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Transmission dipstick for Chevy Cavalier

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Forum Post
05/27/06 11:37

Transmission dipstick for Chevy Cavalier

This seems really dumb to me, but I can't find the transmission dipstick on my chevy cavalier. It is a 2001 model. I have found where to add fluid right on top of the transmission, but I do not see a dipstick to check the level. Any help is greatly appreciated.
05/31/06 10:43
Kevin B

There just isn't one. I suppose Chevy decided car owners could just psychic the level of fluid in their transmission at any given time. I'm having trouble with my transmission right now - a busted mount at 38k miles.
06/15/06 18:44

Actually, there is no transmission fluid dipstick for the 2001 Chevy Cavalier; but only for the automatic transmission. The manual has a dipstick just like the rest of the world. The automatic has no dipstick because you are not supposed to need to add transmission fluid, if you DO have to add transmission fluid, there is something wrong. From what I understand, you may need to have the transmission fluid changed at some point though. Good Luck!
06/26/08 12:26
melissa keller

actually the dipstick is located under the car, near the front left drivers door. thee is a red plug , open it and if fluid drips out, your ok, if nothing comes out you need fluid..
08/20/08 15:46

I am so glad to come across this. My daughter just hit something in the road and knocked a whole in her tranmission pan. So we had to add transmission fluid. How to check?? I am going to look a little more close and see if it is where said. Thanks for the help!
08/20/08 15:48

Of course my spelling is not the greatest. But I beleive I got the Thanks across.
10/08/08 11:51

for manual cavalier it is on drivers side on top of the transmission it self, a small dipstick plunger type. Lift small handle and pull out. Should see it from the drivers side looking behind engine on top of transmission.
10/13/08 19:35
B. D

There is no dipstick for the newer model Automatic transmission Cavaliers. There is only a red fill cap on the drivers side on top of the transmission. The only way to check it is to jack up the car, making sure it level with a jackstand on each side of the car, and remove a small plug from the side of the transmission, underneath the car. It will be small and in an American size. It is either a 3/8" or a 7/16" size plug. Once it is removed, fluid will drain out if it is overfilled. Once there is no more fluid coming out, it is at it's proper level. If there is none coming out, then add more until it comes out and levels off.It has a capacity of about 11 quarts for the 4 speed models. The 3 speed models have about 7 quarts. The dipstick for the 5 speed manual transmission is about 2 quarts of syncromesh transmission fluid. It is important that this fluid is used for the manual or problems will occur. It located on the back side of the engine. I will have either a white or yellow handle.
10/19/08 00:35

I had a 1999 cavalier 2.4z for 7 yrs now and was trying to find the dip stick for the transmission from the time i bought the car and never found it.thanks B.D.
10/31/08 18:19

Make sure engine is running when you check level!
12/08/08 19:34

2003 chevrolet cavalier has automatic transmission that dosen't shift into high gear when it is cold
02/20/09 21:03

03/11/09 10:57

Actually, i could only get about half way down the list before i got annoyed. i have an '04 chevy cavalier with a 2.2 liter ecotech engine. this car is a manual, despite what the autozone woman said " they don't make manual cavaliers". it does in fact take 1.5 - 2.0 qts of pennzoil syncromesh ($8.00/qt at autozone). there are three 8mm hex(allen) key bolts on the transmission. the trans is located on the drivers side of the car. on the trans the drain is located on the extreme drivers side of the trans at the bottom, and there is another 8mm bolt on the rear of the trans. this is the check hole. as was mentioned if this has fluid leaking from it its full, if not add it until it leaks out. as to a dipstick i want one you you to come show it to me, b/c i certainly cannot find it.
03/17/09 22:18
Julian Barrientos

Repy #8 is correct

You must put the car on a lift or four jack stands. Climb underneath it and remove a bolt on left side of transmission. If fluid leaks your good, or it might be overserviced. If not stick your finger and if you can feel the fluid your good, if not you need to add oil and there is a serious problem with your tranny.

03/26/09 01:11
Richard Renald

The only way to check the tranny fluid on the 99s to 2002s not to sure how many years they kept the same tranny.. but the only way to check the fluid it to take the red cap off of the top of the tranny and stick your finger in the hole if u feel fluid your good if u don't than add some. I think that chevy should have really put a dipstick on the automatic trannys.
06/01/09 20:15
jeff g

This helped me tremendously. the drain plug is on the front lower edge of the tranny but on the left facing towards the front of the vehicle. my daughter knocked a hole in her pan too but with all of its fluid on the ground when i first removed the plug some fluid ran out fro a couple of seconds. So dont be too hasty give it a minute before ou decide it is full. I added 8 qts to mine. thanks again best of luck.
06/06/09 12:56

There is no dipstick on the 05 models, you are never supposed to have to add fluid. But, you are supposed to go to the dealer and have it changed.
07/31/09 00:34

I Have a 2001 chevy cavalier and i need to know when you are supposed to change the transmission fluid in my automatic. I have 100, 000 miles on it and it is fine but i want to take care of it.On other cars you are supposed to change at some where around 75, ooo miles.I do not have any problems with it i just wanted to know when and how and how much. thanks
08/30/09 13:33

What kind of transmission fluid does a chevy 2005 cavalier take?
09/19/09 22:59

i also have a 2004 Cavalier auto 4 speed. my transmission is wanting to slip once in a while. could it be possible that im low on fluid? and would it fix the problem if it is low?
11/11/09 19:49

u all seem too have a pretty good idea on what needs to be done wit the tranny on a automatic 2001 cavalier, but its not helping me with knowing whether or not i can check it, fill it, how much it needs, or how to determine any of the above. some clarification please
11/27/09 16:43

GM wonders why they are loosing sales to foreign sales. It's stupid things like this lack of dip stick in the transmission that urges people to go find a better car. Who wants to really wait until their transmission burns out because they couldn't check thier fluid. Or to have to go under the care to check the oil....Way to go GM. Or should I say General Mistake.

A bunch of dip sticks.

Now I drive a Ford.

12/30/09 22:33

I have a 2001 cavalier 5speed and the transmission started to slip on me out of the blue. When shifting to 2nd 3rd and 4th the engine revs high then I guess the transmission catches up. I do general mechanic work on vehicles but this is out of my league. Any replies will really help me out here. Thanks
01/24/10 06:10

the auto trans fluid on cavaliers is checked by the following:

there are two plugs; the first, on the very bottom leading out toward the right axle you will see a small plug; it's a 1/8 pipe thread. this as the drain plug. it will allow you to drain the fluid from the case only. it will not drain the torque-converter. the fill-to plug is located on the side of the trans, facing foward looking at the car. its next to the cooler lines going into the radiator. it's also a 1/8 pipe thread. when doing a service, put in about 7 qts. run car through all gears until warm. pull the fill-to plug, and fluid should just trickle out. fill until fluid runs out.


03/17/10 16:46

As a former service training instructor let me say please don't be too hasty in condemning GM for its lack of a Cavalier automatic transmission dipstick. When a transmission is designed with a longggg service interval there will be is no reduction of fluid level unless fluid is visible in the engine coolant, from an internal leak, or under the car, from an external leak. In other words there is no need to add/check the fluid level until the longggg service is required. By having no easy access port for adding fluid the manufacturer reduces the possibility of improper fluid [gas, water, motor oil, washer fluid, diesel fuel, etc.] being installed by inept personnel which then causes a fluid overfill, trans failure and customer complaint [and the jumping to conclusions that the car is a 'sorry piece if #$2^&]. For those wanting to say GM car features aren't as good as those found on foreign cars you might want to look at the following list of cars [found on the net] that have no transmission dipstick...

Some of the automatic transmissions that do not have a dipstick: ALLDATA Service Information Ad


5L40/5L50E 2004-05 CADILLAC CATERA



42RLE 2005-UP CHRYSLER 300 3.5L 2WD

NAG-1 2005-UP CHRYSLER 300 3.5L AWD







AF23 2004-05 SATURN ION

4/5-Speed 2004-05 SATURN VU

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