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tail lights / turn signals/ trailer tail lights chevy silverado 1500

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Forum Post
12/29/08 14:18
Mike Viola

tail lights / turn signals/ trailer tail lights chevy silverado 1500

I have a crew cab 1500 silverado , four lamps in rear. The 2nd lamps from the top are turn signals and I beleive tail lamps. The tail lamps dont work on these lamps only for both sides, the others do, the turn signals work for these lamps, new bulbs installed. I also do not have trailer tail lamps when I hook up a trailer. cant find a fuse that is called out for this in the owners manual, any Ideas?
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Mike Viola

The truck is a 2005 chevy silverado crew cab

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there is a fuse in the box under the hood marked "trlr park light" ... or something close to that, upper left corner of fuse box, 15 amp. it'll be blown. silverados have half the lighting fuses in the dash panel, half of them under the hood. Convenient eh?

good luck

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Donna Warner

2002 silverado has water accumulation in the turn signal(can float a small goldfish) neither of these work. I see no reason for this problem vehicle only has 39, 000 original miles I bought it from the original owner @ 13, 000 miles, he bought it new.Is there a recall listed any where for this problem?
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I have a 95 Chevy 2500 and i have been driving without blinkers for two years i cant figure it out.i installed a new switch in the column, a new blinker flasher, new 4 way flasher , bulbs, fuse, checked wires for breaks , cleaned all grounds, still no blinkers. when i turn on my 4 ways they blink i cant figure it out can any one help me out.
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Trying to replace turn signal flasher. Says it is under dash

laft side of steering wheel. Can't locate even with flashlight and mirror. Can anyone give me exact location? Thanks

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@Bill: You just saved me a lot of money. Thanks!
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Hello, I have A new 08 Chevy Silverado 1500, I've hooked my camper wiring harness up an have all tail lamp lights, but I'm trying to charge the camper battery through the harness with no luck. The owners manual refers you to take it to the dealer to have a fuse installed so an aux battery can be charged off the truck, any help?
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Gary Pennington

I have a 1996 Chey Siverado 1500. I put LED lights on the rear of truck and now they flash way to fast. Does some one make a special flasher for these lights? I was told that LED lights use less power.

Any Idea's ?

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I have a 2000 chevy silverado Z71 sportside. The problem I have is the LH tail light will not work. The brake light and all other lighting is fine. Please help! Thanks
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Have a 1991 Chevy CK-1500. No left turn signal, right turn works normal. On the left, no indicator lamp illuminates and the lite blue wire that should flash shows a constant 10 volt. The dark blue (dual wires terminated at steering col harness) shows to work normally. Any ideas anyone?
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91 Chevy's


I have two Chevy 91's 1500/2500, and both use the same wireing harness. I started having intermitten turn and brake light issues on the 2500. The LH turn signal enventally quit working. If I remember correctly most if not all the rear lighting goes through the colum - signal switch. I ended up replaceing the turn signal switch.

When I changed this I had the new one on hand. You have to depin the new switch so that the wires can be pulled from top down through the colum. I used the old connector as a guide for repining the new one. This corrected my problem. I hope this helps.

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Contuning with the various problems identified does anyone have a solution for the trailer park light fuse blowing regulary when the trailer is hooked up wires have been checked no shorts. the fuse take about 10 miles to blow with the ligths on
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I have a turn signal issue with the trailer plug. The right turn signal doesn't provide voltage to the trailer plug and the right brake light on the trailer doesn't work as I would expect. The left side is fine and the truck lights work normally. The tail lights alos work normally on the truck and trailer.

Any ideas??


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My brake lights always go out, I replace them all the time. Why is that and what can I do?
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Thank you all! I spent about 4 hours trying to figure out why my turn signals worked on my truck, and why they did not on my trailer. I originally missed the fact that there are several different places for trailer fuses. I assumed they were all in the same place. Thanks folks! 15 minutes after checking up here, and got it taken care of. I missed my deadline however for delivering the trailer I just sold, but another day or two till a delivery time slot opens for the buyer isn't that bad. Thanks, this is a great place for help! Brian Lee Sparkeee24
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Christine Surette

2000 Chev Silverado, when turn signal is on, either direction

and you put on the brakes, the turn signal stops blinking and

the brake lights do not come on. Everything works

independantly. Checked all fuses, can't find problem.

**/**/** **:**
andrew holland

brake lights just plain dont work. running tail works fine. all fuses look good under hood and in cab. sensor from brake pedal? how do you test it? Should i have 12v in my fuse box? how do i trace this? where does the harness go? anyone have a schematic?
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Ellen Milam

I have a 1991 Chev Silverado 2500. I shorted something out when I tried to plug in a phone charger to the cigarette lighter. Now my dome light and radio do not work. Are there fuses besides in the fuse box?
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im trying to figure my color codes on my tail lights to hook up my wiring harness for a trailer?
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im trying to figure my color codes on my tail lights on a 07 chevy silverado to hook up a wiring harness for trailer lights?
**/**/** **:**

i have a cargo trailer that i pull with a chevy 2500 silvarado, the outside lights on the trailer work fine but the interior lights do not work anymore. could it be a fuse in my truck or what?
**/**/** **:**

Need instructions on how to replace the turn signal switch on a 1996 Chevy Silverado truck.
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Reply to Gary Pennington (#9):

Gary, LED bulbs don't put enough load on the flasher, which causes it to blink rapidly, just like when one of the bulbs is burned out. There are resistors for sale (check on eBay, Amazon, etc.) to solve this problem.


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