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Gauge Cluster

- Chevrolet-S10 Blazer

Forum Post
02/22/09 02:36

Gauge Cluster

I have a 1992 Blazer S10 and when i bought it the all the gauges worked fine except the speedometer dimmed in and out. Then i had the oil pump replaced and now all the gauges dont work except the speedometer which no longer dims in and out. I replaced the unit and same problem with it.
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I have the same type of issue. I own a 94 s10 blazer. My cluster dont work at all. Only the bright light signal works and the red letters flash after I start the car but no gas, speed, temp, or rpm gauges work. After I got a new battery they all came on for about a week then all of a sudden it went out again and to my bad luck they havent popped back on again. I pulled it apart and moved the wires around and there dont seem to be a short but I dont know where else to look. I dont want to buy a new cluster for nothing when the problem seems to be electrical. Where are the rest of the wires from beginning to end???
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We repair these. The problems described are common and we can repair them. Visit website for more info.
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There is a short somewhere in the line most likely. This can range from easy to difficult because the short can be at any point. This also includes that the ground wire for the instrument panel could also be lose (this was my problem with my dash lights would flicker) which creates an "open circuit". Best bet is to get a repair manual for your vehicle at any local auto parts dealer that has a wiring diagram. You can then use the diagram to trace along to find your culprit. This can become difficult especially cause most if the wires are going to be behind the dash. If its beyond your comfort zone or just rather not work it yourself then take it to any auto electrical technician and they'll have you fixed up in an hour or two depending how bad the wiring is.
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I had the same problem but I just took out the whole dash and checked the wires the ground wire goes bad after a while and th dash uses a circut strip not all of it is wires if you guys have any more of these problems email me at s10s are my specialty THANKS
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I think it's with the parts that you used in the replacement or the manner it was replaced.
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David Tapfer

My 1993 Blazer with standard instruments not digital. The voltmeter works, the gas guage works but inaccurate. Oil pressure and water temp do not function and a "check gauges" light glows. The istr. fuse 20 amp is good. Engine runs perfect hour after hour. Connections at senders good. What is wrong ?
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Frank Masuicca

87 S-10 Blazer has an electrical problem. When I turn parking lights on all instrument panel lights drop out, plus gauges go down to zero? Any ideas, has anyone had this problem & could help?
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I bought my daughter a 99 s10 the gauge cluster goes in and out

whenever. Have checked the fuses , wiring, grounds. I'm at my wits end any suggestions?

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I can't see my speed at night because of the insturment is out. How do I get at the bulb to replace it?
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Corey Martz

Hi, i have a 91 blazer tahoe and the only lights that work in y digital cluster is the bottem left cluster the rest dont light up if anyone know what i should do please email me i have already replaced the fuse.
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Greg T.

Hey, my 1994 S10 Blazer's instrument panel went blank just as green smoke emited out of the seam formed by the instrument panel cluster cover and dash board. I could definitely smell something burning. The vehicle still runs, but whenever I drive it now I keep in mind that I might have to evacuate quickly.

I plan to dig into it soon, and see if I can fix the burnt wire(s). Maybe a mouse got in there while seeking shelter from the cold.

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i have 94 s10 blazer i want to swap the gauge cluster out with a pod gauge setup from the 80s model blazer one with a tach. (my current cluster doesnt have a tach) is it possible to do that without gettin a new dash and is it worth going through the trouble to do it
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My digital instrumental cluster dash does not light up. I can't see any of the panel except the speed it works. It has come on a couple times but does not stay on. Like I said I can see the speed but nothing else.
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just bought a 91 blazer, but there are 2 issues

1) the speedometer fluxuates, example, ill be going 70 and it says 50, then 35, then 40, then 30 and so on.

2) my fuel gauge fluxuates quite a bit by going under or above the acual amount by a quarter tank or so.

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I have a 1996 chevy blazer the instrument panel had similar problems. when I took the cluster off (after much work) there was a circuit strip with a couple of bent over parts where they were touching the back of the cluster box. after straightening these out I pressed them onto the back of the cluster box lining up the holes with the pegs on said box, then pressed the whole thing back onto the wiring harness terminal and voila! everything back to normal. different guages will malfunction dependent upon which parts of the circuit strip are damaged. try pressing parts of entire strip to terminal while vehicle is running, you should et different lights and guages going dependent on what part you apply pressure to.
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tim j

Please help... I just got done changing out a fuel injector and intake manafold gaskets and valve cover gasket before all this my oil pressure guage worked now it dosent and there is a check guages light on but the truck seems to run just fine if my oil pump was bad wouldn't my truck run like poo truck in question is 94 s10 2.2l mfi please send resposes to please
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Dustin Kent

I have a 1993 Chevy S-10 Blazer that has the electrical instrument display. I recently purchased this so I don't know much about it. The only thing that works is the speedometer. I can't tell how much gas, nor any other important items. The speedometer itself goes out at times. It will come back on with a bump of the dash by your hand. Bad cluster? Lose wires? Bad ground connection? help....
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Can I use an insterment cluster for a manual transfer in my automatic 91 s10 blazer
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I changed the fuel pump out 4 times and the instrument cluster and im still having problem with the gas gauge. The original fuel pump the gas gauge worked fine. What its doing now is when i accelerate the needle on the gauge goes towards full and when i brake it goes towards empty. I cant figure it out. Please help me. Its a 1996 s10 Blazer i have.
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bought two new fuelpumps and my gas guage still dont work its always on empty it dont move at all i change the guage cluster couple time since i put the new fuel pump in and still the guage reads empty and the gear indicator light doesn't work and o2 sensor making my engine light stay on any one have any idea's


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james starr

have 91 chevy blazer when i start engine my parking lights come on . my dash board has only the speedometer light. i have no fuel gauge or battery or rpm gauges lit .please help
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Adam Ruble

I have a 1996 Chevy blazer and the lights on the insturment panel went out all gauges work fine along with thoese lights my tail lights don't work when I turn on my headlights but they light up when I press my break peddle and my door locks also quit working I have no clue what would make these three things go out all at once I just changed the radiator oil and the tranny fluid
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Ken Bastrom

I have a 93 Chevy S10 Blazer Tahoe 4.3L V6 and the dash cluster lights won't light. Everything with the car runs fine, but can't tell my speed or my fuel. All the warning lights come on when car started but none of the gauges or tach work. Checked fuse panel; all has power & it should on all fuses, key-on/key-off, except for 5 amp cluster light fuse. cluster light fuse has no power on either side, incoming or out-going. Do you have a wiring diagram or is there a relay switch I am missing? Also how do I check for broken connector in fuse box--can't get the fuse box out; don't know how. Help.
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Thank author of this post/comment"Chevy Blazer electrical instrument cluster fault"

Hello and greetings from Finland :)

I have in my desk Blazer instrument cluster and I'm trying to find out the problem and fix it by myself if only possible.

Only speedometer and trip displays and warning lights works, but 3 panels on the side are totally blank.

Do you have information what is causing the fault?

I checked allready factory solderings by microscope and all jointings seemed to be (and no broken wirings etc.) okay thus of that I resoldered almost everything.

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 27 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Gauge Cluster archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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