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02 Deville heater/ac duct system problem.

- Cadillac-DeVille

Forum Post
11/19/08 10:33
Tom Daniel

02 Deville heater/ac duct system problem.

Just recently when first starting my car I hear a fluttering sound from under the dash, and my heat only comes from under dash and defrosters, not thru the upper dash vents. Changing the mode does not work routinely, but on a couple of occasions, if left in the upper vent mode, will transfer and work as it should until I stop the engine or transfer the mode.

Sounds like it may be a vacuum motor not opening a door somewhere, but their location and how to get to them is a concern. Could it be the control valve, and if so, how to remove and check.

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07/08/10 17:38
Peggy Adam

Our 91 cadillac deville air conditioning works, but blows only through the defrosters..Any suggestions?
08/08/10 19:07

When starting car it makes a fluttering sound for a couple min. from under the dash. A/C only blows from defrost & floor, will not blow out of front dash vents.
08/16/10 16:26

If you need some answers e-mail me please I will try to help you as much as I can...

Dana your mode door actuator may be the problem.. it right above your gas petal to the right..

08/19/10 08:11

2003 Deville rear a/c / heat suspect coolant leak (it smells). Is there a seperate heater core back there?
09/08/10 22:37

my 2004 deville blow hot air in the driver side and cold air in the pasenger side?

any idea

10/24/10 10:57

i have 1999 cadillac deville sts the air on the driver side will not warm up, the air on passernger side warm up withot problems what could be?
10/31/10 14:10
robert franklin

1997 cadilliac deville heater warm on driver side cold on passanger side
11/03/10 13:54

I have the same issue with my heat and air conditioning. The fan blows lightly but if I hit a bump it kicks in and out. It sometimes kicks in after about 5 minutes of driving but lately my heat has been blowing on the lowest setting even if I have it all the way up! Help!
12/10/10 08:12
Donald Cook

Vent on our heater will not always open and let heat out. Motor on the heater works fine. Back seat heater works but front will not allow the vents to open and let the heat out even when the back seat heater is blowing heat out. Sometimes the vent up front will open if you are driving along and hit the ripples in the road as if to jar something. Sometimes even that doesn't help. How do I fix this????
12/13/10 20:58
Monte Zerbe

2003 Deville: no air out of dash vents with fluttering noise under dash.
12/16/10 14:36
Frank Sines

2002 Cadillac Deville, no heat or very low heat. check coolant light stays on, but coolant level is ok.
01/13/11 21:00

01/14/11 19:43
devin rabeaux

Ac/heater, does not blow at all but ac compressor still works. What should i check first?
01/23/11 14:58

I am not getting heat from the dash vents on my 1998 Deville. I am also only able to run on econo. Auto no longer will work or go on even if I hold on the button. Does anyone know what this could be? Thank you for your help.
02/05/11 16:37
Claude Hinkle

I have a 2005 Cadillac SUV and have had trouble with the heater and air conditioner for sometime now. This is a left and right side system and most of the time one or the other will not either heat or cool while the other is working fine. This sometimes reverses and does the same thing for the other side. Usually does not quit completely but simply wont get cold or warm as the other. Got any suggestions?
02/25/11 13:30

My 2004 Cadillac Deville's heat and air conditioning work only sometimes. Can you tell me why?
03/27/11 15:25

My 1998 Cadillac SLS does not have any ac coming through the dash vents -- it only comes out through the bottom or the defrost. Changing the position does not help.


04/02/11 08:35
Al Raimo

My 2003 cad. deville Heat and A/C comes out of the floor and defroster but will not come from the vents on the dash.
04/22/11 20:48
Joy Moffett

I have 2005 deville the trunk is getting water under the spare tire can the air be stopped up?
05/10/11 11:59

Like some of the earlier post. I have the panel set on 60 degrees. Cold air comes out on the driver. The passenger side blows heat.
05/20/11 22:16
Darryl Fox

1998 Cad Deville... (2) Mix door actuators under glove box and above kick panel under dash on passenger side control temp on driver and passenger side. If good you can see them move while changing temp on control panel. I have (1) bad. I have not found the actuator for changing to dash vents yet. My dash vents have not worked on heat for a few years.
09/01/11 19:04
Thank author of this post/comment"AC vents"

I have a 2002 Cad Deville, and I am having sounds like the same issue as some others on this forum....the air conditioning won't come out the vents, just out of the defroster and and floor...anyone find out the fix on this problem?
10/03/11 01:03
Thank author of this post/comment"air conditioner problems"

My 01 deville airconditioner works fine on the drivers side but the passenger side blows hot air. Any suggestions?
02/01/12 20:32
Thank author of this post/comment"Heating gone bad"

I have a 1999 cadillac deville blows cold air on the driver side and warm air on the passenger side. How to correct.
02/16/12 01:34
Up North, MN
Thank author of this post/comment"Installation of the heater motor?"

I am installing a new heater motor on my 2003 Deville, I am having problems getting it in, It will not fit. Any suggestions, is there something I am missing. Old one came out with minimal difficulty. Thanks!
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 34 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 02 Deville heater/ac duct system problem. archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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    Cadillac DeVille '02 Deville heater/ac duct system problem.'