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wont shift out of park

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This forum post has messages dated from 01/27/09 through 06/20/13, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

07/23/10 16:40

I have a 1994 Chevy S10 Blazer with electronic shift 4X4 and an automatic tranny. The car was stored outside for several months and when I tried to move it, I couldn't get it out of Park. The battery is good and the engine runs fine. Everything was OK before I stored it. I'd like to get it back on the road again. Can you help me with infoanyone?

Thanks, Larry

07/27/10 17:27

Unhooked the plug with black and green wires and it worked.It comes out of park now.
08/24/10 20:41
Jessica Geer

94 GMC Suburban 4wd. It shifts and runs fine until it warms up, starts slipping then gears go out completely, after it cools off it works again.
09/03/10 19:51

My 1994 Chevy Astro cargo van stopped shifting into park. I had just turned it around in the drive put it into park to open driveway gate. When I went to put it back into drive, it wouldn't come out of park. After doing a web search, I found this forum. Desperate for a temporary solution I tried reply #9 from Gary back in Aug 2009. I followed his instructions. I put the key in the switch, turned it forward 1 click, moved the shifter to neutral, and started the van. Oh yes! It worked. I was able to shift into all the gears. However, when put back into park, it would not shift back out of park. So, I tried Gary's method again. Yup, it works. It doesn't fix the problem, but at least I can get to work and back until it is correctly repaired. Thanks all for your advice.
09/19/10 10:54

i have a 1995 chevy pickup, it has a 7.4 liter T.B.I w/4L80E transmission, automatic.

shifts fine all the way thro gears once it shifts into overdrive/at 40 mph. rpms drop to 0 and speed odm. starts to drop also. I have changed the speed sensors and shifting solenoids a and b twice, any info please help.

10/16/10 16:07

I have 2001 silverado with pretty much the same problem.

Getting the shifter out of park and then I couldn't get it

back into park.So I took the advice from reply#26 bobby and

unhooked the black and green wire plug. Eveything worked fine

after that! Thanks for the help!

11/01/10 17:39

i have a 1995 chevy silverado 4x4 i had it in my garage working on it and it was shifting fine from out of park. i finally got done with the new parts i was putting on and so i pulled it out of the garage with the driveway is kinda on a incline. i had forgotten that my garage door opener was in my other car so i put my truck in park and went to go get it when i came back i tried shifting out of park, but it wouldnt... i thoughtt maybe with was the shifting mechanism but i just put a new one on and it didnt fix the problem. could it be because its on a incline?
11/05/10 15:20

J.R. Green you didn't look at the old trany. A 93 chevy truck comes with a 700R trany not a 350 Turbo trany thats why the gears are not lining up 700R has P.R.N.OD.D.2.1 and 350 Turbo has P.R.N.D.2.1. So I hope this helps you with the lil problem.
11/08/10 21:12

All those with the problem with Park , do you all have brake lights ? I had the stop light switch replaced and it worked fine . But next day my brake lights do not work and it will not

move from Park. I read that the brake light switch needs to be adjusted, will try to move out of Park and take it to the mechanic so he can adjust it, I tried to replace the switch but could not get under the dash. Is there an easier way to get there? I have a 1999 GMC Suburban 1500

11/12/10 20:02

i have a 1991 gmc pickup wont shift from first uptil rpms go very high let off gas and it shifts and go on ok need advice thanks ken
11/13/10 18:57

Ken, I had this problem with my 91 chevy as well. look to see if a little cable is hanging off your throttle body. this cable go's to the trans, there is a clip that hold this on that will break, it very common and the part is only $5 or so. If it is not broken, or after you fix it, if it still happens, take it to a transmission shop and they can adjust it and should shift fine. this adjustment is very sensitive, sometimes one or two clicks is the difference between not shifting at all, or shifting up gears too soon.
11/13/10 21:08
Dodge Parts   

Nice Topic with lots of usefull information, ty!

12/16/10 07:51

Same “Wont Shift Out of Park” problem on my 97 Silverado. Thinking it was the BTSI solenoid, I took it out. Still wont come out of Park, running or not. Is there anything else in the steering column that could lock up the shift lever, or am I now looking at a linkage or tyranny problem? Any ideas?
12/20/10 10:05

i HAVE A 2004 CHEVY husband drove to his brothers last night (Right after I had used it w/ no problems) Then he put it in park and went to get out and the car started rolling back like it was in reverse.....he then pulled the E brake and turned the car off, but now it won't start and shifter is stuck in Park. It seems the car is not in the correct gear to start the car, but we can move the shifter to even get to nuetral or anything. Any suggestions. We only have the 1 car between us.
01/07/11 11:06
Hap Bazemore

OK y'll. Had same problem with 97 Chev 1500. In colder weather temps of 40 degrees or less. Found out by accident that if I would start truck and let it run for one minute 50 seconds it would then go into another gear. It was not a problem so did that for 3 winters. No one had answer or reason. Now this winter it hasn't been doing it much at all and if it does only wait for 10 or 15 seconds. Confusing but it works. Would still like to know the real problem. Any idea's
01/10/11 15:44

I have a 97 Chevy Tahoe that had the "won't shift out of park" problem. It got progressively worse and none of the repairs had much effect. Replaced some of the sensors etc. Finally found that replacing the battery with a high end heavy duty gel pack model was the fix (I have a lot of additional equipment in mine, you might not need to go that far), not enough power for the sensors with the old one. This has worked for several friends with similar trucks. sounded too simple, but it worked...... Hope this helps.....
01/19/11 18:34

my 1997 gmc 1500 whont shift out of park no matter how much force i use it will not shift out of park i have the brake to the floor bord and nothing
01/21/11 18:20

96 chev S-10 truck wouldn't shift out of park. I did item from Reply #9 didn't work. Jacked rear wheels off the ground to relief pressure off the trany. It worked. Back to normal shifting.
01/30/11 08:02
Mario R. Salazar

97 chevrolet pickup, disconnected wire (black / lt grn-with wht stripe)that goes to switch on side of steering column.Need to find out what switch is called.Note: sw has rod that goes thru it that works in conjunction with shift cable that connects to brkt right underneath dash board.Thanks, Mario
02/17/11 12:24

I have a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban. This winter after a snow storm i was having a hard time shifting from park to reverse. I finally managed to get into reverse but and i parked it. Now the shifter light signal is stuck in reverse. It won't start and i can move the shifter with out stepping on the break but the signal light is still in reverse. Is it possible the linkage is broken some where on the steering column.
03/02/11 17:52

I got similar issue with 1993 Chevy s-10 4.3L. I got it to shift out of park by pushing the car back and forth till it shifts out of park its just a serious pain. Also in reverse I can hear this clicking noise that never used to happen. My mechanic says its a part in the transmission. Runs fine when I can get it out of park but when I put it in park it wont come back out without pushing the car back and forth which worries me if I park on hill where I cant push it back and forth. Broke student in college any help would be usefull.
03/15/11 12:05

I have a little different problem but still looking for ideas. I have a 98 chevy K1500 with the 4L60E transmission, just put used rebuilt transmission in a week ago. Now the truck randomly wont shift out of second gear. It will go from first to second perfectly but randomly stays in second gear. After a while it will eventually shift but after winding the piss out of the engine. Checked fluids and doesn't smell or look burnt.
03/17/11 17:23

hi there my 97 gmc yukon has an issue the transmission it self feels as if its going into park and i can turn the key back and take it out but the needle on the dash is reading reverse and will not start until the needle is in the park position i dont no what the problem is do you have any ideas
04/14/11 20:29

I have a 1999, 1500 Suburban, had the tranny rebuilt, and

installed, now the gear shift indicator (column shift) wont go

down into the first gear spot, unless I get under the sub. and

manually push it to first. any ideas on what the problem is?

04/16/11 12:05
Barbara Foote

We have a 2010 GMC 1500 Automatic Sierra Truck Regular Cab with only 9, 000 KM'S two weeks ago we had the Sensors replaced because the ABS Light and Traction Control Light remained on today the truck would not shift our of Park she was parked on a flat surface we had to have it towed to a GMC Dealer any suggestions what could be wrong.
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