would work and it would eventually go off - sometimes not.


one day figured out to put on the right turn signal when the truck was off, and it would extinguish the light. OK, got tired of that. Followed #11-Scott's suggestion and voila! PROBLEM GONE! Literally took 1 minute to fix. Going to replace the relay (if reasonable) later.

Thanks to everyone for their input, especially Scott!


**/**/** **:**

# 11 - Scott - ydfm

I have 2002 S10 and just like others on the thread was having the same problem: rear brake lights stay on all the time while CHM goes on/off when brake pedal is depressed/released.

I just tried checking the brake pedal switch (what a pain that bugger is to get out) and even pulled it entirely opened it up and inspected it, and the lights stayed on. Put a new switch on on just for the hell of it, still stayed on - so it's not the switch.

Finally came across this post. In my case when I took the CHMSL relay out everything went off - so far so good. Tried the fog light relay but it didn't work (could hear clicking but no light anywhere). Since I figured I was on the right track, I tried the horn relay which happens to be the same model. Bingo! So I guess my fog light relay is shot too, but I don't care because I don't have fog lights anyway.

Anyway long story short, replaced the CHMSL relay and all good now. Doesn't really make sense to me why the CHMSL relay would cause the REAR lights to stay on but then i'm not an electrical guy either. My only concern now is if 2 relays were shot, is this a symptom of a bigger electrical problem? Guess I'll find out.

BTW if you are wondering what CHMSL stands for like I was it's Center High Mount Stop Light.

Thanks for the thread and all the help!


**/**/** **:**
B Newey

**/**/** **:**
claude hardwick

i have the same problem with the brakelights staying on i have replaced the brakelight swich and still have the problem i pull out the 20 amp fuse to kill it this getting on my nerves.
**/**/** **:**
claude hardwick

thanks scott stewart switching the two relays worked thanks alot man
**/**/** **:**
mark franklin

Thanks Scott, (reply#11) I changed them just like you said and the rear lights went off.
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"relay fixed it"

Switched the chmsl relay with unused foglamp relay. After an unnecessary brakelight switch replacement my lights r workin. Thanks for the insight
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"2003 GMC Sonoma brake lights"

Scott 's reply at #11 fixed my problem. Brake lights were staying on all the time. swaped the CMHSL relay with the fog light relay and they work perfectly.
06/07/14 09:49
Forney, TX
Thank author of this post/comment"He knows his stuff"

#11 is correct. I wasted time and $90 for a multi-function

switch. Way to go Scott Stewart!! Thanks!

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 35 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: BRAKE LIGHTS STAY ON archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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