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S-10 Blazer won't start

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Sean Reid

I have a 92 Chev Blazer 5.7 4x4. In the morning starts up fine and runs for about 10 min then runs rough and turns off. I try and start it again it runs thens turn right off, start it again and same thing. I have new fuel pump, a new fuel filter, a new pcv valve, cleaned out the carb and put injector cleaner into the tank. I have no idea whats wrong. The book I hace is not very helpful. Pleas help.
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still running

Well since not many people here have answers I'll try to help some of you out if I can. I have a 93 S10 4x4 pickup with a 4.3 with throttle body injection, it just turned over the 375, 000 miles mark last weekend and will still smoke the tires. I've had alot of the same problems over the time I have owned it. First of all these tips may not work on different models but for the most part most engines need the same things to run right. Anyhow these are some of the problems I have encountered and what the solutions were.

Motor dies while driving and would not restart ever-replaced fuel pump(you can test your fuel pump from under the hood by finding the wire mounted to your fire wall and connecting a hot wire directly from your + post on your battery to it, it is in the center of the firewall and protrudes out of a wiring harness approximately 2 or 3 inches and may have a crimped on end connected to it, you can hear the pump run if its good) note: if you do hear it run check the pressure to make sure its not weak. If pressure is low check filter before you buy a pump

Intermittent missfire while engine is warmed up but runs fine when its cold-Replaced distributor cap and rotor(turns out moisture and carbon scoring from the spark was causing missfires when out of the closed loop cycle) note: the mechanical advance mechanism on the top of the distributor was rusted and not working this was causing the long arch'ing of the spark and also inhibited performance and mileage.

Bad gas mileage/running rough-cleaned EGR valve and found a small vacuum leak in one of the lines which I fixed, in this whole mess of things I found the 4x4 vacuum switch on the transfer case was sticking half way open and sticking there. This caused alot of problems. Overall after I fixed the vacuum leaks I gained 5.5 miles to the gallon increase.

While driving, stepping on the throttle makes the engine bog down and actually lose power-Changed the fuel filter(I could hardly blow through it) instantly more power and rpms, a weak fuel pump could cause this but more than likely if its running ok at an idle its the filter.

tail lights stop working-check the fuse first(mine has fallen out like 3 times) after that check the wires along the frame found once that the floor panel under the drivers side had actually rusted through some and crushed/cut one of the wires leading to the tail lights.

Just a tip-dont run vehicles with electric fuel pumps mounted in the tanks low on fuel because it can damage the pumps the fuel is what actually cools the electric motors in these pumps. Running them low is a quick way to burn up your fuel pump motor then your dead on the road.

Rough Idle/surging idle/wont stay running-90% of the time its the idle control solenoid which is mounted on the side of the Throttle body usually with 2 small bolts or screws it should have 1 plug going to it. pulling this out and cleaning the plunger with carb cleaner usually fixes it if not then the solenoid mechanism is bad so just replace it.

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I have a 2001 chevy ZR2 just bought it a week ago and it has been in the garage ever since a day after I brought it home. The SES light came on then went off and come on again and then the car would miss and carry on, died and would not start but after a while it started. We replaced the Map sensor, MAF sensor, fuel pump and filter, Fuel pressure regulator, Spider injector's. Also cleaned the fuel lines and replaced the spark plugs. Now it will start and run then die. We are out of ideas and it's getting expensive. Please help!
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I just bought a 1995 chevy blazer.I cant figure out why my hazard lights work but my turn signals wont.They dont even come on in the dashboard.someone help plz
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Sean Buchanan

My 1992 s-10 blazer will start and run for only about 10 to 15 minutes then shut off. It will not restart. It is firing and I have fuel presure. If I wait until the next day it will do the same thing all over again. Could this be a ECM problem?
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This is a real good idea, Just let people rattle on about there problems but no solutions that's just fantastic. My 2000 s10 won't start either' Has something to do with the security system. But no help here.
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my s10 starts then dies immediatly. will do this a hundred times till the battery dies. after I changed fuel pump it ran fine for a week now back to dying.Has fuel pressure of 55 to 61. New fuel pump and filter. distributor contacts are clean. checked all fuses.
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shawn d

its a 93 4.3 i just put a new gas tank dist. cap rotor bug it gets fire just wont start

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i have a 2002 blazer i replaced its transmission and it has burnt 8 starters is there any one who can help please i have been trying to fix this truck for a long time email

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I own a 2001 Chevy blazer V6 2w drive. I recently drove thru a huge puddle and my car died after i got out of it. so i went real fast which was stupid and drowned my engine. it has been two weeks and the car still wont start. I have checked the battery and it has a charge and is just fine the starter tested good as well but it may not be enough to turn the engine. so at this point im not sure what it could be. the carburetor is dry and there is no sign of water in there as well. when i turn the key all electrical goes on but the started just clicks a bunch. Does any one have any ideas what may be wrong?
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Garrett McLaughlin

I have a 2000 Chevy 4x4 LS.

Ill take it for a drive say the gas station, shut it off..get whatever i need..try turning it on and everything will come on lights, radio ect..but it the engine wont start..ill sit there for 10-15 minutes n it will start right up!

any suggestions on what the problem could be?

I put a new Optima Yellowtop battery in it, and it still does the same thing.

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to everyone out there who runs through a puddle...check all of the following for water or rust/debris. distributor cap, rotor, coil, spark plugs and wires, in the fuse box under the hood if equipt, and all electrical connections alt, battery, etc. if you have either a blower(leaf/vac) or air compressor with nozzle blow the entire engine compartment. especially the areas desribed above.
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Dagoberto L

2000 Chevey balzer wont run unless I spray fuel into the throttlebody, gas pump and filter good
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Dagoberto L is your bright lites indecator lite on? or the security light?
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i have a 1998 chevys blazer 160335 miles it will still burn the tires. but now i will turn over it has spark that i can see it has 60 psi fuel pressure but it will not start .it hasran fine until just the other day now nothing any hints im goin 2 check the cap and rotor
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if you've been followin my progress.... my problem (truck wont start) it turned out to be the ignition tumbler (where the key goes in and turns the truck on). there was a problem with the security system linked to it. the security system kept shutting down the ability to start the truck. hope this helps someone out there... Good Luck!!!!
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I have a 1996 chevy blazer and it started misfiring so I did a tune-up and changed the catalytic converter because that was plugged up, well it pops when trying to turn it over. Two things I am thinking about: 1. spark plugs not working. 2. need a new timing chain. Can anybody help me?
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to selennia reply 3 the converter is plugging up the insides are melted and broke loose it will rattle and in most cases will pluge the exost causeing back presure and the smell you get is because your engines fuel mixture is of if you havent damaged the engine yet change the o2 sencer and the maf sencer eather gutt the converter or replace it the care should run fine provideing theres nothing else wrong. i, v got over 32 years hands on as a mechinic am certafide .delt with those problems alot the cheve cars cavalers corsacas are bad about that .
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the blazers have the same problem as the cars its simple they operate on the same type of computer and fuel the problem can be dignosed the same .just knock the insides out of the inverter. and drive unless you are in one of those states that do emissions test
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to all the ones with blazers that have a problem with no power and a rattle underneth check the converter hit it with a rubber mallet and if it rattles its the problem the blazers have a problem with the converter going bad .if you replace you o2 swncer and maf sencer, and do a complete tun up change the converter. you should not have any more problem .unless you have allready did other damage .don, t drive it with a pluged converter you will messup the engine
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1999 Blazer had starter replaced, now it won't start when it rains, but turns over, starts when sun comes out Used 2 gallons from pump sprayer over dist. cap wires etc. starts up. Any ideas.
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I have a Chevy blazer 1997 4x4, just recently we had to put a new spider and new injectors on it. Now it runs good but when on the highway between 50 and 60 miles per hr it surges up and down. Does anyone have any idea why.
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Follow up on RICK , I sprayed down coil with water, on sunny day, then it wouldn't start, half hour later started, repeated and same thing. replaced coil, no more problems.
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andy warren

I have a 1995 s10 blazer the key will not budge jigling the wheel and gear shifter even with help doing all at once dosnt free it up has got stuck before once or twice but even with very aggresive trying still cant get it. please help with the best fix thank you.
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cecil hunter

i have a 89 chevy s10 it will crank but will not fire i have replaced the distributor, distributor cap, rotor button, coil, spark plugs and wires, computer and nothing helps i have never seen anything like it please if anyone has any suggestions fell free to reply i am to the point i will try anything please HELP!
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