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starts and stalls, runs rough

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This forum post has messages dated from 12/26/07 through 04/21/12, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

Forum Post
12/26/07 16:07

starts and stalls, runs rough

I have a 91 lumina apv with 3.1 V6. It started to have no throttle response and would almost die if you stepped on the throttle. I changed the oxygen sensor - no help. I jumped the diagnostics and it showed code 34 - MAF sensor - these don't have one. Guy at local NAPA said to change the MAP sensor (these covered the MAF sensor on older vehicles) at air cleaner housing. I did this and still no help. I even took of the positive cable to see if it would re-set itself. Any ideas?



08/24/08 15:05
Mike Hoback

There are a couple of things to try. One I would test the ignition control module, it's inside the distributor. It's not hard to remove and local parts stores can test them. Check the fuel pressure, there is a valve on the back of the intake that when the car has just ran or even when cranking it, there will be pressure at that spot. You will hook up the fuel pressure tester there. Also, you can have someone listen by the fuel tank for a humming sound when you hit the key. That is the sound of the fuel pump priming the engine. Give these a try and see what you find.
03/06/09 03:02

04/11/09 11:55

I have a 1994 chevy lum apv. 3.8L- engine misses on all cyls. cuts out and will not run for 15-30 minutes. During this time the is no injector signal and fuel pressure is fine. spray fuel into cpi and it cranks and dies. fresh tuneup adn ign module. coils ohm test fine. Any ideas?


04/12/09 21:44

i have a 91 Chevy lumina EURO 3.1 . . and the problem is is somewhat similar

When the engine gets hot ( say about 20 mins of driving) and you shut it down and let it rest of r 5~10 mins . . it wont start . . itll crank but wont turn over . . . itll only start if it has sufficiently cooled down . . .

i ve heard heard in multiple posts that its the ECM. . . but i want to make sure that its the ECM and nothing else . .

05/08/09 19:10

i have a 91 lumina 3.1 once hot (20 minutes of driving)will run really rough and wont accelerate and back fire out the exhaust wait a little bit and runs perfectly fine
05/31/09 18:47

same ing thing with my 91 chevy lumina . . . when hot it does its crazy thing . . . wont start . . some times would start if you spray starting fluid in the air filter hose split hole . . . also look out for leaks in that hose in the throttle body side . . . and clean the throttle plate with carb cleaner also do the same for EGR valve . . . this issue has nothing to do with the fuel pump . . . pressure is about 40psi steady . . . . its either the intake/ intake manifold or the ECM or the Ignition module . . . somebody please help . . . .
06/26/09 18:18

my car is crappy.

it stals and sumtimes wont start back up unless it sits for 5 minutes-then it stalls 2 sec. later.

it only happens when im going low speed and stop.

its a 91 chevy lumina. i bought it for only 700. and i have had it for not even a year and i already put more money into it then what i bought it.

it ran good b4 too, and nothing was wrong with it. now all of a sudden its fallin apart. saaad =(

new battery

new breaks front and back

and new wheel berren (?)


12/09/09 14:22

I've had 2 cars now, a Pontiac 6000 with the 2.8 V6 (carburated EFI) and my current Lumina with the 3.1 V6 (DIS) engine which are basically the same for all practical purposes.

I had the same symptoms with my Pontiac about a year ago and I never replaced anything, just took things apart and cleaned up the electrical components. Never did figure out what I did to make it run right, but recently my Lumina started acting up. Just died while driving it and would not restart until the next day when the engine was cold. It would start and die when it got warm again. Cranking if over only produced no spark or a backfire once in awhile but no hot start.

I replaced the fuel pump and filters and was going to change out the crank sensor, then I remembered my Pontiac and decided to pull the coil pack and clean it up. It was covered with old grease especially on the mounting plate which is suppose to work as a heat exchanger. Also the point of contact where the mounting plate mates to the engine block were dirty and corroded.

These coil packs, although they have a 12v lead to the ICM need to be grounded just like coils on other cars. If you look at the top of the coils opposite the spark plug terminals you will note that the mounting hole has a metal sleeve inside it. That must be clean in order to make contact with the screw which in turn grounds the coil to the backing plate and to the engine block.

Don't know if this will help anyone but it sure would have saved me a lot of money and headaches had I tried this first.

12/10/09 19:49
Joe Schafer

I have a Chevy Lumina uero 3.1 .It didnt start tues after my apointment and had it towed home and wed i thought it was a spark problem but found out today that it seems to be a gas seems like its flooding out and after a while of cranking it it starts and sometimes hesitates.but before all this happened it would run rough like it was getting to much gas .if someone can help me diagnose this please let me know.

ty joe

12/16/09 13:28
Kevin Harvey

I have a 1994 Chevy Lumina 3.8L it has started stalling. My mechanic said he recommened replacing the EGR but he didn't because it had only happened once. It has done it several times since. Is this a good idea to replace without knowing for certain?
01/10/10 17:36
Ben Hackney

02/02/10 09:19

I have a 1991 chevy lumina euro 3.1 engine. my car has not started since the temp went below freezing in nov. I have had the 3 coil packs tested their fine, recently i put in a new crank position sensor it helped the engine wants to turn over but wont. i just think that it is odd that the car had run fine until the first night that the temp went below freezing. do you have any suggestions. I was thinking of replacing the plugs. Also i have to wounder if when i took out the coil packs if i replaced them wrong, or the plugs wires wrong. like i said since i replaced the cps it wants to turn over
02/08/10 00:41

I have 1990 lumina apv 3.1L van, does this vehicle have a crankshaft sensor? If so can anyone tell me where it's located..
03/14/10 00:19
rocky m

i have 94 lumina apv 3.8 won't start. got spark, fuel pump makes noise, new fuel filter and fuel to engine. don't know what the fuel pressure should be.
05/03/10 20:15

i just bought a 1990 chevy lumina 3.1 multi port i belive it starts right up just fine but as soon as you just tap the accelerater it dies. i have changed the coil pack all sencers in it and iv done every thing i know it could be could some one help me


05/22/10 12:03
mustafa al mukhtar

Dear ser

I have lumina 2007 in Iraq and as you know we don’t have a Chevrolet company in our country

So I want your advice about my problem ….

My problem is when I execrate the speed and the engine rpm reach 5000 r/m it become un stable and appear safety mode activated then power protracted then cheek engine …

I go to mechanical and we put the car on diagnosis device then the device massege is engine control module is broken ….

Please what I should do now…..

Thank you …..

06/02/10 20:36
amanda spur

i have a 92 chevrolet lumina car that starts and drives but it bougs when driving it what could that hasn't died yet on me but i would like to prevent that as i have kids to haul around.please help me.
06/03/10 12:04
Jaime Pena

Thank you very much for your help and asisstance.

I have a chevi lumina 92 - the car works for about 10 minutes, then it shuts down. I have to wait approx 20 minutes to let it cool down. Then it will work again. same symptoms will occur after that.

any suggestions? I am not a mechanic but I am willing to get my hands dirty to fix it.I am very technical and willing to follow your instructions.

where can I start?

Thank you very much

06/06/10 17:42

My symptoms with a 1990 Chevy Lumina 3.1 Liter V6 is similar to many others here. It runs like a new car with 151, 000 miles. My father bought it new in 1990 and passed it onto me 3 years ago (2007.) The Chev dealer installed new coil, new fule injectors recently as it began to die and would not run past a few miles per hour to limp to the dealer repair in early April 2009. That was a year ago. It has been running like new since the repairs.

Now in the past week it sometimes starts rough, idle is too fast as if abnormally high RPM choke setting, then shift to [D] Drive and it quells this problem to immediately return the idle properly- Then after long drives, if stopped and idling in traffic at interections- It becomes rough at idle and then especially this> When the accelerator is depressed to increase speed from a stop it coughs~hesitates to almost seeming as if out of gas, then abruptly jumps to take off as if extreme extra power returns. As speed increases it seems like new again. This condition may only show a few times a week as intermittent and especially when long idling in stopped traffic. Otherwise it runs as smooth as new at high freeway speeds. Seems if the fuel supply is being choked off when at low idle in traffic stops. (All filters were changed at last oil change 8 months ago.)

Please advise,

Thnak you, Mark

06/08/10 01:30

93 Lumina APV 3.1 - Seems to be worse on hot days or after driving for a while. The car idles somewhat rough, but the worst problem is when I'm driving and have to accelerate, such as going up a hill or taking off from a stop. It is sometimes SO rough, it shakes and sputters A LOT and then it will be fine for a while. It seems like it could just shake apart & maybe cause engine damage. About 170, 000 miles on it, in the midwest. Otherwise in good condition, usually starts OK, except sometimes rough on really rainy days.
06/12/10 12:38

1991 Lumina 3.1 , starts runs for about 20 min and quits, starts after it cools down, I replaced altinator ( tested bad )and battery ( 9 years old ). Fuel pump hums when ignition in on, gonna change fuel filter cause the car sat for a year before we got it. Could this be a ignition module problem ?
07/10/10 22:47

I have a 1994 chevy lumina mini van. It seems to run really good, but it has a very very very slow pick up. It runs smooth just very slow. Gets up to the speed limit. It also stalls every once and a while. Don't have a clue what to do. It stalls when I slow down or stop mostly. No noise from the engine just quiet, so please please help me figure it out without replacing everything that doesn't need replaced.
07/21/10 19:02
Zagan Engelsein

I have a lumina euro 1992, and I had the problem that it starts and runs for about 15 mins and then suddenly shuts down, that was a problem with the ignition module...
08/13/10 21:18

I have a 94 lumina euro. I had to replace the altenator today and after we did that, it is now stalling out every time we start it, if it starts. The car is flooding itself out when you press on the accelerator, I have no clue what is wrong. Could someone give me some insight. Thank you!
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