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1995 Chevy 1500 Fuel Pump Relay Question

- Chevrolet-1500 Pickup

Forum Post
12/09/08 17:36

1995 Chevy 1500 Fuel Pump Relay Question

I'm not getting power to the fuel pump relay when the key comes on. There are 5 prongs... one has constant power and the other 4 do not, even when the key is on. Two 20amp fuses inside the fuse box do not have power (ECM-1 & ENG-1). I also noticed that the gauges do not come on with the key, but the radio does. The battery is fully charged and it does crank over fine. Any suggestions or help you can offer would be greatly appreciated?? Thank you.
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01/10/10 11:10
mariano narvaez

I got same problem as dennis but my var is a camaro 95
04/11/10 13:26

I am having a problem with my 95 chev 2500. I ran my truck out of gas at the pump and guess what, the fuel pump failed. So last weekend i installed a new pump and now i cant get fuel to the motor. I have checked the filter and have gas in the fuel line to and after the filter. I can prime the truck with gass and it will start but will not stay running. What am i missing.
04/14/10 00:55

1994 Silverado. 5.7L Never one issue with driveability. Came home from work and then went out to start the truck 15 min later..cranks no start. no fuel at the TBI. I am going to spray fuel in TBI see if it starts then check power/grounds then change fuel filter. I will post my findings. hopefully this will help someone out
06/17/10 20:58

1995 chevy k1500 I have the same problems did anyone replace there ecm?
06/19/10 17:28

1995 chevy k1500 had all the same problems as everybody else spent $450 on all the b.s. turns out to be ignition switch. runs perfect now.
09/05/10 00:10
mark reed

Please help!!!!! we have a 1994 chevy 1/2 ton truck that we dove home fine the night before and i got up the next morning and it would only turn over and not getting fuel through the throtle body at all, we removed the bed and replaced the fuel pump only, not the entire assembly but when we turned the key on the new pump it did not come on or preasure up the line, still acts dead, so we replaced the relay with a new one, replaced firewall 20a fuse, still dead, but can spray eather on breather and it runs great, than dies, , , , however i did notice that the small plastic piece on top of the fuel assembly that the four wires go through is really loose or wobbly, can those break the power to the fuel pump or is it the computer that controls power going to the fuel pump??? just 8 months ago we put in a auto zone computer because the truck would run perfect for 10 minutes and then sputer and try to die out, , , so what is the problem now?????? Jo-ann
10/06/10 14:44

have all the symptoms you all stated, changed ecm, distributor, oil switch, map, egr, coil, found a broken ground, changed the plugs, has new wires, engine is fresh about 5000 miles

scanner is reading the computer, fuel pump is pumping but is at 9 volts on the scanner the cranking volts drop to 9 when starting, there is no spark


11/16/10 13:59

1994k1500 pickup truck, engine shuts off when turning on

headlights or stepping on brake pedal, runs ok baffled

does not do it all the time but seems to be happening more

cannot drive truck

11/21/10 11:03

I switched my negitives and positives on the battery on accident and now the truck won't start.its a 95 chevy 1500 the truck trys to crank over but doesn't start.any suggestions what could be wrong? I was told it was the PCM
12/05/10 09:21

I have a 98 1500 4.3 truck would start and thin die changed fuel pump now i am getting power to the relay but when i turn key over the gray wire to the pump mot getting power
12/05/10 09:23

I have a 98 1500 4.3 truck would start and thin die changed fuel pump now i am getting power to the relay but when i turn key over the gray wire to the pump not getting power
12/12/10 09:31

Please help! Can anyone tell me where to locate the fuel relay on a 1992 Silverado truck? Thanks. Jim
01/23/11 11:59

I have a 95 Chevy 1/2 ton truck and the other day it just qiut running. It shut down like something electrical but in fact it was the fuel pump located in the tank and the repair( after changing relays to no avail) was to strike the bottom of the fuel tank with a deadblow hammer about five solid times and the pump works now. Turn your ignition to on and listen near the tank, is you don't hear the pump when you first turn it on then that may be your solution too. Chevy's Rule !!
02/17/11 07:52

Same starting issues with the 1400 I'm working on. Chevy's suck. Mopar or no car!
02/22/11 19:33

One a wire from the battery positive side to the orange wire at the ecm on the blue connector. Truck should start right up.
03/04/11 16:10

1500 pickup 4.3 tbi.....when i crank over the motor no gas is coming though the injectors.....but when spray fuild into tbi it starts right up....we checked fuel pressure....spark...even some wires on the ecm....and coil.....anyhelp
03/07/11 14:13

Chevy 1500 Pickup;just like Brent#12 fuel want stay running only if you prime the truck change out every thing new to work the fuel system Need Help?
03/15/11 15:29

1995 K1500 5.0L. Truck died on new year's day about an hour and a half from home. My buddy towed me home with his 3500(embarassing). I went to change out the fuel pump and sending unit but found that the problem was burned and stripped wiring going to the fuel pump so I ran new wiring to a toggle switch and told the insurance I installed an anti-theft device! Truck ran great for 3 weeks and then just crapped out again. There's fuel getting to the TBI but one injector siezed and the other is dripping. Bought new injectors only to find that the fuel meter body had a crack in the casting and was leaking. Also found that the wiring to the injector harnesses were frayed and shorting so I replaced those. Truck is running again but now has an odd idling problem. Runs great cold but once hot starts to choke out and lose RPMs then it will catch itself and come back to proper idle but if left unchecked it eventually chokes out and dies. cleaned out the EGR and checked vaccuum lines today and changing fuel filter in case of restrictions. And now I come to realize: Shoulda just bought a new motor!
03/15/11 16:01

95 chevy 2500. Cranked up this morning. Let run. Drove about a mile and it quit. Turned back on drove home. Died in the driveway. Left in my other truck. Came home drove it all around the yard. Went back 15 minutes later. Nothing. Wouldn't even turn over.
03/16/11 21:48

1995 chevy 1/2 ton pu turns over but wont start . changed fuel p.ump , cheked module , coil , alt, no spark volt meator dose not move when key is on . help!
03/29/11 22:43

I searched the question: "1995 Chevy 1500 Fuel Pump Relay Question." Then I read all 30 of the posts that came in. They were all asking for help but there were no responses at all to help them. What gives? Surely someone knows the answer. Usually someone will at least make an ignorant wild shot.

I have the problem too, and as most of the others I have slight variations in the symptoms. I'm wrecking my brain trying to figure how to test and isolate this thing. I need my truck back.

A friend told me my truck had a "roll over" switch that has gone bad and shut the power off to my fuel pump. Another asked my mileage claiming that the manufacture designed this to happen at 116, 000 miles so you would have to cough up some money. Is this the best I am going to find? I am a shade tree mechanic with no money so The Chevrolet Garage is as far away as Siberia. help me . . .

04/05/11 12:49

1> Start small and cheap: check your wiring. No cracks or burns. Make sure there's ample voltage going to your pump or your relay or whatever you're working on.

2> Then trace back, if the problem's not here, it's somewhere else! Trace your wiring, trace your lines, be patient!!

3> BUY A MANUAL! Idispensable item!! I bought a Hayne's manual for every vehicle I ever owned.

4> Make sure you know what you have! Unless you bought this truck brand new, other people have worked on it and changed who-knows-what! There might have been a motor swap or additions might have been made or someone who didn't know what they were doing might have botched something. Check everything against the manual to ensure it's done correctly.

After many days of working out in the fricking cold (live in Montreal), my truck finally seems to be running nicely.

I started by checking the cheap stuff as I said in my earlier post, and just replaced faulty stuff as I found it.

My problems seem to stem from an engine swap that was only half doneproperly. I have found wiring shoved wherever, spliced, cracked, shorted and burnt all over. My fuel pump was only running on half voltage(not supposed to be possible) and once I had it pumping properly I found that crack in the TBI fuel meter body. I found that I had an almost brand new EGR on the motor, but the fricking lines weren't even connected!

I did replace the pump relay and did blow my ENG-1 fuse once, I checked around the engine compartment fuse box and found that there were a few loose connections...

These trucks aren't terribly complicated and with a bit of tenacity you should be able to trace and correct most problems right in your driveway (I was under it when we got a foot of snow!).

04/26/11 13:26

Having problems with a 95 chevy blazer doing kinda the same thing, the fuel pump relay keeps over heating and the truck shuts off. Changed the relay and ran new wires. Any ideas what the problem is?
09/26/11 23:50
Thank author of this post/comment"bad plug"

especially on comment #5 The plug going into the top of the tank is probably bad Hard to see but the connectors inside are burned just enough for a poor connection try replacing it or cut it out and wire it direct
02/29/12 15:39
Thank author of this post/comment"sounds so familiar"

I started with the ECM, module, FP relay. Truck would run great when it ran but then it just shut off.Then I noticed that the VM was not coming up when I turn the key. Noticed that as long as the VM gauge was stuck down truck would just spin. Once it poopped up(hear a click in the dash) the truck would start fine. Now it just wont CLICK. Banging on dash, column, instr. cluster face dont help. Also not getting power to fuel pump till CLICK. Banging on the tank dont help.

Im leaning toward ignition switch myself. We shall see.

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 35 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 1995 Chevy 1500 Fuel Pump Relay Question archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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