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95 Chevy Blazer turns over but wont start

- Chevrolet-S10 Blazer

Forum Post
04/14/09 13:19

95 Chevy Blazer turns over but wont start

My 1995 Chevy Blazer will turn over, but won't start. This is the 2nd time in 2 weeks. The 1st time, I had pulled the radio fuse(I just had a new radio installed and had problems with lights after that) and the truck started. Didn't have any problems starting, just truck was running badly. It has been bogging down and not shifting properly until after reaching a speed of 35mph and higher. Then with no warning once again truck turns over, all power works just wont start. So then I checked the relay access box in glove box, pulled those two fuses out and put them right back in. Truck started afterwards, but I know that the problem isn't fixed due to nothing being replaced. Please help!!
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07/17/09 14:20
mike bryson

trans w/replaced then it would not start not getting fire to grey wire on fuel pump but if you push the 4x4 button fuel pump will run for about 1 second then it goes off
10/30/09 13:58
Michael A Johnson

my 97 chevy s10 blazer stop running on the highway. It turns over but wont start.
11/05/09 09:45
steven perryman

my 95 s10 will not fire and fuel pump, instrument cluster will not come on when turning the key on. i have replaced ign.module, the coil , pick up coil, rotor, cap, and even checked timing chain is there an ignition switch module
11/07/09 10:31
Joseph Moore

the promlem started on my way home one day the truck cut off and it would start after messing with it for awhile. then it stop I pull the distrubtor cap off and find the rotor button had came completely aloose no screws in it at all. I thought that was the problem replace the rotor button put news screws in it and it still will not crank. Change the spark plugs thought maybe they was flooded out but it still want crank. Anything else i can check. Really need this blazer to run amy help will be appreciatee thanks
11/21/09 18:45
Jimmy Creech

Hi my 1995 blazer will not start it will turn over but will not fire. i put a new coil and ign module the module was put on 2 months ago. what could be the problen the fuel pump is good i can hear it click on
12/14/09 07:45
Chris Schuback

i changed the battery in my 2000 blazer. when doing this i hit the alternator while putting the positive terminal back on. everything flashed off and back on and there was a spark. now the truck will turn over but not start??? any suggestions? could i have done something to the copmuter?
12/26/09 12:23
Curtis Days

Yes your computer is most likely fried. If you're a do it yourself guy it'll cost about 100 bucks to fix.
01/22/10 17:00
Fravel Combs

Check / Replace the coil wire. If you see any white powder on the coil wire where it touches the trans fluid dip stick it is leaking / sparking. Try turning the engine over after dark, if you see sparks you know you have bad wires. Good Luck.
01/25/10 09:46

06/23/10 23:36

check igniton switch. my 2004 is doing the same, have replaced sparg plugs, battery, spark plug wires, roto bug , distributor cap , fule filter. have taken i to chevrolet no codes. turn the key to own position and see if all lights come on as well as the radio. if get a security light on then replace ignition wire. i dont know how to do this but it sells for about 65 st auto zone.
06/28/10 09:06

Try banging on the fuel tank. if the truck starts after a few times of trying this then you need a fuel pump.
06/28/10 09:11
Gary S.

I have a 97 blazer that just quit on day. I have replaced the fuel pump, pressure regulator, filter. The truck will now start but it runs very bad and smokes real bad and makes a rattling sound. Anyone have any suggestions?
07/19/10 23:34

If quits while running. Starts sometimes, not others. Turns over but won't start then likley the ignition switch, not the key barrel, but the switch itself.

This sounds like a classic ignition switch problem. Make sure it is replaced and not the ignition lock cylinder!

The ignition module below the ignition key will fix the truck. A loose or worn connection in the tumbler box would sometimes cut off the power to items in the truck, the brain, the fuel pump... ect.

Ignition module is a little black box and wires below the ignition key, it is approx $100 to replace and truck runs ... no stalling or no start conditions anymore.

To replace the ignition switch

Torx bits (get a set, you need 3 sizes) Inverted Torx ( a set is available at Schucks/Kragen/Checker


A few zip ties

Wire cutters

Remove the skirting under the dash area and steering wheel.

Disconnecting the yellow wire under the dash on drivers side for the airbag.

Leave the airbag alone if possible, it may not be necessary to remove the steering wheel.

Now remove the lower column cover with 2 Torx screws.

You will now have access to 2 inverted Torx screws that hold the top column cover in place.

Look on the top of the ignition cylinder housing and find the small hole.

Insert a small Allen wrench into the hole and turn the key to "run" position and the ignition cylinder will come out, now the top cover will come off, giving access to the ignition switch.

You will need the smallest inverted Torx bit for the 2 screws that hold the ignition switch in.

You will have to cut a couple of zip ties to free the wiring.

Now get a Torx bit and a 7mm socket and remove the lower dash panels to get access to the wiring harness.

You will need the 7mm to unscrew a bolt that holds the connector together under the dash. Just follow the wiring to see what I mean.

Once the connector near firewall above foot area is loose, you will see two plastic strips that run along side the connector. These are easy to remove and slide off, and are keyed so you cannot reinstall them wrong. Hope this helps.

07/22/10 21:36

My Blazer cranks but will not turn over it safter a few cranks you can start to smell the fuel I have replaced the filter the pump several modules and a tune up I am at a complete loss right now.
09/01/10 00:05
Alisha Favre

my 95 s10 blazer gave this code in 2008 and I had the t.p.s changed. well low and behold it started doing it again. What eles might I need to replace besides the t.p.s? Any help with this would be great, I keep finding things but they dont make sence.
09/23/10 09:18
Abraham Martinez

My 95 chevy Blazer turn off on the while driving home, my friend and i took off the spark plug to see if it was giving power to the spark plugs and no power. So i am very lost what could it be...PLEASE HELP
09/23/10 23:31

i have a 1998 chevy blazer i been haveing problems with it for about a week now i replaced the fuel pump the spyder injectors spark plugs, spark plug caps and once i put the spyder injector in it it started right up now its doing the exact same thing and getting no spark what so ever i went and bought a new coil no spark hot wire a wire to the coil and still no spark try either to the carboarator nothing i have no clue what it is

i have a 1998 chevy blazer i been haveing problems with it for about a week now i replaced the fuel pump the spyder injectors spark plugs, spark plug caps and once i put the spyder injector in it it started right up now its doing the exact same thing and getting no spark what so ever i went and bought a new coil no spark hot wire a wire to the coil and still no spark try either to the carboarator nothing i have no clue what it is

11/08/10 16:00

95 blazer - the last couple weeks I've had a problem with starting my blazer. Vehicle has always fired /started immediately. Now when I turn it over - it's almost like it isn't getting gas. I have to pump the gas a tiny bit once i hear it starting ??? I am woman and don't know want to get taken at a auto fix it place! HELP?? Thanks!
11/08/10 22:41

the ECM fuse keeps blowing in my 92 s10 blazer why
11/09/10 01:42
eben keyser

how can i bypass the immobeliser on a99 blazer?
11/23/10 03:20

when i start my 95 sometimes it will sputter and die then restart it and it will idle high for a minute and then run. and it makes a weird noise when drivin and kind a shakes a little bit, my friend told me that my hub was going out??sounds kind of like metal rubbing or something to that effect. also does anyone know how to fix the 4wheel drive?? i have the buttons but i cant push them to switch it, it doesnt do anything. any ideas let me know
12/27/10 00:39
B Hudsan

The connector inside the plenum on the Vortec 4.3L Fuel Injected Engine. It runs the fuel injectors. They did not Crimp the stress relief part of the connector. Thr wires become worn and must be soldered or new connector. Symptons are Hesitation.Stalling, not starting. if you solder make sure you clean to remove all oils and fuel from new connection and tin the wires and connectors to insure good connections. This drove my nephew nuts for a week until we tracked it down.

04/20/11 17:11
philip bergeron

new coil new ing mole dis is it relaid swich
04/23/11 05:09

hi i need help figuring out wats wrong with my 95 blazer..the issue i have with this blazer is that it wont start it cranks but doesnt start..has brand new ac delco spark plugs wires cap and rotor fuel pump fuel filter new red top optima...can any one help me out too figure out what cud be the issue if u can email me at thank u
06/07/11 18:06
San diego
Thank author of this post/comment"My chevy blazer"

My chevy blazer turns over but won't start the only way I found that it wil start is by getting a jump and I doubt it's my alternator because everything turns on
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 25 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 95 Chevy Blazer turns over but wont start archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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