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97 S-10 Blazer

- Chevrolet-Blazer

Forum Post
03/02/06 22:33

97 S-10 Blazer

Having problems with starting, possible with fuel pump. But main problem is that I can't get it to shift to neutral with key on and brake pushed in. Can hear relay click when shift lever button is pushed but will not go out of park. Thinking something wrong with brake interlock Need Help Thanks Gordie
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08/05/09 22:27

i have a 97 blazer 4wd with 300, 000 miles on it still runs great.the only problems i had with it is the windshild wipers not working but was a ez fix with replacing the control box on the firewall. And the other problem that just started is the air bag light came on but not that worried about it.
08/11/09 16:06

Hey everyone. So a lot of you are having the same problems as I've had for the past few months with my s-10 blazer. Especially the bit about the fuel pump. A mechanic at my work (my truck was broken down in the parking lot) suggested it was the fuel pump and that I buy a pump and he installed it.

Then I had it towed and the mechanic at the shop figured out that it was the ignition switch and that it would have to be replaced.

The ignition switch procedure cost A LOT less than the fuel pump procedure would have...the fuel pump alone was going to be 300 bucks.

I paid 385 for a new ignition switch/installation.

I really hope this helps anyone out there that thinks they're having fuel pump problems.

08/21/09 16:15

my 97 blazer has sat for 3 years when i put the battery in i heard the fuel pump run it started ran for awhile now i dont here the fuel pump run and it wont start
09/07/09 20:17
Sexy Sexy

The gas hand on my 2002 blazer wont move off of full even if there is no gas in it I have run out of gas severaal times because I cnt tell if I have enough it has gotten to the point where I carry a gas just in case I run out of gas..anyone know why it does that and how much it cost to replace?
09/11/09 00:43

try calling diagnostic hotline and ask for dan he is a gm specialist that i know and he will answer any questions you ask!
09/11/09 00:47

the reason that your fuel gauge is stuck on full is because the float inside the tank is cracked so the only way to fix it is to buy a new float and drop the fuel tank to put it in or you just put a fuel pump in. the saddle mount tank is a bitch to do tho because of the crossmembers and its located under the drivers door.

01/22/10 13:52

I have a 97 Blazer and the 4-wheel drive touch pad isn't working. The fuse is fine but the touch pad lights are not coming on and it's not going into 4-wheel drive. This lady needs some advice please!
01/27/10 18:32
Eddie in VA

Hope this is an easy answered question by someone.

Will a 1995 Safari (2wheel drive, I guess) 4.3L V6 engine be a direct swap into a 1995 Chevy Blazer 4wheel drive? Existing engine in the Blazer is a "W" type, I think. The beginning VIN is 1GNDT13W4S--. Both vehicles are auto trans. THANKS

02/18/10 18:18

I have a 1997 blazer s10 and it stalls when I turn sometimes but will do it every couple days. Have checked ignition control module and alternator was fine. I Replaced pickup coil, plugs, cap, rotor and fuel filter. Dont know what elese could be wrong. would like any input. Thank You Cory
02/21/10 18:31

I have a 97 blazer that when you put your foot on the brake and put your hand on the gear shift and push in the button on the gearshift to put it in gear...... it will not release.... will not come out of
02/28/10 19:30
virginia jumper

03/01/10 09:39

My husband just replaced the fuel pump and then fuel filter in our 97 4d Chevy Blazer. It ran for about a day and then stopped working again. He has poured gas into the intake and it will start then die after the gas has been used up. We also hear the fuel pump turn on when he turns the car on. Any suggestions? I appreciate the help!!!
04/08/10 15:21

My daughter has a 97'Chevy Blazer S-10.While she was driving on the highway the Blazer would only do 15mph with the pedal floored.Then it seemed alright but a minute later same thing.She said when it does this she hears a clicking sound.Has anyone else had this problem or have any suggestions?All help will be greatly appreciated has she does not have much money and I am hopeing to fix it myself.Thanks to all.
05/26/10 16:59

When hot weather hits, my Blazer will run great for awhile but when the temp warms up to 90, it will die. I'll be running 50 to 60mph, and without warning I lose power. It then doesn't want to start, I'll wait a few minutes and it will run again for awhile then the same thing. Also when this is going on my fuel gauge is bouncing back and forth. It has gone from empty to full and back. Any help appreciated!
08/18/10 05:27

I figured I needed a new fuel filter for my 97 Blazer with a 4.3 vortec, but my problem is intermitent, some times it runs normally but most of the time as of late it seems to be starving for gas, when the pedal goes down all you hear is the air going in to the throttle body, going up hills is a slow process, any one know of the fix for this ailment besides a stick of dynamite?
09/17/10 13:07

I have just got chevrolet blazer 97 when i engagage the R the doesnt move back, so now am only going forward, R is working plz if any one has solution to my problem? let me know what to do,
09/18/10 14:01

Similar problem to Michelle. I can keep it running with engine starting fluid but wont run under its own fuel. I noticed the vent tube had broken free on initial install so I replaced that and then broke the fuel return line off of the pump accidentally so I plugged what was left of that and plumbed the fuel return line and the vent tubes into the port labeled A. About to re-install it now. Wish me luck!
09/28/10 10:08

I have problem with Blazer 1995. When engine is cold, it's working but when warming up att the time stops. First times i can start again, but later I can't start engine and need to wait 1hr. Then again everything work, i can drive 2 miles and stops again....

Please help!

11/13/10 13:57

1997 S-10 Blazer-gauges acting strange going up and down and truck wanted to quit. It turns over but won't start at all. No turn signals or headlights. Fuel pump runs. One mechanic said to replace steering column-other said master control module. Please help.
11/21/10 18:49

97 s10 4.3 When I turn the key, it usually takes 8 to 12 cranks before I get ignition. when it finally turns on, it blows a little black smoke so i think that i`m getting fuel. once it starts, it runs OK, I replaced the ign coil, the plugs, wires, cap, rotor and fuel filter. It still takes forever to start. Can anybody help?
12/07/10 10:57

When turning the ignition switch off sometimes it will not release the key.It can take minutes for the key to release.This is frequent but not all of the time.What is causing this?
12/12/10 22:32

1997 chevy blazer. thought it died from lack of gas cause the gas gauge is broken but it won't start. think it may be the starter. put fuel in and continued to try to start it. don't know if continuous attempts at starting it blew the starter. when i turn the key in the ignition it doesn't do anything. i can't even hear it when i try to start it. please let me know if it may be the starter of if there may be another problem. little inexperienced with cars so if anyone can help me then let me know.
01/06/11 04:11
Well Tested Blazer owner

I have read through many of your issues on the forum. I own a 97 Blazer 4WD qith 170k miles on it. I have replaced many parts and have many of the same issues.

IF YOU ARE READING THIS, hope this helps...

"Car dies at 50-60mph/ when car gets hot wont accelerate/ will have to wait a few minutes then car runs fine"-- I had the same issue with my Blazer and still face the same issues. You need to replace the MAS(master airflow sensor). A cheap fix is celaning it with MAS cleaner or elctrical safe cleaner.

"Car dies at stop lights/ wont start/ sometimes electrical in dash will not turn on"-- check your ignition swtich. I had mine replaced twice now.

"Car wont shift out of park/ car wont turn off"-- I am currently facing this issue. I believe it is due to the master control module in the steering column. It also operates your turn signals/wind shield wipers/and hazard lights.

Hope this helps.

01/21/11 19:28

'9, any suggustions or answe97' chevy blazer LS will not start unless starting fluid sprayed in carb, stopped using starting fluid cause don't want to damage engine so have to use gas, runs great when started, have replaced wires plugs coil, ignition control module, fuel pump, filer, dist, crank sensor , is it sound like fuel regulator and or injectors
04/01/11 21:24
Michael A Johnson

I have a 97 S-10 blazer with the 4.3L v6. normally it runs fine, but i am getting the occational chug. it has a loss of power and jerks on acceleration or on a hill. it only happens sometimes. could this be the TCC selinoid?
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 37 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 97 S-10 Blazer archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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