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tail lights / turn signals/ trailer tail lights chevy silverado 1500

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Where are the flashers (turn-signal and hazard lights) on a 1995 Chevy Silverado pickup?
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I have a 91 Chevy 1500 and when it is cold out and I have to leave before I can let the truck warm up, the clutch does not work properly and I can not hit some gears and the rest are hard and stiff. Does anyone know anything about this?
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Hi! I have a 00 chevy silverado extra cab and the problem that i have is that everytime that i put my turn signal all the liths in the back turns on and if i press the brake pedal the turn signal stops but if the ligths are off they work perfect but if i turn the headlamp on the problems start i need help maybe some body can help me...
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I have a 1991 silverado step side 4X4. For years the passenger side rear tail light would go out. I've replaced bulbs and 2 months ago even replaced the board. It worked until this morning when it went out again. The drivers side works fine and I've never had a problem with it. Also, a year ago my dash lights went out...they would come on when I hit a bump then would go off again a few days later. Also with this problem all the gauges go to the opposite end (ex the full tank reads empty, the cool temperature would max out). If I turn the knob to turn the light down, the guages work fine they are just hard to see. Up to this point, they have been off a year.

Any ideas???

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2005 Siverado dome light not some situations. Manual dial turned on; both map and dome lights work. Unlock and Lock doors with key fob; map and dome lights work. When the doors are unlocked (do not use the fob) and open the door (left and/or right door);map and dome lights do NOT work. I have checked all fuses under hood and drivers side of instrument panel. Any ideas? Thanks.
**/**/** **:**

1994 Chevy 1500 4x4 club cab.

I cannot get my passenger side brake lights and turn signal to work. The lights work when the headlights are on, but nothing else.

What I have done so far -

Changed all three bulbs in taillight

Checked all fuses under the dash

Checked wires and ground

Please let me know if you have any ideas !!

**/**/** **:**
jon m

1997 chevy silverado ex-cab stepside 4X4

when you are driving and try to use left turn signal is pops the turn signal fuse but the right side works fine. and when i press the brakes the driver side tail light goes out but the reverse lights come on? replaced the clicker relay didnt help any ideas?

**/**/** **:**
Mark Dreyer

HI there, I recently got a 1996 Chevy 1500 Ext Cab 4x4.

First problem, hazard button is broken out, and needs to be wedged down just right for signals to work.

Second problem, The third brake light works, but my two rear brake lights don't. All headlights and tail lights look like they're working.

My bulbs all look they're in tact, fuses all look in tact, the turn blinker relay took some abuse while trying to sort out the hazard button issue, but like i said i have blinker lights now, tail lights, head lights, just not any brake lights, except the third which works fine. Any insight is greatly appreciated, thanks!

**/**/** **:**

I have a 1993 Chevy Silverado 1500. I had no tail lights so I climbed underneath it and there was frailed wires. So I respliced the wires and now I have nothing but tail lights on the right side. But everything so far on the left side works. Is there anyway that someone can tell me the correct wire diaphram for the lights so I can make sure everything is wired right underneath?
**/**/** **:**

chevy pickup 1500 left blinker works but right blinker and third lite blinks with it. stops blinking when apply the brake. brake relay under hood clicks loud and fast, as does the flasher under dash. right side has no problem. thanks
**/**/** **:**

chevy 1994 pickup 1500 left blinker works but right blinker and third lite blinks with it. stops blinking when apply the brake. brake relay under hood clicks loud and fast, as does the flasher under dash. right side has no problem. thanks
**/**/** **:**

2002 suburban Z71 - when I brake my back up lights coms on. When I use my turn signal my back up lights also blink. all wiring underneath look factory. what do I check?
**/**/** **:**

I just put a 4-pole plug on my 2003 GMC Savana 3500....the only wires I could see under the rear bumper were the green, yellow, brown, and white....the exact wires I needed... I wired them according to color and my trailer lights work funny. My running lights (side markers, whatever you call them) work just fine as well as my left turn signal. My right brake/turn light only lights up when you put the vehicle in reverse. I cannot find any other wires under the bumper, and I wired the green wire to the green wire, so where is the problem?
**/**/** **:**

i have a 1991 chevy silverado 2500, turning/hazard signals dont work all other lights work fine. ideas?

i have been using my off roading lights as a way to "hazard".

**/**/** **:**

I have a 1995 Chevrolet Silverado. My right turn signal lamps were not working. I replaced the front lamps and the rear lamps and now the right front is working but the right rear still doesnot. The blinking noise when using the right turn signal is very rapid. The emergency flashers also do not blink on the right rear side. It works on the other three. I tried replacing the fuse but this didn't help either. I was going to replace the flasher but if it was bad would it still work on three of the 4 sides?
**/**/** **:**

I have a 95 1500 front parking light work but not the rears t connector for trailer took out of line still no lights no fuses blown in either box Any body have any ideas Thanks Martin
**/**/** **:**
rodger baldwin

I have a 2003 1500HD. The right rear tail light is not working. The brake light, blinker and backup light portion works fine. I have replaced the bulb and still no tail light. What could be the problem?
**/**/** **:**
Greg Howell

2005 Siverado 2500HD Ext Cab, When hooking up boat trailer, turning on rear left blinker, both rear blinkers will blink on trailer but NOT on pickup. Anyone have any ideas??
**/**/** **:**

I have a 94 chevy 1500 V8 extended cab. All lights from the back of the cab to tail lights have gone out. I still can use my blinkers. my cargo light wont come on as well. have checked all the fuses and light bulbs any other clues?
**/**/** **:**

i got a 1991 z71 i put a new dash in it and the dash lights stop workig when u trun the head lights on the radio lights go off
**/**/** **:**

I recently bought a 94 Sierra EC 1/2 ton w/ 350, auto air etc, had major problems with electric system, the truck ran rough, turn signals and brake lights were screwy too. This truck had had a trailer hitch (gone now) and a harness for the trailer wires that had rubbed raw and occasionally shorted ALL the taillight wires to the frame, sometimes when it was wet, or hit a bump etc.

by cleaning up that snafu and re-grounding the taillights properly, (the one wire that was supposed to be grounded, wasn't) I was able to restore functionality with little cost except time.

**/**/** **:**

I have a chev 2500 pickup. During the process of hooking up the trailer the trailer emergency flashers come on when i turn on my right signal. Everything else seems to be fine. What's up... Tried switching wires but still can't figure it out... Any ideas where i am going wrong?
**/**/** **:**
frank king

2003 avalanche..right rear tail lights will NOT work...turn signals, break lights, flashers, back up lights all work ...checked rr tail light fuse its ok..exchanged left bulbs with right bulbs worked ok on left but still no tail lights on the right...any ideas will be appreciated
**/**/** **:**

how do i change my rear bulbs in my 1994 chevy cheyenne pickup i dont see anyway to get to them
**/**/** **:**

1995 Silverado Z71

I My turn signals stopped working suddenly, the hazzard flashers work and I can hear the flasher clicking. The manual i purchased shows two separate flashers but i can only find a turn signal relay under the dash adjacent to the 4 way flasher.

Can anyone help me ?

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