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AC/Heat Vacuum line diagram

- Chevrolet-Astro

Forum Post
08/07/09 10:00

AC/Heat Vacuum line diagram

Can someone show me where the vacuum lines from the AC/Heat control goes. Do not have a clue where it gets plugged in at.
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10/11/09 10:17

I am not a mechanic but played around with one vacuum line that does give you vacuum to the system. From a driving position, one vacuum line runs from the left rear top of engine (reachable with removed inside cowl) to behind the right headlamp. This line runs across the engine (why GM did this??). It dries out cracks and poof goes your vacuum. I found using a standard vacuum line (over each end seemed to work fairly well if you don't want to fight with the newer thin lines. There are others lines but you might check this often faulty one first.
11/12/09 01:44
D.Jayachandra babu

shematic diagram of car airconditioners and explain about each parts working principle.
11/18/09 02:36
Swedish Astro owner

Hi guys

I have the same problem with vaccum line from AC/heat control.

Could somebody take a pic of that hose and send it to me.

Im very confused here.


01/11/10 18:31

i have the same problem need the vacuum diagram for heater control have a 1998 astro hartland
01/28/10 22:35

Same issues here - dont know where to connect the new line from the engine bay to somewhere in the dash.... the old one was rotted and was just dangling in the engine bay - got the Chiltons book and it doesn't show a thing....anyone have a link to a diagram?
04/02/10 23:18

hello the line goes into the top of a little box on the driver side towards the front it dryrots in front of carb inj.mine is a 99 astro vortec and just got it working thanks good luck
04/21/10 12:31

my 97 astro van will not adjust from defrost to floor etc. The vacuum assembly on the right side of the heater box seems to move very little when the control knob is moved. I have replaced 1 small hard vacuum line that went to the front of the heater box near the right side of the engine bay. but it did not solve the problem.
08/16/10 09:47

I like to fix it but, i don't know were it goes on the top of the engine because i pull it off. i have to paid to fix it, i was stuid guy lol.
09/24/10 14:49

u can buy vac. line for couple bucks at auto parts store - line is located about mid way on driveside eng above valve cover. if you remove the inside cowl its pretty easy to get to the other end is passengerside buy ac hard lines
09/28/10 20:17

I just found that skinny little vacuum line - broken - and was able to 'patch' it with standard vacuum line, and it works.

The line comes through high on the firewall on the left (as you face the motor) has a little check valve, and runs right above the alternator under the big air hose (on my 2000 Astro). Looks more like a wire than vacuum hose - it's skinny. I'd never seen vacuum line that small before.

10/05/10 15:49

I have a 95 Chevy Cheyenne 4x4 and cant find the heater vacuum...Can anyone help me?
10/24/10 20:10
steve vincent

in this day and age, wouldn't you think there would be a pic, or diagram that was understandable, and readable for the stupid astro vacuum system, god help GM, maybe they should have been let go down the tube.
11/02/10 11:08

i have a 95 astro that decides when i am allowed to have heat and when im not... i need to flush the heater hoses but cant find a diagram to show exactly which hoses are which, dont want to start going willy nilly pulling off hoses without knowing what they are. does anyone know where i can get a picture or diagram?
01/05/11 06:51
dwight hansard

where does the vacum line connect for the heater , i know its on

the left side faceing the egn. down near a round ball but thats

all i know

01/12/11 16:59
Gerald Olmstead

I have a 2002 chevy astro-van the heater stopped working went to check it out found a vacuum line broken over the engine but cann't find where the end of it goes
01/23/11 16:06
Jeff Marquardt

Thanks I found the tube. your right it's a very thin tube. Mine had a connector in in connecting 2 tubes. There was enough slack that I could disconnect it the tube with out damage. I blew into it with my mouth and VIOLA! My fan kicked on instantly. re connected and have had no problems since. Thanks all!
02/05/11 21:28

I have a 1999 Astro Van, just replaced vacuum lines for for vents to open and close, the one end went into a tee, and connected cruise control line. the hose on the tee that goes stright down under ac unit can't find where it connects. Please help
02/17/11 21:19

ia am havin very cold drives to work no hot air is coming out of the vents ihave a 91 astro need as heating diagra m help me please...
04/19/11 21:05
randy winkles

I have a 99 chevy suburban ls. When the a/c is turned on I have cold air going through the rear vents but not the dash vents. I am expecting a vacuum leak. Does anyone know where the a/c vacuum hoses are that I can check?
08/08/11 19:56
Anaheim California
Thank author of this post/comment"97 astro van vacum line"

I found the right side vacum lines going through the firewall and down to the ball in the fender well.

I have been unable to locate the connection point on the intake manafold as you have described.

It appears the small plactic vacum tube has disappeared and I can not see any connection 4 inches to the right or left of the throttle housing or in back if the compressor.

Any better ideas as to locating the connection point on the engine?

Dealer wants $350.00 to repair.

Any help appreciated


08/26/11 13:08
Thank author of this post/comment"heater problem"

spring hanging off on side of ac actuator, does anyone have a picture of this actuator linkage for a 97 astro?
09/08/11 15:53
Muskegon, MI
Thank author of this post/comment"2002 Chevy Astro - No AC"

Just replaced line from drivers side intake manifold to vacuum switch located by heater core (pass side, under hood) Line was cracked in several pieces. Bought GM p/n 15967970 ($11) Has right angle rubber fittings on each end. I placed in plastic wire split loom and tied up with wire tie to prevent resting on engine. This was easier to access by removing engine cowling (need 13mm socket (2 retained bolts up high, and two at floor, remove left and right metal caps to reveal two torx screws)Several other small tubing pieces were also replaced by heater core and vacuum accumilator there.


12/03/11 06:14
Norfolk, Va
Thank author of this post/comment"99 Chevy Astro Vac line"

Dash board had poor air flow and I replaced VAC line Noted by DH.

After removing right tire and cowling to find Vac ball. I had to remove air filter assy and intake hose to where the carb would be to be able to find the broked line on top of the intake. Need small hand for reaching VAC manifold on driver side top of engine. Used AC DELCO part numb 15-30578. BUT GM 15967970 should work

12/04/11 14:40
New York, Rochester
Thank author of this post/comment"Vacuum line 2000 Astro Van 2 wheel drive"

Hi Gents:

Got a little problem as of many here my heater doesn't work. The defrost use to work but only the defrost, after browsing the forums here I found the fix which is vacuum lines. My small vacuum line that goes to the top of the drivers side valve cover is fine and in good working order. My problem is the larger line (7/16) that comes off of the same splitter by the AC reservoir by the windshield reservoir. looks like it goes straight down by the alternator but it was just hanging and very dry rotted. My problem is I can't find were it plugs into. I've looked for over an hour now. I have the air cleaner Ay off and the throttle body cover off still can't find the nipple it plugs into. Just a little direction is all I need to find out were it goes. It's coming up on Winter very fast.

Thank a Million gents


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    Chevrolet Astro 'AC/Heat Vacuum line diagram'