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engine swap

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what do i need to swap a 4.3 out of a 90 s10 balzer 4x4 into my 2000 gmc sonoma 2wd it has a 2.2l now
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i need to know if i can replace the engine 2.2 chevy s 10 1998 by chevy s10 1994 4.3 engine .it is possible .let me know thanks.
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i've got a '98 s10 4cyl manual w/a blown engine. also have a '93 s10 blazer 4x4 w/4.3 6cyl w/a bad automatic transmission. wanna do a swap and put the '93 4.3 into the '98 s10 and know i'll have to replace the tranny. anyone know what kind of trans should i look for and/or any other major issues?
**/**/** **:**

hey i have a question is it possible to put an engine from a 98 s10 into a 955 s10 if the 95 is 4 wheel drive but the 98 isnt?
**/**/** **:**
larry smith

I have a 2000 S10 motor and tranny try N to get rd off 115k 2.2 vortec. shoot me an email or give me a ring if anyone is interested thanks. 2178222639
**/**/** **:**

i have a 84' s-10 with a 2.8 motor willa 93' 2.8 motor work in my truck
**/**/** **:**

I have a 1997 S-10 that had a 4.3 automatic. Want to install 1996 2.2 4 cylindar manual transmission with 5 speed. can this be done well? extra parts needed?
**/**/** **:**
Andre hamilton

I have a 95 S-10 chevy 2.2L 4cylinder crankshaft is gone and I need to replace the engine what is the better warranty on this engine and is it better to replace the engin or purchase another truck.
**/**/** **:**

I have a 1996 s10 with a bad 2.2 so i put a 1998 cavalier motor 2.2 in it. I took the head off the s10 as well as everything else. It runs great except it spark knock really bad. Any thoughts? i tried a different knock sensor.
**/**/** **:**

I have a 1998 S10 with a 2.2 engine. Can that engine be replaced with a 1997 2.2? Are modifications required? Does the computer from the 1997 also need to be changed? Thanks
**/**/** **:**

I have a 1995 s-10 with a 2.2l motor (truck has bad frame) I also have a 1996 s-10 with a bad 4.3 v-6 motor and would like to change the 2.2l into the 4.3 s-10 what do I need or is it a straight swap???
**/**/** **:**

I have a '98 S-15 Sonoma with a blown 2.2, can I replace it with a 2000 Tracker 2.0? I have trannies for both if that is a problem.
**/**/** **:**

can i swap out my 2.2 motor out of my 2000 s10 and put in a nissan r34 motor in if it has the transmisson with it?
**/**/** **:**

I just swapped a 2002 s-10 2.2 into a 1994 s-10. I used the head, intake, exhaust, pushrods and rocker arms from the 94. It has a bad valvetrain noise and I am wondering if the newer block and the older head aren't supposed to be together. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
**/**/** **:**

hi, i am wondering what it would take to put a 4.3 6 cyl. into my 94 sonoma that has a 2.2 4 cyl.its been hit in front and i have most of he front off now.what would i have to change reroute to make this work.thank i was also thinking v-8 small block also it is a 4x2.any simple ways thanks again
**/**/** **:**

i have a 99 s10 4 cylinder replacing bad motor with a 94. it looks to me like one has a cam position sensor and mabe the other a crankshaft sensor. one also has a knock snesor. can i use 99 brain stilll or do i have to replace the chip in it with the 94. what other problems should i encur. everything else looks like it will work. Please let me know asap. I need to get this vehicle running for work.

**/**/** **:**

Will a 98 S10 2.2 engine fit into a 2000 S-10 with out modifications. Anyone know?

Both Stick shift.

**/**/** **:**

Iam looking a 1995 chev s 10 engine 2.2 in Good condition.please

if you have it let me know.

**/**/** **:**

i have a motor for this truck out of a 96 astro van will this motor fit in the truck? thanks.......
**/**/** **:**

i have an s10 4x4 with a blown engine, i am wondering if an engine out of a 1996 chevy astro van will work?
**/**/** **:**

what all do u have to take off to get a trany out of my 92 blazer wath a 4.3 vtech moter plz let me know
**/**/** **:**

i had to put a new sub fram in it and now the car viberat all over the place wane you drive it in to you get over 40mph would any one know y that would be let me know

**/**/** **:**

sorry the car is a 99 mercury sabble and i need to get it fixed i was told it was the rack but i dont think it is so if someone can let me know if they know what it is think you just let me know
**/**/** **:**

Looking for a 2001 2.2 for my s10 pickup 2wd auto. Just trashed mine. Thanks.
**/**/** **:**

i have a 87 chevy s10 tahoe 4x4 with a 2.8 the motor is bad i have a 2.8 motor out of a 93 gmc sanoma 2wd i want to swap them how do i do that as far as the oil pan goes.i also have the automatic trans out of the gmc if anyone is interested
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