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1995 Silverado

- Chevrolet-1500 Pickup

Forum Post
03/26/09 07:47

1995 Silverado

95 Silverado 5.7 engine started missing Sunday while I was 150 miles from home. I limped it back home and tinkered with it that afternoon. It cleared up and ran fine for 8 miles. Now it has progressed to the point it won't idle or rev up. it won't even run without pumping the gas.

I have drained and refilled with fresh gas and changed the fuel filter thinking I had bought some bad gas.

The map sensor checks ok. changed the plugs, cap, button and wires. Changed the o2 sensor. still nothing. I couldn't get it to throw any codes so I tryed changing the computer. Still is progressivly getty worse.

I'm running out of ideas, anyone have one to share?

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01/01/10 15:45

I have a 1995 chevy silverado 350 motor with 155, 000 miles on it. Problem is I have a clunking & shaking noise in the rear end in reverse only, I have checked the dope and it is full. The truck & motor are in exelent condition. Please help.. curt
01/20/10 20:26

try changing distributor, sounds what my 95 Cheyenne was doing change everything , last week change distributor, up and running again
01/23/10 15:50

I have a 95 1500 and at first i wasn't getting any spark, found out the ignition module was bad. fixed that and now it sparks and fires but wont run. it backfires every now and then but wont run. i hsve put s new distibutar cap, rotor, plugs, and wires. if anyone can help thanks.
03/24/10 14:09

I had the same problem with my 1995 chevy truck.I replace the fuel filter and fuel pump.It finaly was the ignition sensor that was located behind the carb near the distributor.It only cost $12.00 dollars and I spend all that money on the other thing and that was not the problem. We learn the crazy way but still love my chevy truck.
04/22/10 21:57

95 C1500 Silverado: I hear a gurgling water sound in my AC unit. I would imagine the drain hole is clogged. Any idea the best way to clear it?
04/25/10 19:42

i have a 1995 chevy silverado 1500 the prob i have been fighting is at low speeds it will sputter and dye so i changed spatk plugs wires cap rotor did not help then found online a test to do with the map sensor un plug and the truck runs great so i changed the sensor did not fix does anyone have any ideas
05/26/10 23:24

Im a technician at a Chevy house. It is your Catalyst Converters being clogged up. Replace them and your problem is cleared.
06/30/10 21:59

My 95 silverado 5.7 350 had stumble, low speed surging and dieing (stall) at stop and foot off pedal, plus false speedo readings 5 mph while stopped.) . Things I tried, many of which helped: 1.Replaced throttle position sensor; 2. replaced vehicle speed sensor; 3. Deactivated Cold Air Sensor in intake of air cleaner Chevy no longer stocks replacement parts. Just removedd spring from flapper. 4. Replaced gas filter; 5. Cleaned senor grounds and also battery ground (on the block or is it the frame) This helped a lot! One day while cleaning sensor electrical connectors, the EGR sensor was left disconnected. I notice great improvement and no more idle dieing or surging on hot days. So next step will be to administer Chevy's top engine cleaner to clean out carbon from EGR valve etc. A suggested Rx in one of these blogs is to pour half can down the throttle body, while engine idling, then dump the rest of the can and get in it and blow it out on the freeway. Always be sure to disconnecte battery ground strap when making any changes so the computer will reset itself! Good luck, "JD"
07/06/10 11:13

Re low speed stumble; My brother had a similar problem with his truck. Truck sputtered (worse when cold). At first changing fuel filter seemed to help. He drove it that way for 6 months. Chevy in their infinite cheapdom or lack of foresight had put no tap in the fuel line to measure pressure. Removed fuel filter and rigged a tap to go in it's place. Measured pressure at 5 or 6 psi. I don't know how he was able to drive it to that point. Pulled the tank and replaced fuel pump & it has been working fine since...aside from not restarting here in the Phoenix summers after it has run for a while. It has to cool off for about an hour. That issue has been occuring for a couple of years and is still an investigation in progress.
07/27/10 22:23

I was misinformed as to dumping the upper engine cleaner down the throttle body. On a Cadillac forum I read about how this should be done and the GM cleaner comes with the proper instructions. Since my previous post, listed above, I took it to a mechanic who determined the engine had a lowspeed miss and the coil was at fault (shorting out to the the frame.) The mech also tested the fuel pressure and found it was in spec. He also said the Chevy garage did a good job of cleaning out the carbon in the TBI etc.

The repair improved driveability, but on hot days, the stall and surging throttle at idle, would occur, but less often. A friend suggested I add a bottle of Chevron Techron (with a full tank of gas) and that seemed to solve the problem. I have had one stall since and that was on a hot day and the gas tank had less fuel. I am now wondering if the gas tank has sludge which is more concentrated when tank is low in fuel. A friend said one way of finding out is to take it to a radiator shop, have them drop the tank and flush it out with a steam cleaner (he suggested this if the tank is plastic and not metal.) I also found a broken grounding strap coming from the tank and it can only be repaired by dropping the tank. (Don't think I haven't thought of cutting an access hole in the bed of the truck to get at that grounding strap.) And if you think we chevy owners have problems, those Caddy downers have spent as much as they originally paid for their cars, on repairs!

08/12/10 14:43
Michael Baxmann

I have a 95' chevy 1500, 5.7lt v-8 with 144k miles. Recently changed plugs cuz I bought it from respectable dealer, also changed oil and filter and added lucas oil stabilazer( a week ago. Truck has been running fine until today. Engine was warm and had driven it for a half hour when I stopped at stop light for aprox 45 seconds. Pressed the excellerator and the engine dies!!!! Tried to crank it over twice and it would not stay running. Third time was a charm, cranked over with a little bit of gas pedal and hasn't done this since. My engine idles at about 500 or 600RPM even before the maintinance I did. Is this to low for this engine or could I possibly have H2O in my fuel/ tank. any suggestions would be greatly appreicated.
08/27/10 12:17

hey boys 1995 silverado 250, 000+ miles, truck starts and idles fine, but if you put the engine under load it dies out, you can get full rpm out of it but it takes a lot of feathering the throttle. Any ideas? oh changed the coolant temp sensor.

09/03/10 17:39
Kyle Trebesch

Hey guys.. I have a 95 silverado 1500 with the 350 and 4l60 tranny motor has about 260, 000 and tranny has about 10, 000. Started last week driving down round about 55-65 humming and vibration and uneven wear on passenger side rear tire. tranny started to leak up near flex plate somewhere (thought it was pan gasket so replaced that today still doing it) and starting couple days ago it will not shift into higher gear or will not engage into gear. but while driving down road and i put it in neutral shut truck off turn back on and put in drive it will go to right gear. anyone know what the hecks going on? thinking maybe computer and rear end? i was mudding through water and it started doing it after that if that helps any, im just lookin for the next place to turn to. thanks guys
09/03/10 23:39

My 95 Z71 at freeway speed occasionally acts as if the ignition is turned off for a second. It only does this occasionlly and usually I am far from home. No engine light comes on so I don't think it has stored a falt code. Anyone have any idea of a possible problem? I have already changed the fuel filter and no help.
10/20/10 12:02

on my 95 z71 control panel i get heat all of the time it wont switch over to cold air & blows out on the floor / vent /defrost all at the same time has any one had the same problem or know of this what can i do to fix this
12/20/10 23:28

I got a code 44 on my 95 silverado, but I can't find the oxygen sensor. Any suggestions?
12/29/10 23:19

I have 95 silverado Z71 The heater will blow warm after it warms up and its ideling but once I start driving it starts blowing cold. I have flushed the heater core, all new hoses, also flushed cooling system, new t-stat, new cap, new inside controlls, I have also rerouted my heater hose from my radiator to my water pump and I have checked the motor that seperates cold from hot and it is working. Can someone please tell me how to fix this ?

Not real sure if this matters but I did notice that when the truck is at temp (hot) that there is no pressure on the system in other words you can take cap off with no problem and I am not loosing water.



01/29/11 23:26
Daniel Childers

hello everyone i have no patiance anymore i have a 95 2500 pickup truck that dies upon acceration i have replaced spark plugs, wires, rotor, cap, egr valve, spark module, o2 sensore, fuel pump, muffler, trans, gas tank, air filter, added sea foam, new fuel, its getting plenty of gas just dies when you press on the gas pedal what to do ant the of my rope???
02/10/11 20:36

that sounds like you are in need of some brakes in the rear... if so i would replace the drums and wheel cylinders too....
02/20/11 00:24


what about the IAC valve?

02/25/11 10:19

i have a 95 chev w/t the heater motor just quit and the temp controls were sticky in the middle now its free ive checked the fuses and the conection behind the controls and nothing seems to be wrong
03/13/11 09:24

HELP!!! 95 silverado..acts as if ignition is turned off. restarts easily...but starter will crank for a bit sometimes. door locks pop, gauges off. replaced alarm, scan showed slight fluctuation on dist/mod/coil..runs excellent otherwise. i dont have $ to jusst start replacing parts till i find the problem, & need truck
02/29/12 13:58
Thank author of this post/comment"1995 chevy silverado 1500 does the same key fit both door lock and igntion"

i lost my key and im having a new one made he told me to bring door lock to make key im sure ive used the same key to unlock door and start truck.on here making sure im not wasting my money.need answer and help asap thanks

07/19/12 21:57
Ephrata WA
Thank author of this post/comment"95 chevy silverado Z71 350"

My chevy runs great on the road and off the road except when i am on my brakes comming down a steep hill or even pulling in to a parking spot. it will idle so low that it stalls out. ive been told that this is do to the throttle body positioning sensor. is that correct. any help would be great.


12/03/13 12:27
Lucedale, Ms
Thank author of this post/comment"My 95 Z71 4 Wheel Drive"

I have a 95 Z71 4 Wheel drive 1500 with a 350 motor that when you crank it up it stays running for about 5 minutes, then dies out. It will crank right back up but will not stay running. I have changed whole fueling system, including the injectors in the throttle body. Distributer cap has been changed and still doing the same thing. It has a new plugs and plug wires as well. Its a great running truck if I could just keep it running. I want it back on the road so I can give this dang dodge back to its owner.
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 33 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 1995 Silverado archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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