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wont run will turn over but will not crank engine spins over fast

- Chevrolet-S10 Pickup

Forum Post
09/21/09 12:39

wont run will turn over but will not crank engine spins over fast

i have a 98 s10 it will spin over real fast but wont start checked the timing chain it is tight dose anyone have any idea what might be wrong
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11/11/09 11:58

check make sure you got fuel and spark check crank sensor and key swithch
12/01/09 19:19
Roger Morris

It sounds like your timing belt or chain is broke.
03/30/10 12:45

Mine did the same thing. Check the crank sensor. That fixed it for me.
03/30/10 18:46

check cylinder compression and spark
06/18/10 08:27

sounds like your timing chain slipped or broke. Check timing and/or compression.
07/19/10 23:52

If not what is posted above, then this sounds like a classic ignition switch problem. Make sure it was replaced and not the ignition lock cylinder!

The ignition module below the ignition key will fix the truck. A loose or worn connection in the tumbler box would sometimes cut off the power to items in the truck, the brain, the fuel pump... ect.

Ignition module is a little black box and wires below the ignition key, it is approx $100 to replace and truck runs ... no stalling or no start conditions anymore.

To replace the ignition switch

Torx bits (get a set, you need 3 sizes) Inverted Torx ( a set is available at Schucks/Kragen/Checker


A few zip ties

Wire cutters

Remove the skirting under the dash area and steering wheel.

Disconnecting the yellow wire under the dash on drivers side for the airbag.

Leave the airbag alone if possible, it may not be necessary to remove the steering wheel.

Now remove the lower column cover with 2 Torx screws.

You will now have access to 2 inverted Torx screws that hold the top column cover in place.

Look on the top of the ignition cylinder housing and find the small hole.

Insert a small Allen wrench into the hole and turn the key to "run" position and the ignition cylinder will come out, now the top cover will come off, giving access to the ignition switch.

You will need the smallest inverted Torx bit for the 2 screws that hold the ignition switch in.

You will have to cut a couple of zip ties to free the wiring.

Now get a Torx bit and a 7mm socket and remove the lower dash panels to get access to the wiring harness.

You will need the 7mm to unscrew a bolt that holds the connector together under the dash. Just follow the wiring to see what I mean.

Once the connector near firewall above foot area is loose, you will see two plastic strips that run along side the connector. These are easy to remove and slide off, and are keyed so you cannot reinstall them wrong. Hope this helps.

10/19/10 16:02

So my battery is at full charge. It's giving me the starting engine sound but not making that last little bit of turn-over to have it running. Should I check my alternator or could me battery be charged enough to get my lights on but not have enough jump to get the starter to turn?

Any help, thanks.

11/04/10 12:34
J.B. Powell

My S-10 pick up wont start. It sounds normal when it is turned over. Help!

11/12/10 18:51

my truck wont turns over but no spark i replaced the cam sensor crank sensor spark plugs fuel pressure switch and the igniton switch please help me. .i was also wondering could it be my relays a fusible switch
01/09/11 12:49
steve lee

s-10 2000 4.3 has 60 lbs of fuel pump presure, engine is firing and will crank ocasionaly if you turn the key 50 times to activate the fuel pump.
01/20/11 20:59
Brandon Pittman

i have a 2000 s10 it will spin over but will not start. i put a new fuel pump in it but it still want stat and u cant hear the fuel pump. If it jumped time will that keep the fuel pump from coming on? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02/27/11 15:48

My S10 is doing the same thing. it is the Passlock 2 security messing you up. when connected to a obd2 scanner it shows 1631 and 1632 trouble codes- the BCM turns off the fuel flow to the injectors and the truck will turn over til it kills the battery but wont start. i found this out after replacing the fuel pump, relay, and filter. do a search for passlock 2 problems and read on.
04/19/11 02:26

i have a 97 chevy suburban 1500 and when i turn the key to accessory, the dash dosen't light up! it's gettin power because the radio comes on and i can see the light for the PRDN123. It seems when the dash lights up, it'll start. but when i turn the key and it dosen't light up, NO START! WHEN I TURN THE KEY back and fourth 10-20 times the dash lights up, then i can start the vehicle. What can this problem be?
04/19/11 02:37

I don't know if this helps, but sometimes it cut out on me in mid drive. some days it'll start fine, and other days i turn the key and the instrument cluster dosen't light up. when the instrument cluster lights up this is when i hear the fuel pump engaging so i need the cluster to light up so the vehicle will start! I was thinking the ignition switch but could it be anything else? As I mentioned before, the radio and headlights are still working even when i turn the key, instrument cluster just dosen't light up (at times). Please help!
04/21/11 12:13
Diana Hofman

I had the same problem on my 1998 S10 pickup and had several people run various diagnostic type tests and even replaced a few minor parts. The problem ended up being that for some reason my truck started running out of gas when the gauge says it has a 1/4 tank left. Maybe its the gauge but I haven't bothered to fix it, I just make sure I keep enough gas in it.
07/06/11 18:07
Thank author of this post/comment"1995 s10 pickup"

my truck just cut off in traffic and now will not start. It does turn over, and will occassionally sound like it it is trying to start but won't. Was running fine right before this occurred. any ideas on what could be the problem?
02/21/13 13:52
Bell, Florida
Thank author of this post/comment"1993 chevy s10 please help me "

my husband bought a chevy s10 a few years back well they thought there was something wrong with the transmission the tranny has been rebuilt there was something to do with the clutch cause it was not going over 50mpg well come to find out they had a pontic fly wheel as the clutch plate retards so my husband has them go supe up the enginge its got a new brain motor was rebuilt and upgraded the tranny been rebuilt new battery new gaskets a oil change everything on the inside of the truck except 3 thing are brandnew under the hood battery trya to the hole nine yrds well we get the truck back and now its got if u check the spark plugs etc its got 1 amp instead of whats it suppose to have if that makes since it will act like its going to crank and nothing it will not turn over and fire up it wont do squat im ready to take the 1500 i got in the truck and push it over a clift but my husband keeps telling me he can fix it i have taken it to chevy they had it 3 weeks they called me and told me if i came a nd got it they wouldnt charge me cause they dont know whats wrong with it nobody seems to figure out whats wrong with this pos any body else had this problem
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    Chevrolet S10 Pickup 'wont run will turn over but will not crank engine spins over fast'