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tail lights / turn signals/ trailer tail lights chevy silverado 1500

- Chevrolet-1500 Pickup

Forum Post
12/29/08 14:18
Mike Viola

tail lights / turn signals/ trailer tail lights chevy silverado 1500

I have a crew cab 1500 silverado , four lamps in rear. The 2nd lamps from the top are turn signals and I beleive tail lamps. The tail lamps dont work on these lamps only for both sides, the others do, the turn signals work for these lamps, new bulbs installed. I also do not have trailer tail lamps when I hook up a trailer. cant find a fuse that is called out for this in the owners manual, any Ideas?
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Josh Ritchie

Hi I have a 1997 chevy half ton extended cab, I have done the brakes brakelines, e cables, window wiper assembly, got a new box cab corners fenders and fender liners all I need for a safety is for my parking lights and turn signals to work, when I check my plug below the tailgate it reads negative and same with the parking lights at the front... Any ideas?
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I have a 2007 1500 classic and both tail light have completely fallen out. The first occurred under factory warranty and the other just fell out after warranty. The dealer said it's a common problem. If it's a common problem from the factory, shouldn't they replace at no cost? An OEM replacement is over $100
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I have an 1982 Chevy Caprice Classic Sedan. I have no break lights and the outside lights on drivers side and passanger side tail lights blink. when i put the hazzards on the front side lights blink on each side. headlights work and all tail lights work. replaced fuses and bulbs everywhere.
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After removing a trailer harness and re-connecting all four wires and a ground wire, everything works, except when I have my headlights/parking lights on, the tail-lights do not stay lit like they are supposed to. The only functions that work are braking and signaling. Any ideas? Am I missing a wire/connection?


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ok so i have a 91 chevy 1500 long bed slammed on 20's and i changed the steering column out well then installed a 7.5 inch flip screen tv well now i dont have break lights and my right turn signal doesnt work does anybody have a clue? ive checked fuses grounds changed the pressure switch and NOTHING! any input would be appreciated thanks
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the left rear blinker lights quit. I replaced both bulbs on the left rear but still not working. whats the fix for this problem?

2010 Chevy 1500 silverado ls with 30 thousand miles in one year.

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bryan leach

94 chevy pickup. i hauled utility trailer. now the speedo doesn't light and have no tail lights. checked fuse box inside truck, all fuses look good. checked under hood, only found 1 20 amp fuse(good.) is there a fuse i am not checking ?
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My 2004 Silverado - the turn signals stop flashing when I apply the brakes. Does anyone know why?
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My 93 silverado tail lights are not working. New bulbs and there anorher place to look for fuses? Help need my truck work nights.
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when breaks on the blinkers work and when off breaks they dnt and noo clickin i have to turn blinker switch and pump breaks 4 it to work whatts the deal>>??
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Dylon Williams

hey guys i have a 1995 1500 chevy pickup tonight i was driving to my fiancees parents house my interior lights were on when i got there they jus shut off my headlights still work but my dash lights will not work and my brake lights on come on when i hit the brake what can this be
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i have a 94 chevy 1500 and with the truck off all brake lights work...when the truck is running only the third brake light works..can anyone answer as to why this could be for a faster responds you could even call my cell 7742874320 thank you...names dan
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Hey I have a 95 C1500 and my tailights quit working as well as my left side turn signal that hasn't worked for 3 years I checked the fuse it's fine right blinker works brake on right side works but no tailights at all and left turn doesnt work all this is in the back my fronts work any help would be greatly appreciated
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2003 Chev Duramax

At times when I use my right turn signel the hazerd flashes come on. thes is a intermitent problem. I am open to suggestions

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Help. I need to tow a 9, 000 lb travel trailer on a long trip on Good Friday. I've installed the trailer wiring harness on my 2007 Silverado 1500 with towing package. I've connected the green, yellow, brown, and white wires according to color and my trailer lights aren't working properly. The truck lights are working well and the trailer brake lights and turn lights are working fine individually. Problem is when I brake and signal at the same time the flashing turn indicator switches to the opposite side on the trailer.
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I have a 1990 chevy 1500 pickup and the tail lights do not work. Does anyone know where the fuse is located so I can fix this issue.
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Bob R.

I havew a 1997 Chevy Silverado 1500 2wd. I wanted to replace the OEM 3rd high center mount brake light. OEM works fine but is old and needs a new lens. Bought a brand hew LED brake light for this truck. Plug fits and was made for this truck. Only problem is, LED's only work when interior dome light is on. But white cargo LED's work fine with the factory switch. What you do recommend I do to get the LED brake lights to work?
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I have a 95 Chevy 1500. My tail lights work, but my rear turn signals and brake lights do not work.When I use my turn signal the front two flash rapidly, but the rear ones do not flash. When I put my 4 ways on, the front two flash at regular speed, but the rear does not flash.

I have checked my fuses, bulbs, and changed the brake light relay but they still do not work.

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I have a 1989 chevy silverado 2wd- 1500 when i turn the head lights on the Rturn signal on dash lights up, then right blinker won't work, but the Lturn signal will work? what could be the problem here? with head lights off if i suse the right blinker it works and the left side blink too? Help please, new lock ignition was installed and now at times the lock ignition won't go back to run position it's like it sticks forward a little cause a noise, so have to turn to off position and try again? Help please what have i done wrong here?

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2000 C3500 Chevy. All rear lights work properly except brake lights. Third brake light works properly. I have replaced the brake pedal switch and cleaned and checked the ground for the rear lights. All fuses are good. Been working on htis problem for hours. I think the color for the rear tail light wire is green. Not getting power back there. Any help would be great.
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Thank author of this post/comment"2000 chevy "

i have the same problem as will #55 did u figure it out if so plz let me know im having a terrible time with it
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Thank author of this post/comment"tail lights / turn signals / trailer tail lights chevy silverado 1500"

Try replacing your headlight switch. This controls not only the headlight but parking lights & etc. Cost approx. $40. Just pop the front of your dash off, undo the wiring clip, then remove switch by pressing on the two clips.
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Ann Arbor, MI
Thank author of this post/comment"95 GMC 2500"

The two tail lights on my 95 GMC sierra 2500 dont work at all no blinkers no brake lights no Reverse lights Nothing, th olny rear light i have is the Brake light above the bed. ive changed the fuse paarked for lighting but im kinda at a loss of where to start to try to get it fixed with limited funds and already been pulled over 3 time for no lights.

Any Help is appreciated!!!

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 87 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: tail lights / turn signals/ trailer tail lights chevy silverado 1500 archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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